(back to school special)

"I love you"

He says it so easily, it makes my heart hurt. "I love you, too." The way he gets so close to me like this, I can't help but blush. He makes me blush all the time…

"Are you telling me the truth?"

The way he nuzzles his head on my shoulder after whispering nonsense in my ear… How could I not love him? "Of course I'm telling you the truth…"


His innocent, young words snake into my ears the way his arms snake around my waist as he presses himself closer and closer. His lips find my neck with a small kiss as I finger his soft blonde hair with one hand and comfort his back with the other. "Really."


I can feel a smile play across his lips before he pulls away from my small, needy frame and holds me by the waist while my hands lay comfortably on his chest. I look up to see his shining eyes that are currently without his usual glasses. Everything about him is so much better than me, though he would never hesitate to deny that.


His smile isn't the usual superhero, goofy smile, but a soft, loving one. He's taller than me, though everyone is, so when he begins to lean in for a kiss, I take my time closing my eyes and leaning up in anticipation. Our lips meet quicker than I had expected, causing my blush to deepen. He feels my strain as I reach up to put passion into our lips, so he pulls me closer, ducks his head lower, takes my breath away…

He is my happiness, my will to live. He's my reason for the smile on my usually-indifferent lips. My love. Mine forever. My Alfred. He is mine and will always be mine.

Right when I decided that I wanted to make a move to turn this kiss into a full-on make-out session, Alfred pulls away and dips to one knee. I give him a confused look once he settled his glasses back on his nose and takes me by the hands. The way he looks up at me, the content in his eyes, I love him. I love this boy. "Alfred, what are-"

"Promise you won't leave me."

I don't respond right away. He knows I have to go. He knows I have to leave him. "Alfred, you know that I-"

"Then wait for me." I can feel his hands tighten around mine. I'm about to comfort him with my words but he starts trembling…

"…. Please.."

He looks at the ground causing his hair to act as a veil shielding me from his weakness. This is the first time I have ever seen Alfred cry. "Alfred…" I kneel down on both of my knees and he follows my movements, burying his hands under his glasses, over his eyes. "Alfred…" As I softly call to him, I reach over and pull his hands away from his face, also removing the un-noticed glasses in the process. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and with cheeks scarlet red. This must have been very embarrassing for him; I couldn't help but feel bad.

I caressed one of his hands with one of my own while I held my sleeve to my other palm, softly dabbing away his sadness. "Alfred, listen to me." I release his hand to lift his chin so his eyes would meet mine. "I will wait for you. I love you more than anything."

Alfred pulled me into a hug which I hastily returned, hoping to not give him a sliver of doubt against my word. He has no reason to doubt me. I will never leave him. I will wait for him forever.

"Kiku… Kiku, I love you."