Hello everyone thanks for reading my newest crossover thing. This is a commercial to something that I might like to see happen. Anyway I don't own anything in this fic except for the idea. Please no flames and if you hate giant monsters you might not want to read this. Oh yeah just to say this. This is NOT a full story.


The world is in shambles.

A scene showing destroyed buildings with Cannibals, Marauders and Brutes walking around. The Sky is dark and cloudy.

All hope is lost.

Reapers appear flying over an island covered in trees and a few mountains.

Now there is only one who can save it.

The vibrations in the air from the reapers cause a rock to fall down the slope of one of the mountains.

He has caused much destruction.

The rock falls down a hole into a cave and keeps bouncing in the darkness.

But now…

The rock bounces on a weird shape.

He is the only one who can defend the earth.

An eye opens, glowing then narrowing.

Scene changes to Tokyo where a few reapers are walking around, one is by the coast. We see a dark figure gliding through the water behind the reaper.

Suddenly a dark figure burst out of the sea and collides with the Reaper. They both tumble to the ground, the Reaper firing its laser but missing. We see fast flashing scenes of clawing, punching, scratching and destroying.

Finally we see a Brute running away from a giant foot that is stepping of the wreaked reaper. The reapers eye is still glowing however and starts to charge its laser again. The beast whirls around and we see spines on its back glowing a bright blue. Instantly a beam shoots out of its mouth and blast a hole through the "eye" of the reaper. A bolt of lightning flashes and in the sky clouds are swirling overhead. A ray of light makes its way through the heavy clouds and reveals the monster, Godzilla. The King of Monsters then turns his head to the sky and roars in triumph. The camera zooms out and we see two more reapers turning to look at their new foe. The screen turns black and then a title appears.

Godzilla: Redemption