Written for the 100 Different Pairings & Diagon Alley Challenge (Leaky Cauldron)

Pairing: Lily Luna Potter/Fred Weasley

Warnings: Cousincest, Sex

Words: 323 words

Prompt: Wrong

I smelt sin as I entered it again. It was dark & sinister, haunted by the demons of the Wizarding World and I shivered as goose bumps spread across my arms like insects. I wrapped them around myself, bravely and walked forwards, where I knew he would be waiting for me.

"The hair please?" The girl behind the counter asked me, raising her hand forward.

I handed her the hair without speaking, and she directed me towards the room, "This way," she led me.

I pushed the door of the room open and as I turned around, I realized she was no longer there. I stepped in the room, feeling his scent and aroma around me already. It engulfed me and basked in its glory as he wrapped his arms around my small waist from behind. I turned around and let my fingers trace the edge of his face, the curve of his lip, the hardness of his beard and suddenly his lips were on mine and my body was on fire. He was unwrapping me, hands and legs combining, slowly and gently, roughly and urgently and soon I was in ecstasy. It was heaven and it was hell and I was married but it didn't matter - as I came over and over again, I stared at his face hard as I imagined him to be my Fred - my Fred, my Fred, my Fred.

"Do you like it?" the look-alike asked, pumping into me and suddenly the colours faded away and it was black&white&gray all over again and I felt like strangling him with my bare hands for ruining the bliss.

"No," I spat out and pushed him off myself, suddenly feeling claustrophobic.

"Are you sure, honey?" he tried again but the moment was ruined now and just like always, I felt incomplete and shabby and deserted as I lay there on the bed, waiting for my Fred, who never came.