"Annie and Finnick were two great people, they loved each other and cared for each other. Many of us thought Finnick was just another one of those cute boys, but we were wrong. He was in love with a poor mad girl from his own district. Annie was this poor mad girl, went crazy due to her first games. We must remember them. They were important, both had great futures. The Capitol took that away from them. Snow took away their future, their lives, their freedom. Remembrance helps to keep the memory of them alive, not to cause sadness. Let us fight, and win for these two. Let us DEFEAT THE CAPITOL!"

~Katniss Everdeen The Mockingjay ~

The funeral takes place, Katniss says some word, and so does Peeta. This is after Katniss's propo was aired. After the war has been won. After all has been settled. Finnick and Annie are laid side by side together on the shores of four. They will be together forever. Free from the horrors and games that these people have created. They died together in each other's arms.

~If I could just die in your arms I wouln't mind~

Justin Bieber's "Die in Your Arms" CD : Believe

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