I watch as the sunset. "Beautiful!' I said as I watch it set. Casshern went to get some wood to start a fire. I'm a human after all, but I can fend for myself really. If I stayed real focus then I could have change into my armor. I heard a sound behind me and saw a dog. It was blue and metallic. "Wow. Aren't you something?" I said as I noticed it was hurt. "Oh! Here let me help you!" I went to my wore out backpack and pulled out some metal in good caudation. I walk over to the dog, but it growled at me. I got stretch my hand to its head, gently petting it. "It's alright." I said as I could here music play in my head. I help the dog settle down and I began working on the dogs paw. It was broken so, I had to get it out. I gently rip it out the best I could and the dog whimpered in respond. I petted it head and put my hand to its mouth. "Bite on my hand, if you start to hurt again." I said as I continued to pull it out. I felt the sharp pain in my hand. At least he could try to easy up, but I guess not. After pulling out the paw/leg I begun making a part for the dog. "It won't be long. I seen blue prints for dogs and remember all the paws and I remember one like yours." I said as I pulled out some spray paint and sprayed the metal making it sort of blue. "Heh. It's odd really..." I paused as I started to attach the paw/leg to the dog. I finally got down fixing the dogs paw/leg. I looked around to make sure no one was around. Why would they be around any way? Well I'm making sure Casshern isn't here. I die of embarrassment if he heard me singing.

Playgrounds, school bells rings, Again

Rain clouds, come to play, Again

Has no one told you she's not breathing?


I'm your mind,

Giving you someone to talk to,


I got up and pulled out my sword twirling it around

If I smile and don't, believe

Soon I know, I'll wake, from this dream

Don't try to fix me I'm not broken,


I'm the lie, living for you so, you can hide

I don't cry

I twirled around feeling the rain pour on me. I let it take all of my pain away. The dog. I could feel its stares on me also. Not just the rains

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping,


I'm still here,

All that's left of yesterday day

I stop and took a bow as if they were a crowed.

No ones pov

Aero danced and singed to her song, but little did she know that Casshern, saw her do the whole thing. It was beautifully in his eyes. He never had seen anyone dance before. At least he doesn't remember anyone dancing. He let a smile appear on his face and walk off to get the wood. He knew that he had to act stupid since he saw here patch up Fender. To him…she was a special girl and he silent promised nothing would happen to while he was around.

Aero's Pov

I heard foot steps and turned around to see Casshern coming back. "Welcome Back Casshern!" I yelled in excitement seeing my buddy. Casshern set the piles of wood down and noticed the dog. Casshern look over to me then to the dog. "Fiender?" he said as he walk over to the dog petting him gently' I got up walking over to Casshern. 'Your dog?" I ask as he nodded to my question. I out my hand into a fist and hit him on the head. Casshern looked at me wide eyed. "What was that for?" he asked as he rubbed his head. I smiled and laughed. "Sorry. I just feel jumpy right now. Don't know why really." I said as I walk over and look at his head making sure I didn't make him bleed like I did to one person, long ago. "Hm..." I started as I look. "You are okay!" I said giggling like a child. I pulled out my sword that was wrapped around my waist and look at myself in the reflection. "I hate looking at myself." I stated plainly as Casshern started a fire.

"I bet you're thinking why, huh?" I said as I pulled it a point where it was aim at my shoulder. I felt Casshern and Fender's stare on me. I thrust the sword into my shoulder. "Aero?" Casshern said as he was by my side. "Y-Ya?" I asked as I grip the sword getting ready to pull it out. "Why...Why did you do that?" he asks he tried to help, but I pushed his hand away. "Heh. It's alright Casshern...this isn't the first time I have down this." I said gripping it and ripping it out of me. Blood spated on me and Casshern. I panted and look at my sword. It had blood all over it. Also my own muscles abit. I sighed as I put it down and rip off a piece of my shirt, and wiping off the blood off of Casshern.

"It was long ago, Casshern. When I was five, my brother walked out on us. He left us saying he would find away to stop the ruin. I begged him not to go, but he did...and...and when he was walking out our little town, it happened..." I said as I stop wiping the blood. I felt tears drip down to my blooded hands. "A Robot massacre." I whispered and wrap my own arms around myself. "There...there...was so much blood! IT was ever where! They trampled over my brother, leaving nothing, but then when hey came to our town." I stopped and start hyperventilating. I grip at my heart. "Mom...Dad...Nina...I'm so sorry. I couldn't protect you all. Every time I look at my hand I see your blood. On my hand...I see your faces in the sky. I sometimes wonder why, you know? Why was I born to only survivor out of everyone and show a smiling so warming...it is because of..." I paused as I was in Casshern's arms. He was holding me close to him, listening to what I had to say. "You. Casshern. Even though people say you're a monster or a freak...their wrong. I only met you four days ago. I think of you as a beautiful man with a wonderful soul." I said as I smiled. "You show compass to those in need of help. That is something so amazing, but people fear you because of their own stupidity." I said as I look at him placing my hand on his cheek. "Don't let what others say effect you, Casshern." I said as I felt myself drift off. "There just jealous of your beauty..." I whispered as I fell asleep.


I find myself in a bed. "Odd... I don't remember being here..." I said as I got up and walk over to the mirror on the other side. I gasp in shock. I had grown up. My blue hair was longer. I was curvier and everything. I was even in a silk nightgown. "What the What?" I Screamed running out and bumping into a person. "Aero? Are you okay?" said the voice. I look up to see it was Casshern. Older to. He really didn't look any different just abit taller and more beautifully. Casshern squeak out. "Yes, Aero?" he asked as he help me up. "Where. Where are we?" I asked him as he helped me up. "At our house?" he said as he led me to a room. I tilted my head. "What?" I asked as he opened a door to a room. He didn't say anything and I heard a baby cry. I walk in to see a baby. The baby had blue hair and beautifully blue eyes. "Awwwwww. So cute." I said as I pick up the baby holding it close to me. I felt Casshern's arms wrap around my waist bring my closer to him. "Yup. Our child." He said as he smiled warmly. I look at him keeping my shock hold in. "Really? Heh. Awesome." I said as I rock the baby back and forth. "What is the baby's name, Casshern?" I asked as I kissed the top of the baby's forehead. I look at him and he smiled. "Well you named him, Aero." he said as he gently took the baby, holding it close to him. "Did I now?" I asked as I thought. "The baby is named after your brother." he replied as I felt myself wake up.


I opened my eyes to see that I was sleeping in Casshern's lap. "Odd dream...'I muttered as I rubbed my forehead. Casshern look at me. "Dream?" he asked as I nodded in response. "Yup but, I forget it already..." I said as I look down. "I only saw you holding a baby." I said as he looked at me confused. "I was holding a baby?" he asked. "Yup, but don't worry dreams are like that!" I said as I got up stretching. I look at my shoulder and saw it was patch up. "Thank you Casshern." I said grinning. "You patch up my arm! I usually let it heal up and bleed." I said as I petted Fiender, who was right beside me. "Your welcome." Casshern said as he gave me a newt. "Ya! Food!'I yelled as I ate my food, watching the stars and moon with Casshern.

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