A/N: Finally saw the last of season 2, and this occurred to me whilst watching Inside Probe. Spoilers only for the canon ship commencing in 'Jimmy's fake girlfriend', and need to have seen 'Don't vote for this episode', season 1 finale.

Drabblish, just to wet my feet before diving into this fandom. Better know for my NCIS and Harry Potter work, and for making stories that last until the end of time.

"James Chance got into Goth make-up years before it was cool, and continued long after it was cool." Nancy Grace explained, as pictures of Jimmy appeared on the television screen, as a child, and his Goth phase at eighteen years of age.

"It's him." Sabrina muttered as the photo disappeared from the screen, leaving her boyfriend as she had seen him most recently in place of the boy she fell for when she started at Howdy's.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Shelley called from the kitchen where she was refilling her margarita.

"He was right in front of my face and I completely missed it."

"You do realize you're dating him, right?" Her cousin pointed out, at the disappointed look on Sabrina's face.

"Yes, I am fully aware. It's just a shame how much time we wasted."

"You could always ask him if he still has that outfit. I still have yours." Shelley smirked.