My name is Annie Cresta. I am from District four. My eyes are sea green and my hair is a firey red. I am in love with Finnick Odair who was my mentor for the H-Hu-Hunger G-Ga-Games. I won the games. The doctors call me crazy but I compute everything that happens. We both are victors and we live in District Four's Victor Village. Both of our parents were killed. We have no one except each other, but even that would be changed today.

We were sitting on the couch in the living room, talking about how our garden was blosiming beautifuly this year, as far as an underwater garden goes, when suddenly our TV clicks on. There we see President Snow. His ugly white hair and his too big lips.

"Today I shall announce this years Consequence for the Third Quarter Quell," he sticks his ugly little hand into the black box and pulls out a clean white envolope,"This year, one boy and one girl shall be reaped from the existing pool of victors."

I feel Finnick's arms tense around me. My brain does work slower than most so it takes me a minute to understand.

~Existing Pool of Victors~ I think to myself. Then it clicks.

Finnick kisses my forehead and hugs me tight. We sit there for a moment taking in what had just happened. One of us had the posibility of going back into the g-g-games.

"I will always protect you, no matter what happens." he whispers to me.

A week goes by. On reaping day, Finnick leads me over to the roped off section for the ladies. I am with three others. Maggs and Celtic. Finnick on the other hand only has one other man with him. Just the sight of the Justice Building sends me into hysteria. I crouch down on my knees and quietly sob to myself. Finnick glances in my direction with a worried face. I need to be strong for Finnick. I stand up and straight as I can and raise my head up high. District four's escort prances onto the stage. He has red hair and blue skin. Just your typical Capitol person.

"Welcome all. Today I shall reap one man and one lady from the existing pool of victors," his voice cracks a bit at the end,"Now then. Ladies fir.." He stops and gaps at what is behind me.

I look back to see Maggs, slumped over, dead.I hear Finnick's cries and I can feel my tears as well. Maggs was Finnick's mentor, his mother figure, his family. Now all he had was me and we werent even sure that I would make it through today.

"Well then," he says through tears, "The reaping must go on," He walks over to the ladies bowl and picks one name, "Annie Cresta."

This is a nightmare. I can believe that my name would be picked. Just the memory of my name being said by the same man many years ago just makes be go completely ballistic. The peacekeepers are forced to drag me up onto the stage. I sit up there on my knees, tears strolling down my face, not a sound comes out of my mouth.

"Now for the Gentlemen," he plucks the first paper he sees, "Finnick Odair."

Now Im sure that this is a nightmare. Finnick walks up onto the stage. His tears from Maggs have been replaced by tears for us. Everyone is crying now, even some of the peacekeepers. I just watch silently as he takes his place next to me. The odds are not in our favor, are they?