Summary: When six friends come to England for a tournament, they never expected to get involved with vampire, ghouls, and the Hellsing Organization, all within a short time! While dealing with the supernatural, one of them accidentally becomes a vampire! Read to find out!

The Belladonna

by Darkangel6021


It was late at night in London, the moon illuminating over the peaceful city, when suddenly a silhouette of a person appeared moving unbelievably fast yet gracefully through the streets. It continued with its speed until it finally stopped at a worn-down building, revealing himself to be a vampire in his twenties, with blonde shoulder-length hair, pale skin and pink reddish eyes.

The man stepped into the building, his eyes darting round, looking for something...more precisely, someone.

"Ah, you have returned Jasper. I assume you have good news?" A deep Romanian accent voice asked, his voice echoing throughout the building.

The vampire known as Jasper stood still, trying to see where the one who spoke was. Just then, a figure appeared walking towards him, clad in Wallachian armour. As soon at he saw this regal figure, Jasper went down on one knee and bowed before him.

"Master. I have confirmed everything. It will arrive within two days from now at the British Museum where there will be an opening ceremony of its arrival," Jasper explained, and he brings his head up to stare at the figure, now standing right in front of him.

"Excellent. All is going according to plan," the figure said as he gestured with his hand for Jasper to stand.

"But sir; it appears that the Leader of the Hellsing Organization and its pet vampire Alucard will be there. I fear that they might cause some problems..."

"Nonsense! In fact, with them about it will make things a little more...interesting." The figure said casually before becoming serious, his eyes glowing red. "Go and tell our fellow comrades to be prepared within two days from now. And remember, no matter what, we must get that item!"

" you wish, Master," Jasper finally spoke up before running off to relay the information to the others.

As soon as Jasper left, the mysterious figure smirked, revealing his fangs. "Soon I will have the power that I need to defeat' Vlad Dracula'," the figure said, the smirk never leaving his face as he chuckled maliciously to himself.

Well after being a user for...four to five years maybe, doing absolutely nothing, and only written a couple of stories(all unfinished and discontinued), I have decided at last to write a new story that I intend to finish. So please read and review and...hopefully you guys like it. ^^

Disclaimer: By the way, all Hellsing characters do not belong to me, they belong to Kouta Hirano. Oh and this story has no connection to both the manga or the anime episodes/OVAs. OC characters, as well as very minor ones, belong to me.