Author's Note: I'm not sure how this will work out, but I've read a lot of time-travel stories for Harry Potter, Naruto, even Star Wars, but haven't read one on Dragon Age yet (or maybe I just didn't find them yet). Thus I have decided to try and make one.

Summary: The Wardens ended the Blight, but Denerim was overrun with Darkspawn. Lissa Cousland, commander of the Grey in Ferelden, slayer of the Archdemon Urthemiel, was cornered by darkspawn and, not wanting to become a broodmother, she chose to end her life, not knowing that it would not actually be an end for her, but a new beginning.

Pairing: mentions of past Cousland / Alistair; main Cousland / Loghain; others undecided.

Rating: T, since the 'M' rated fics are currently in danger of being deleted.

Warning: This is a 'Dragon Age' story, there will be a lot of drama, politics, heartbreak and violence to some degree. Also, I should warn you that my Cousland will be most likely overpowered, though I will do my best to not be very obvious about it.


The Quick Spiral Downwards.

Allowing Alistair to avenge Duncan by murdering Loghain was quite possibly the exact moment things started going downhill. Looking back Lissa clearly saw that it was her worst decision ever. With Loghain dead and Anora imprisoned the army at their disposal was much smaller than it could have been, had she not been swayed by her emotions.

'I should have known they would not support him!' – the Warden Commander berated herself as she followed Riordan and Alistair through the burning city – 'My father was a Teyrn, they wanted him to become king at one point, how come I never realized that the bannorn would not accept Alistair as Maric's heir without proof?'

She recalled her last meeting with bann Alfstanna. The woman agreed to help, but only because of her good relations with Lissa's deceased family, not of any sense of loyalty towards Maric's bastard son. Many others, however, especially those who supported Loghain, refused to acknowledge Alistair's claim to the throne of Ferelden, saying that they were not obliged to give them their armies, since Maric never announced having another child.

Therefore it really was no surprise to Lissa that they lost the battle. To be fair, Lissa Cousland, commander of the Grey in Ferelden, did manage to slay the overgrown lizard known as the Archdemon of the Fifth blight, Urthemiel, however there were simply too many darkspawn and too little soldiers left after the Archdemon died, so they were overwhelmed none the less.

After killing Urthemiel, Lissa was very tired. Practically her entire party was dead, she was even forced to kill Scout, her mabari war hound because of the taint sickness. So she was alone when she was cornered at the roof of Fort Drakkon and in no condition to last until someone could come to her aid. Still, the young female knew full well what happened to the women who were unfortunate enough to be captured by the darkspawn and she had no desire to let that happen to her. With a loud yell she did the only thing she could think of – she took a run and leapt off the roof into the abyss below, all the time praying she would somehow manage to survive.

Author's Note: It's short, I know, but it's the beginning. The real chapter should be up soon though =)