Clinging Desperately

Meadow Wood


Misty grasped the rough surface of wood harder, elbows locked and face contorted. A shaky wind blew through her hair, cold water sloshing to her waist. She never expected to be in such a situation, where numbness never seemed to cease and freezing ocean surrounded her in all directions. Her fingers tightened on the plank she was holding onto. "O-oh god A-ash, do some-something..." she said, licking her lips. They felt cracked and dry from the temperature.

"W-what can I do?" Ash's teeth chattered as he held onto the other side of the piece of wood. It was the only thing keeping them from drowning. His vest was soaked through and his black hair whipped messily from the breeze. His tanned complexion was nearing an odd shade of blue.

"I don't know!" Misty said breathlessly, her red bangs splitting in the middle due to the ferocious winds. "" Her skin was pink and wrinkled and her heart was pounding against her chest. They wouldn't survive out here much longer.

"I..." Ash dreaded stating the obvious. He couldn't do a thing about their problem. They were stuck in the middle of a large ocean, no land on either side of them, and only a plank of wood to keep them from losing all hope.

"The Pokemon..." Misty said, her voice thick and hoarse. She whimpered as another gust of wind blew, moving the water and drenching her red hair. She knew she was just wasting her breath, though. Their Pokemon were not with them.

"You know, this is when a c-cell phone would be useful..." Ash coughed, sputtering water and closing his eyes wistfully.

"It's not like we'd get connection anyways." Misty said bitterly, cringing as she heard the sound of the waves crashing around her. She had never felt so helpless before. The morning had started off rather normally, the trio of friends walking by the lakeshore. Unfortunately, Team Rocket had tried to steal Pokemon and were causing trouble, so Ash, Brock and Misty had to get boats and paddle to try to reach Team Rocket's submarine. But before they could get out, a Gyrados summoned its more powerful attack, Dragon Rage, sending them in a whirlwind of different directions. Since all their Pokemon were helping in paddling the boat, the team went spiralling in different directions. It was a miracle that Ash and Misty ended up in the same place, although still stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Now, they were losing faith as they clung desperately onto the brown floating device.

"Do y-ya think Brock made it out okay?" Ash asked, pulling his cap down over his head. His ears felt like they were on fire.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Misty didn't want to think of the worst. Most people didn't survive Dragon Rage. The two companions shivered simaltaneously.

" you wanna go and try to swim to a shore?" Ash asked quietly, before letting out a long shudder. He laid his head down gently against the wood, careful not to tip the balance off. He was losing energy fast due to the bad conditions, and exhaustion was taking over. Not to mention, his arms were aching from holding on for so long.

"There's no point." Misty murmured, feeling similar to Ash. Her breath was coming out in long gasps now. "We would never make it. We can't even see an island."

"Oh god." Ash burrowed his face against the wood, wondering if it could somehow warm him. "We're gunna die, dammit."

"Can your Pokedex contact anyone?"

"No." Ash said sadly, black hair tickling his nose. "It's useless."

"But..." Misty spluttered, head spinning. "I don't wanna die!"

"I don't either..." Ash whispered, lifting his head and staring at the bright blue sky above them. He wished he could fly out of here, taking Misty with him. Eyes trailing over to the shaking red-haired girl, he felt a pang of regret. They had always wasted their friendship over fighting, so he never got to relish the close times as they should have. "...but..." he suddenly said. "If I die and you somehow survive...I want you to take care of Pikachu and my other Pokemon, if you find them."

Misty was touched he would trust her with the job of his ever-special Pokemon. "Okay Ash. I will...and if I die and you somehow survive, I want you to take care of my Pokemon too, if you find them."

Ash nodded solemly. "N-no problem."

Misty rested her head on her elbows, grumbling to herself. "If I die," she finally said. "I want you to know that I think you really will reach your goal as a Pokemon Master, someday."

Ash felt a smile grace his lips, despite the fact that he felt like a statue of snow at the moment. He barely managed a thanks, but his warm, inviting brown eyes expressed his gratitude. Softly, he continued their little game. "If I die, I want you to know that I never really thought of you as s-scrawny or bratty."

Misty's hand trembled, but she reached over and touched Ash's numb fingers with her own. She sighed in relief as sparks flooded between them, warming her just a little bit. "Thanks." she said honestly. "...and if I die, I want you to know that you're..." she shyed a bit, then blurted, "I think you're really handsome!"

Ash felt heat rise to his cheeks, which felt rather good considering his situation. His face turned a deep red and he modestly looked away from her. "Wow." he said gently, voice quivering. "I'm f-flattered."

They floated in silence for a moment, before Misty pushed at his hand. "You''re turn." she quavered, her skin paler than usual.

Ash locked his eyes with hers. "Right. If I die, I w-want you to know that I think...I think on the night of Maiden's Peak in your kimono..." he pursed his lips, blushing above the bridge of his nose. "I think you looked really beautiful."

Misty's heart swelled, and for a second, she didn't feel like she was utterly miserable. "Thank you." she said, her entire body vibrating. She said, "Now, if I die, I want you to know...that...although I followed you around for my bike..."

When she didn't finish, Ash prodded her curiously with his hand.

"I...I didn't really care about the bike." she exhaled loudly. "I cared about you."

Ash's eyes lit up, and the brown pupils perked up. "I care about you too!" he said so excitedly Misty felt a sad grin form on her face. To think, this happy, deserving boy could end up dying here in the freezing sea. It was so unfair.

Misty closed an eyelid, her arms twittering. "You forgot the If I Die in front of it..." she joked unhappily, her eyes stinging and her throat burning. She had the weird urge to cry.

"Sorry." Ash shook intensly. "If I die, I want you to know that I really care about you and that you're the best friend I've ever had."

"Same to you." Misty was pleased, but could feel herself weakening. She couldn't feel a single part of her body, and her grasp on the wood seemed to be loosening.

Ash groaned loudly as a shudder ran up his spine once again. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. "I-if I die," he started. "I want you to know that I used to have a c-crush on you."

"A crush?"

Misty was shocked, but she was too tired to truly be surprised. Her entire body was numb and she could feel herself losing every ounce of energy she had. Still, the cautious confession bothered her. "Oh, you had a crush on me b-before?"


"But you don't anymore?" she asked, hoping his answer would be the opposite.

Ash opened his mouth to answer, but could only let out a loud moan as his hands struggled to hang on to the wood. They were slipping wearily, his weakened body begging to collapse and relax his pained muscles. He mumbled something, teeth gritting and eyes going wide.

He fought to regain consciousness as his vision flickered. The cold was getting to him. Finally, he stumbled a worn out, "Not anymore," gasping as more cool air hit his cheeks.

Misty shivered, panicking. She could hear his breathing get shallow, his expression a form of sheer exhaustion. "Ash, c'mon." she reached out a trembling arm and stroked his wet black hair. Worry streaked her face. "Shhh, you've gotta be strong." her voice cracked. "You can't just leave on me now. Not yet. We're not done our game."

Ash muttered something barely audible with his remaining strength, his mouth slightly open and his chest heaving. He was frozen and cold, unable to respond anymore.

"C'mon." Misty desperately tried to control the tears forming in her eyes. She pushed against his forehead with her hand. "I...If I die, I want you to know that...that..." she was finding it hard to think of something because she was so concerned about Ash's condition. It seemed the cold was taking a toll on him quicker than herself. "I want you to know that I've always been insecure and even though I yelled at you and insulted you and acted all confident, it was to hide my imperfections and my emotions. I n-never meant any of the harsh things I might have said to you."

Ash didn't nod, just closed his eyes. He was still hanging on, but it was minutes before it would all be over.

"Y-your turn." Misty shuddered, reaching out and clasping his hand in hers. They were both so numb that it felt like nothing, but it still was nice to be holding his hands. She steadied his grip. "Go! Your turn!" she demanded in a wobbly voice. When he didn't answer, she felt the tears she had been trying to hold back flow down her cheeks, dripping into her mouth and filling her tongue with a taste of salt. She was tired, upset and unable to do anything about her best friend dying right with her hands in his.

"M-misty," Ash croaked, somehow managing to speak. It was nearly a whisper but Misty heard every syllable. Her aquamarine eyes brightened a bit, but dulled just as quick. She could feel his heartbeat slowing down.


"Misty..." he repeated softly, eyes shut close and a shiver running up his spine. He rested his upper weight on her arms. "If I-I d-die..." he struggled to continue.

"Yeah?" Misty nearly shouted, her voice broken and strangled.

"I w-want you to know...that I - I - I...I -..." Ash couldn't find the energy to continue as his vision floated away from him. A loud ringing in his ears, his eyes blurred and closed.

The last thing he heard was the sound of helicopters whirring in the air and sirens buzzing loudly, and above all, Misty's wretched cries floating to his ears as everything faded to black.

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