Sasuke sighed for the seventh time in ten minutes, and then kept smiling politely as his relative talked about how much he'd grown and praised him for his straight A's in school. If it was something he hated, it was these family gatherings that his parents put together a few times every year. He was grateful for his patience, since that was the only thing keeping him from hiding in his room with the blinds pulled down and the door locked, and he knew that his father wouldn't appreciate that. His mother was a bit more understanding, and would probably cover his back if that ever happened, but his father wouldn't let him hear the end of it.

So, he found himself nodding and "hn"-ing at the right places while one relative after another stopped to talk to him about his impressive grades and how proud his parents must be to have two successful sons. He really couldn't care less, to be honest, but as long as it kept everyone pleased, he'd study and pass all his classes without a blink.

Sasuke slightly turned his head to glance at his older brother, who was talking to an old woman and what could be her daughter. Itachi would smile and joke, skillfully keeping the conversation going, but Sasuke knew very well that he wasn't alone to hate these events. He looked back to the person in front of him, nodding without knowing what the hell the woman was talking about, and met his mother's eyes from the other side of the room. She spoke a silent "thank you", and Sasuke just sighed and nodded. These events were the only times, except Christmas, that he had to spend time with his family and relatives, so he had decided to just suck it up and get it over with.

An hour later, he was leaning on a table with a glass of punch bowl in his hand, sorely regretting his promise to himself. He was so sick and tired of all the people talking endlessly about insignificant things, old ladies patting his head and business men shaking his hand, he almost felt sick from it. His mother seemed to notice, as she made her way through the crowd and stood beside him.

"Thank you, honey. If you want to", she paused and smiled since she knew exactly what he wanted, "you may be excused."

Sasuke let out a relieved sigh, placing his cup on the table. He leaned towards his mother, kissed her cheek and then muttered a "thank you". He was just about to turn and quietly disappear up the stairs, when he remembered his dad. He opened his mouth but was hushed.

"I'll take care of your father."

She blinked and put her hand on his shoulder, causing a genuine smile to appear on Sasuke's lips. He made sure his father wasn't facing their way before he sneaked out of the room and up the stairs. As soon as he closed his bedroom door behind him, he realized that he'd been holding his breath. He took a deep breath and walked over to his bed, falling backwards down on it. He loosened the tie and closed his eyes for a few seconds, listening to the sweet sound of absolutely nothing. The only thing he could hear was his own breathing and the buzzing from his computer.

He opened his eyes after a few minutes and made his way over to the computer. He sat down and started browsing, not really hoping to find some kind of entertainment since the only thing he used his computer for was to study and maybe send some emails to teachers. And deleting mails from those girls that chased after him at school.

He sighed, not having a clue about what he should do next. He opened Google and tapped his finger tips on the buttons on his keyboard. He slowly wrote 'chat with random people' and then pressed enter. A few seconds later, he was faced with a link leading to some site named Omegle. Without reading the description, he clicked, and eventually ended up in front of a blank screen. 'Stranger is typing' then appeared, and was followed by three letters.


Sasuke raised an eyebrow and clicked 'start new conversation'. He would not have a chat with someone that was clearly incapable of saying 'Hi'.

The website searched for another bored soul to pair up with him, and started a new conversation just a few seconds later. The chat ended in the same way as the other – and so did the following three so called conversations. Sasuke was about to groan and give up when he decided to try one more time, just for the hell out of it, and was surprised when he was met by a friendly phrase instead of 'looking for some hot meat ready to cyber?'.

"Hey :)"

He stared at the screen for a few seconds, now strangely unsure of what to write, and then slowly pressed the buttons.

"Hi there."

The next second, the stranger was typing again, and Sasuke was waiting with his gaze focused on the screen. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but his heart was beating a bit fast.

"Phew, fin-fucking-ally. I thought I'd never start a conversation normally again."

Sasuke couldn't help but actually smile a bit. Now, he knew exactly what to write.

"So you've met some of those asl-people, huh?"

He leaned back in his chair, watching as the other wrote something.

"Aah no joke, I've had enough of them. So what brings you here?"

Sasuke licked his lips and rested his hands on the keyboard. What should he write? That he was simply bored out of his mind, or the whole story? He sighed and hummed before coming to a decision.

"My family's having this get-together-thing. I'm hiding from relatives, I guess. Google got me here. You?"

When he had pressed entered, he silently groaned when he re-read the short sentences. He wrote as he talked, basically; short, right to the point and without saying anything unnecessary. Right now he'd actually prefer to be a bit less socially awkward. Sure, he knew how to keep a conversation going with some of the business men from the Uchiha Industries, but that's one thing. Chatting with someone on this Omegle-site was something entirely different.

He almost winced when the reply popped up on the screen.

"Haha and how's that working for you? Dude, I have no idea how I ended up here. I was just browsing, you know, and then I clicked some link on some blog and here I am!"

Sasuke raised his eyebrows, clearly amused as he started pressing the buttons once again, but paused when the other person started writing again.

"Not that I know you're a dude, dude. Without sounding like those asl-people, what's your name? How old are you? And where do you live?"

Sasuke smiled once again, holding back a chuckle. He wanted to write something about that person sounding exactly like one of those asl-people, but he couldn't lie like that. Actually, he rather enjoyed chatting with this person, and therefore he didn't really see a problem with telling his name.

"Since you asked so nicely. My name is Sasuke, I'm eighteen and I live in New York. Your turn, go."

Sasuke leaned back once again and put his hands behind his head. Before he knew it, his thoughts started racing. What if this person was a forty five year old man? Or a thirteen year old girl? More importantly, what if he or she lived in New York, or anywhere near? Suddenly, telling some stranger about where he lived didn't sound so good.

He then shook his head. So what if this person lived in New York? It wasn't like they would know who he was just by knowing his name.

He almost forgot that he was still online and chatting with this person when the reply finally came.

"Nice to meet you, Sasuke. I'm Naruto, twenty years old and I live in Stockholm. That's in Sweden!"

Sasuke didn't really know if he was supposed to be relieved or bummed by the fact that this Naruto lived on the other side of the world. Not that he had any hope of ever seeing him in person, they'd just started talking, but he admitted that it would be nice to actually hang out with someone who wasn't so into his father's business.

He turned to his keyboard, but was interrupted by the other person who started to write at the same time once again.

"Hey listen, I gotta go, but it'd be awesome to talk to you again sometime soon! Do you have like… Facebook, msn or something like that?"

Sasuke smiled for a few seconds, and then realized that to keep chatting with this Naruto, he'd have to give away his last name. If he didn't give Naruto his Facebook, he'd be stuck with the ' '-email.

"Dude, c'mon, Facebook!"

Sasuke didn't have time to think about what he did, so he just simply turned off his brain for a few seconds and let his fingers to the talking.

"Sasuke Uchiha."

Before he could reflect and think about his actions, he had pressed enter and said goodbye to Naruto, and he was left in his chair with his heart racing. The guy hadn't said anything about his last name, so hopefully he wouldn't Google it or something like that.

To get his mind off of silly things like that, he got up and stretched, groaning as he did so. He snuck up to the door and silently opened it, trying to hear if his relatives still was in the house. His guess was that they were, and therefore he closed the door again and walked over to his bed. He picked up a book, sat down at the bed and started reading, but when he had read the same sentence about a billion times, he just gave up. He glanced towards his computer and got up on his feet again, walking aimlessly around his room before ending up in front of the screen once more. He opened up Facebook, logged in and smiled when he saw that he had a new friend request.

He clicked the little red box, accepted the request, and then found himself gaping within the next five seconds. He couldn't see that much from the little box with a smiling face in it, but from what he could see, that guy was hot. He clicked his way to Naruto's profile, noted that his last name was Uzumaki and then started off by checking his photos. He didn't have to go any further than to the first picture to see that his suspicions were right; this guy would be the definition of a Greek god. Naruto stood on the beach, leaning over in a desperate try to hide from some water that was being splashed his way by some brown haired guy. He was wearing shorts and no shirt, and his hair was wet and messy. His arms looked as if he'd just been to a gym, working out. In fact, his whole body looked extremely muscled, and it had tiny water drops all over it.

Suddenly Sasuke felt his pants getting a bit too tight, and he hastily clicked to the next photo. Oh how he wished he hadn't done that. In the next picture, Naruto was lying on his back in a poorly made bed inside something that looked like a cabin in a small boat. He had one of his arms over his face, hiding away those gorgeous blue eyes, and his other hand was tucked half way down into his pants. His toned body looked warm and sun kissed, his hair still a bit damp from the water.

Sasuke pressed the X-button, closed his eyes and let out a long groan. He bit his lower lip when the pictures of the blonde flashed by in front of him. He opened his eyes and stood up, not wanting to risk some kind of heart attack because of the looks of a stranger. A stranger named Naruto Uzumaki, who lived in Sweden. He gritted his teeth when he felt the fabric of his pants brushing in places he'd rather have had untouched at that moment.


He made it over to the bed, fell face down into it and sighed. He was still a bit shocked; that kind of looks only existed in photoshopped pictures of models, but as far as he could tell, this Naruto guy wasn't a model, and the photos seemed like they had been taken just to capture treasured moments between some friends. His conclusion? He'd been smacked in the face by a god.

The door creaked open and he could practically feel the glare. He turned his face just to meet a pair of glowing eyes.

"Next time, you're the one who gets to stay behind."

Itachi was clearly irritated by the fact that Sasuke had got to sneak away during the event while he got left to entertain the annoying ladies and shake hands with boring old men. Sasuke snorted as an answer and Itachi closed the door again, heading for his own room at the other end of the hall. That would probably mean that the guests had left, or were about to leave very soon. He decided that he would wait ten more minutes before he went down to find something that would keep his mind occupied.