E/O Challenge: Shelter

Warnings/spoilers: Could be season 4, could be season 7. Take your pick

Word Count: 100. Just barely.

Disclaimer: Damnit, still no.

A.N.: I'm so sorry for this being late (I was coming back from vacation so this will probably not be my best work). Also, this is slightly based on some weird experiences I've had with my iPod.

First he thought his iPod was possessed. Classic rock blaring through the speakers occured a little too frequently when his thoughts turned to his brother. He eventually dismissed the thought as crazy; but it didn't stop him from muttering a quick exorcism over it (just in case).

Next he thought she was possessed; because the frequency of rock played by iPod or radio was becoming alarming.

Finally, he just settled with haunted and found strange comfort in that

Pulling her under a bridge one night, he reached over to pat her dashboard and gruffly mumbled, "I miss him too."

The music sheltered them both from the storm.