Brothers in Arms

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Day 1


The glamorous life of law enforcement. Deeks sighed as he signed off on yet another form. Some days he wondered if the newest tech toys and being a part of this team of super people was worth all the extra paperwork that found its way into his 'in' box due to his position as the liaison. He tucked his head into his shoulders and prepared himself to plow through yet another form. He was so beaten down by the sheer load that he had stopped tapping the end of his pen against the desk an hour ago. Kensi would've cheered any other day, but today she had peered out from behind her pile and had sent him a wobbly smile.

Sam was unaffected; he worked down his pile with a determination and efficiency that would make Hetty proud. Callen was a different story, he never seemed to move, yet his pile had magically disappeared and he had spent the last hours tapping away on his laptop. In theory, his position as team leader should mean he would bear the brunt of the work, but he almost never had anything on his desk to do. Maybe insomnia had an upside.

Deeks internally sighed, mentally rolled his eyes, and went back to his form. Apparently he had to justify the bullets he popped into the jihadist last week. What was his reasoning? 'Bad dude trying to kill me and the rest of LA.' He hoped that would make it past Hetty; who was he kidding. It wouldn't, but maybe she'd get a laugh and let it go due to his undeniable charm. He was a dreamer, after all.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed, it was about three forms worth, when out of the silence his phone buzzed with a text. He dug around on his desk and under the papers to find it. The message came from Ops and he was to go straight up there, making no stops at go and not collecting $200 at start. Looks like Eric was having fun at work today. He hauled himself out of the chair.

"Where are you going?" Kensi's head popped up like a groundhog out of its hole. Sam never looked.

Deeks waggled his phone at her, "I've been called up to Ops. You can't come, you weren't invited." He was about to start on a long soliloquy about it when he saw Callen, who hadn't been sitting at his desk, walking past the stairs and into Ops. Interesting. "Gotta go."

Callen and Hetty stared at each other while Eric and Nell hovered with their tablets. Callen minutely raised his eyebrows at Hetty to say 'what?'. She, just as minutely, shook her head to answer 'not yet'. Callen leaned back against the table and waited.

Deeks burst through the door, hiking up his pants as he did and stopped. "Alright, who died?"

Callen raised his left eyebrow at Hetty this time. She ignored him.

"Nobody, yet, Mr. Deeks, but there is a plan in motion to ensure people don't."

"Is it a plan or a plot? Because there is a big difference."

Callen raised his right eyebrow. Deeks was honestly the only person who could get away with this level of immaturity. He respected him as a cop and as a part of the team, but working with him as partners would drive him to distraction. He understood why Kensi groaned a lot.

Hetty turned to Eric and Nell and motioned for them to start. They tapped away and she began to speak. "The last few months we have been creating a legend, or more specifically, building on a rumour that has been circulating. A major arms dealer, known only as Le Renard has been operating in and around Europe. He is a creation of Mr. Beale and Miss Jones. However, there has been interest from several parties for cooperation. We have floated the story that Le Renard has an associate in LA that operates in the underbelly. Since Le Renard is quite difficult to contact, the rumour is that one way to get his attention is to go through the associate.

"Interest is at the point that it is time to match the legends to the bodies. You two are those bodies. There are files prepared for you to browse and memorize. We shall begin tomorrow."

"Hetty, isn't this a job" Callen was hesitant to ask, but it was necessary. He saw Deeks stiffen slightly beside him.

"That's true, Mr. Callen, but it's going to be difficult to pass you and Mr. Hanna off as illegitimate brothers."

Deeks snorted out a laugh. "Well then, Hetty, I think I'll have a Jag this time. Mercedes are becoming too common." At the incredulous looks from Eric and Nell, and the eye tightening from Callen, he laughed harder. "Fine, I guess I got dibs on the lowlife LA-er again. What's my poison this time?"

Hetty handed over the files. "Do your homework.

Callen and Deeks stepped through the doorway and before Deeks could turn towards the stairs, Callen pulled him to the side behind one of the many poles.

Callen looked directly into Deeks eyes and asked in a low voice "answer me honestly, do you think you could play the part of an arms dealer?"

Deeks, taken aback, thinks for a moment and then replies, "hey, I might not be fluent in multiple languages and dialects or know all the secret code words from spending time in the Russian backwoods, but I can be suave and mysterious too. I can do more than be that drunken homeless guy and the funny loser." He pulled in a breath to continue but Callen held up a hand to stop him.

"Second question, how much do you keep up with the laws regarding arms and the trafficking of them?"

One corner of Deeks' mouth pulled up in a wry smile, "A habit I never dropped from law school; I keep up with all of them."

"Good, it makes you a better cop. Review all the relevant laws and keep an eye out for any loopholes you can find that would be beneficial to our covers. Go home now and I'll see you in the morning."

"Uh, Hetty would've mentioned a lawyer angle, wouldn't she?"

"I've got an angle I want to work. Don't mention this to Sam or Kensi yet."

With that Deeks shrugged and nodded okay. He headed down the stairs and grabbed his bag. Callen watched as he exchanged quick good-byes and walked out of the bullpen. Sam and Kensi looked at each other, Sam shrugged and went back to his paperwork. Kensi stared down the hallway for a moment and then followed his lead.

Callen turned and went back to his quiet corner. He had work to do.