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'No…Kaoru…' A voice mumbled under the confines of his cover. Kenshin tossed and turned causing the sheets to wind upon his legs like that of a burial cloth. In his dreams, he saw his most beloved getting killed yet again, tortured slowely and then finally allowed to die. Sometimes it was an old enemy from the past, other times it was the battousai…no…it was himself harming the person he held most dear in his heart. At all times he was unable to save her. "Onegai…Kaoru…f…forgive me…"


Kaoru lay in her room. She could hear Kenshin mumbling in the other room through the thin walls between them. She sighed. 'Mou, Kenshin…when are you going to stop having these dreams.' Already it had been nearly a week since these nightmares of his had started up. Every night he would blame himself for his past or for a future that would hopefully never come. She stood pulling her night robe closer around her body. 'His moans are becoming louder.' She quickly shuffled out of her room to comfort her poor rurouni.

Opening the door to his room, a small tear left her eye and trailed down her face, at the distress the man she loved was in. He was no longer on his pillow; it had been thrown across the room. On the floor were slight indents where he had clawed the wood in a desperate attempt to save or stop something. She went over to him and put a gentle hand on his sweaty face, to stop his tossing, yet had to pull away as his hand came up and hit the left side of her shoulder.

She hissed slightly in pain, and tried to throw some of her body weight on him to calm him down, all the while quietly calling his name; trying to wake him from his horrible nightmare.


Kenshin was standing in the field of blood. The same field he had fought on years before, and the same one where he would see her death. He started running for the place he knew she would be, always trying to be one step ahead of those he could never catch. Not matter how fast he could run there was always something slowing him down. He felt a pressure on his arms trying to keep him still, but he mealy smacked it away and continued running. 'Matte…onegai…Kaoru, wait for me!' He could see her form, laughing, and then crying. Next to her was a man in shadow, wielding a katana, and poising it over her head. He struggled to run faster. 'No!'

Something was wrong, his arms and legs wouldn't move any more. Something was pressing against him preventing him from moving anywhere. He struggled more, desperate to break free.

"Kenshin!" He heard someone calling his name over and over, yet in his desperate attempt to get to her he ignored it. He wasn't fast enough. The figure holding the sword over Kaoru's head, turned to smile and Kenshin; and with a cruel glare in his eye, he drove the sword through her skull. Blood sprayed over Kenshin clothes as he screamed her name and watched her body crumple, leaving an eerie smile on the slaughtered woman's face. He stared in horror at her body, all the blood draining from his face.

'Again…I failed again…' Her murderer began laughing as he licked some of her blood off of the katana. Kenshin's fist tightened as he drew his sakabato, preparing to give the most painful death he could imagine to this bastard. It was when he was getting into position that the shadows lifted off the man's face.


Kenshin bolted awake. "It was me." He kept repeating. "It was me."

Kaoru jumped to the side when she felt his body stiffen, and instinct that probably saved her head from a sound smacking with Kenshin's, when he sat up screaming.

She quietly approached the shaken man. "Ano…Kenshin…what was you?"

For the first time, he noticed her. His eyes widened in recognition, then relief; and without a thought he drew her close and wrapped his arms around her. Startled Kaoru relaxed and gave in to his embrace. 'Maybe I should wake him more often ne?'


It was mid-afternoon and Kenshin still wouldn't tell her about his nightmares. Kaoru sighed in exasperation. "Kenshin no baka!" She had decided to practice her swings with the boken and began using 'Kenshin no baka' as a sort of mantra. Sano had left on a trip with one of his buddies and Yahiko had left to work with Tsubame-chan at the Akebeko so she had no one to vent on, other than Kenshin. He was put to work preparing dinner, something to get his mind off of things.

'Baka…Kenshin no baka. Why do you always shut me out of what's important!' She swung harder, deep in thought. 'I might be able to help you…BAKA'

"Ano…Kaoru-dono…" Kenshin walked up to her quietly. He smiled slightly at the ferocious face she was making. Any sensible man would have left her alone for a while…any sensible man. "Kaoru?" He began, as he stood beside her. She was to busy beating the daylights out of something to hear him. He could hear her murmuring something out of her breath, it sounded like his name, but it was to slight for him to hear. So, being the not-so- bright-right-now man that he was, he went closer to hear her.


"ORO!" His face met the ground as her boken came swinging down in an arc. Kaoru jumped in surprise as a slight thud sounded through her cloud of idiot Kenshin's. She looked down at the ground to see that very idiot pulling his face from the earth, with a very large bump on his head.

"Gomen Kenshin!" She yelled when she realized exactly what had happened. She knelt down beside him, stifling a laugh at the perfect imprint his face made in the dirt. Kenshin grumbled slightly at her pathetic attempt to keep her laughter down, but put on the biggest smile he could when he faced her.

"Iie…my fault." He put his hand behind his head and laughed. "Shessa just wanted to ask if you wanted to come to the market with me to get some items for the miso soup."

Kaoru quickly agreed then left to go get changed.


The market was not as busy as it normally was, which made the shopping much faster. On the way back to the dojo, Kaoru's attention was caught by a stand off to the side that sold pretty bottles and incense. Dragging Kenshin over to the booth, she saw an older woman attending to it.

"Ohiyo!" The woman smiled as a younger woman physically dragged a red- haired man to her. Her smiled widened as the raven-haired woman bowed her head and introduced themselves.

"Kaoru-chan is it?" She gestured to her incense and all of her bottles. "What can I help you with?" While the girl was busy staring at all the pretty trinkets, the old woman spared a glance at her companion. 'His eyes are the saddest eyes I have seen in a while. Such exhaustion, both from sleep and something else.' Her thoughts where interrupted as the object she was staring at moved slightly in discomfort. Kaoru pointed out some of the incense to him, and he smiled. 'Hmm…his eyes light up when he looks at her; he cares greatly for her, yet there is a battle going on inside of him.'

"Kenshin…this one is for relaxation!" Kaoru held it up for him to see. "Maybe this could be of use to us?" He laughed slightly.

"Kaoru-dono, I really don't believe that smoke can relax someone."

"Oh but it can young man." The couple looked at the old woman. She held up an incense stick for them to see. "This one helps to relieve the soul, it releases pain and allows for relaxation." She held it up the one known as Kenshin and continued. "I see that you have a great need to relax, to release some of your pain." She placed it in his hand. "Here, you can have this one for free." Immediately Kenshin objected.

"Arigato, demo…I can't except this gift. I do not need it." He smiled at her and held out his hand to give it back. The woman just stared at him.

"Young man, do not insult this old woman." She smiled at the look of regret that passed across his face. "You remind me of someone I used to know, please take it and try it." Her eyes lit up and she winked at him. "Besides if it works you can tell others; and bring me some business."

Kenshin laughed as he placed the stick inside his clothes. "Hai."

They turned to leave, and got no farther then a couple of feet when the woman spoke again.

"Young man; when you go to sleep at night, use the incense. It will burn away your nightmares."


Kenshin stared at the stick. He didn't quite know why he felt so uneasy about this; after all it was only scented smoke. Sighing he lit it and placed it beside his bed. 'I will do nearly anything to get rid of these dreams.' He slipped under covers and listened to the silent chirps of the crickets drowning the night sky. Slowely his eyes closed as he began to fall into a deep sleep, surrounded by the spicy scent emitted from the incense.

Kaoru sat in her room waiting for everything to quiet down. She and Kenshin had spoken a while about using the incense. For some reason he was against it, however she had changed his mind when she pointed out the lack of sleep they were both getting from these dreams. Reluctantly he retired for bed, and she went to her room. After several minutes all was quiet in his room. She sighed in hopeful relief. 'Maybe he can get some much needed sleep tonight. I pray to Kami he will.' She glanced at the book she had been reading and settled down to look at a few pages, to relax. It was about an hour later that she felt herself begin to doze off, so she placed her marker in the book and went to go get a quick sip of water.

As quietly as possible so as not to disturb the sleeping Kenshin she padded down the hall and into the kitchen. After getting a small cup of water she began walking back to her room. When she passed Kenshin's room she heard a slight shuffle. Curiosity nagging at her she opened the door slightly and peered in, only to find the room empty.

Frowning she opened the door wider and stepped in. It was then that a rough hand grabbed her waist while the other one held her throat. She was pinned to the wall near the door as the body stepped closer to her.

Panic and fear seeped in. "Kenshin! What have you done with Kenshin?" She moved her head trying to find him in the darkness. She felt the body stiffen in surprise. Her hand went up to her captors' hand that was holding her neck. "I swear if you've hurt him…" she began, however his hand tightened slightly, making it harder for her to breathe. She struggled to see the person attacking her, but the light was to far from his face. A face that was now inching closer to hers. She whimpered, part in pain, part in fear.

Instantly he dropped his hand from her neck. She stared at him with all the anger and defiance she could muster. "Where's Kenshin!" The man stood there, slowly releasing her and stepping back toward the light, keeping an eye on her in the process. Kaoru watched as he became bathed in the glow of the candle.

"K…Kenshin?" She ran over to him. "Kenshin? What's the matter with you?" His voice startled her. It was cold, distant…deadly.

"Woman, tell me exactly how you know my name, why you seem familiar to me…and why I can't hurt you."

She glanced questioningly at his hidden eyes. With a trembling hand she lifted his bangs and gasped. 'Golden! His eyes are golden!'


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