I walk through a deserted village. Every since the rust came all the robots are dieing. It's a pitiful thing really. They never ask for this. They said it was because some Casshern killed the Sun of Luna. I keep walking and saw robot parts all over the place and they weren't especially all rusted up. "Could it be though big bad ole robots eating them and taking there parts?" I said to myself as I pulled out a Black flower with a red stream. "Live in peace to your…erm….robot hearts..." I said as I planted it in the ground. I dusted my pants off and continued to walk on. As I walk I remember people saying that Casshern was a guy and that everybody wanted to kill him. I just don't get it. I wasn't like them, so I guess I couldn't say. My older brother ran away somewhere because of his sins. I couldn't blame him either. I stop out of my trance and heard clanging and bashing sounds. "What the…" I run over to the source of the noise. As I came closer to the noise, I keep feeling my blood run cold. "Why am I so scared?" I said to myself as I made it to see though robots that probably kill all though other robots. My eyes widen in fear. All the through parts were all over the place. "Disgusting…" I said as I watch them look through the parts trying to find the items they need to help them from the rust. "Man, know of those little robots don't have the parts we need!" one of them yelled throwing some parts around. "It will be fine. Once we find Casshern and consume him everything will be over." The other one said. "Really? Why can't they leave him alone, whoever that Casshern guy is..." I muttered. I pull out a sword with a red blade and blue stripes in the fine laced of it. It was time to teach them a lesson, you don't go killing those robots and get away from it. I peak up and saw they were gone. "What?" I said as I walk over there and saw that there were no footprints. Odd. "I could have sworn they were here…." I said as I crossed my arms and thought. Then the ground shook from underneath me, and a pare of hands pop up. "Aw Crap!" I yelled trying to dodge his hand. "Come here you brat!" he yelled at me as I dodge it. "No way. I don't listen to SCUM!" I yelled as I pulled out my sword. I then felt a grip around me, and I was picked up into the air. "Who are you calling scum?" the other one yelled as I dropped my sword to the ground. The one I dodge walk over by him and started whispering something to him. "Oh." He said as he tightens his grip against me. I felt my own ribs being crushed and liquid come up from my throat and spay out. "So she is a human." The robot said as he tried wiping the blood off his face. "Ya, I haven't had a good human in awhile." The other guy said as he threw me in the air and opened his metal mouth. I felt the air hit my face, as it was telling me good-bye. I closed y eyes and waited for my fate to come. I heard a crash and clatter. I opened my eyes and saw that, that robot he was…destroyed. I fell on to the parts earning a new cut on my arm as I felt the sharpest of parts stab my arm. I look around and saw that other robot growl in angry. He was…staring at something I guess. You can't tell what half of them are looking at anyway. I turned around and saw some guy dressed in white with a "C" on the outfit and a freaky looking helmet. The guy was quiet and was watching the robot like if it were nothing. "Wow you look cool….." I said as I look back to that other bad ole robot. He growled and ran over to that guy and tried to hit him but, he disappeared and then "whoops" that bad ole robot crashed into pieces.

I drop my mouth as that guy killed that robot in a few seconds. "Wow. That was just…" I didn't know what to say as I felt his gaze at me. I stayed like that for a few minutes and he started walking away. "THAT WAS SO AWESOME!" I yelled. He turned around in shock. "You…thought that was awesome?" he said. I walk or, staggered over to him, since my ribs were broken abit. "Of course! I mean like you were so cool!" I said smiling at him. He keeps a frown face still and turned around, walking away. "Hey! Don't be all sad." I told him following him. "Don't follow me." He said continuing walking. I stilled followed him. "Or what your gonna kill me?" I told him as I pick up my sword and cut open my arm getting out the pieces of metal in my skin. He turned around and looks at me. "I'm Aero and I'm a human." I told him as blood started hitting the dusty ground. He seemed too hesitated for a moment to say his name. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I rip a piece of my shirt off and tied it around my wound I made. "Are you going to tell me your name or not?" I told him as I wipe off my sword from my own blood on it. "Casshern." He said still watching me. I just look at him and smiled. H must have been shock because he had wide eyes, when he saw me smiling. "Oh. You're that guy everyone is trying to kill." I said as I staggered over to him. "I'm not ins in all that killing business because of the rust cause by you." I said as I stood right next to him. "But why aren't you?" he said still watching me carefully. "Well when those who commented a crime, or sin they let it weight them down, but if you just brush it off, you feel better." I told him looking down. "I have commented crimes…that I'm not proud of, but I can't let of sins stop me because of what I did." I look at him and grinned. "Beside if you have friends with it makes you a lot better, Casshern." He looked at me and then went back walking. I continued to follow him. I though for a moment before saying these words, "I will be your friend, Casshern. I don't think of you as a monster or a killer. You are a person just like everyone else." He stops and looks back at me. "I'm coming with you and you can't say anything that will change my mind." Casshern thought for a moment and went back walking. "Okay." Was all he said as I followed him to wherever he or should I say we are going. This is going to be one fun awesome adventure yet.

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