An Eclipse in time


Edward had left her a few months ago and Bella was just starting to get out of her funk. Charlie had been very worried about her and now that she woke up from her zombie like state, she wanted something new.

"Dad, I love you, I really do…But I feel like I need a change of scenery…I need to get away from here if I want to get better." Bella told her father on afternoon of March.

"Okay, I understand Bells, I really do. I'll call your mother and we'll see how soon we can get you moved there." Charlie said, sad about loosing his daughter but resigned that he needed to let her go in order to keep her sane and healthy. Actually, he was mostly jealous that his ex-wife could help his daughter better than he could.

"Dad, I really don't feel like moving back in with mom…" Bella was embarrassed, she hated causing problems. He looked up with some hope in his eyes.

"Why is that? You love your mother Bells!" He didn't understand.

"Well, with mom, I always have to be the adult…I have to take care of her and I really don't have the straights to do that right now…" She muttered with a blush on her face.

"I understand…I wonder where we could send you…What about your Grandma' Swan?" He asked.

"In Virginia?" She asked. After he nodded she added "Well, I would certainly love the warmer weather… And I do miss her…I feel better just thinking about it!" Bella said, smiling slightly.

"I'll give her a call right away. I know she'll agree… She's always loved you more than anyone else…Probably because we named you after her…and she has been asking for you to visit her lately…" Charlie said before going for the phone.

Of course her grandmother, Isabelle Swan, had been delighted with the idea of Bella living with her. She agreed and it was decided that Bella would move at the end of the week. As for the school, Bella was ahead on her work and they decided it would be best to home school her.

Bella hadn't seen her grandmother since Thanksgiving when she came over for a visit. When she saw how depressed her grand daughter was, the old woman had taken her aside and they talk a long time. Wanting to change the girl's mind, Isabelle told her descendent everything about the founder's council and the supernatural situations in Mystic Falls. Being a solid member of the founding families, she knew everything and so she told Bella. Quite shocked by what she had been told, Bella informed her grandmother of Edward and the Cullen's. In exchange, Isabelle told Bella about the Salvatore's and about Elena being the doppelganger, Bonny being a witch and Tyler being a hybrid (Werewolf and vampire!)… Bella understood better why she never felt at home anywhere but in Mystic Falls… She was, somehow, attracted to the supernatural just like the supernatural was attracted to her. She wasn't a danger magnet, she was a supernatural magnet, it was her destiny to have supernatural in her life.

She loved every single memory she had in Mystic Falls. She still kept in touch twice a year with the friends she had made there. Her first and biggest friend was Elena Gilbert, who lived in the house next door to her grandmother's. Then she added naturally Elena's friends to her list. She ran to her computer and sent an e-mail to Elena and Bonny explaining that she was moving in at the end of the week. As soon as her Grandmother had explained everything to her at Thanksgiving, she had warned them that she knew and was okay with things. She now got weekly updates on the happenings of the town she always called home in her heart. She was especially excited to finally meet the Originals (the nice ones).

Chapter 1: Arriving in Mystic Falls

When she arrived in Mystic Falls, it was the middle of the afternoon and she was late. Bella had told her grandmother she would be there by 3pm but she had been stuck on the road behind a slow car and was now 30 minutes late.

Both her parents had decided to buy her a better car, one that would actually survive the trip from Forks to Mystic Falls, so the truck had stayed home where they had decided to retire it for good.

As she drove away from Forks, she felt like she was freeing herself from the pain Edward and the rest of the Cullen's had brought her by leaving… The farther away she went, the better she was, the less it hurt to think of them and their betrayal. She could actually feel a strange pull directing her toward Mystic Falls. It was strange how she instinctively knew what road to take when she arrived at a crossroad… She shook it off, after all, what could be expected of a place called Mystic Falls except for mystical stuff?

Bella was also a bit nervous about what she would find once she arrived at her grandmother's place. Both Elena and her grandmother had told her of the small war that was happening in town. Klaus against the Salvatore's, Bill Forbes against his own daughter and the council, evil Alaric against the council members, hybrids against everyone but their master, witches against hybrids, Esther against every magical creature that wasn't a witch, Tyler against other hybrids and everyone against Klaus and his hybrids.

She was afraid something bad had happened…actually, she could feel something coming… She wasn't sure how bad it would be for her, but she could feel a big change coming for her and that made her even more nervous. Her life was about to change drastically

She parked her new car in her grandmother's driveway and looked at the house. Isabelle had always loved her flowers and she had obviously been neglecting them for some time now since they were all dried up and dying. This was the proof Bella needed…Things were bad… The only flowers that seemed to have survived were the vervain and the wolfs bane.

Bella got out of the car, grabbing her purse and the two main bags, planning to go back for her books later. She came to the door when it opened. Her grandmother was there, a tired smile on her face.

"Oh, Bella, I'm so happy to see you sweetheart! How was the drive?" She asked her granddaughter as she pulled her inside her house.

"The drive was…long. I'm happy to see you too Granny. What is going on?" Bella answered as she let her bags fall to the floor so she could hug the woman she had so dearly missed.

"You always did have good instinct… Come on in, I'll introduce you to everyone and tell you everything." The elder Swan said, pulling the younger one along, forgetting the bags that had been dropped.

As she came in, Bella was introduced to the Salvatore brothers and all the people she had heard about that she didn't know yet. After several minutes of hugging her old friends, she turned back to her Granny, only to see that the vampires had brought the rest of her stuff, not only in the house but in her room also.

"So, what is going on here?" Bella asked.

"Things are very bad Bella." Bonny told her gravely.

"I can sense that!" Bella said while rolling her eyes.

"Klaus had grown out of control..."Stefan said as if it explained everything.

Bella turned to look at Elijah. Ever since she had been introduced to him, she could feel his eyes on her. She got her courage together and asked him:

"Is there a problem? Why are you staring at me like that? Do I have something on my face?" He smiled slightly:

"Not at all…But I saw you before…"

"I've never met you!" Bella contradicted him. She would definitely have remembered him…he was, after all, a very attractive man.

"Not yet, no." He answered.

"You're confusing me, I don't understand!" Bella said.

"Bella, we had a plan to save everything…everyone and stop Klaus but according to Elijah we did it already…It's not going to work…" Bonny said.

"What was your plan?" Bella asked.

"We wanted to send you in the past to prevent things from turning out that bad…" Elena said.

"You can do that?" Bella asked, shocked.

"Yes, Bonnie can channel the power of a hundred dead witches along with the power of the full moon next week." Damon answered.

"That's a lot of power, isn't it? Won't it be all too much for you to handle?" Bella asked concerned.

"Yes, I will probably die doing it… But you need to understand that if I don't do it we will all die…" Bonny said.

"Bonny will be able to last longer if she draws life energy from us… I will stand with her, along with Jeremy and your grandmother…" Elena said.

"So why is that plan put in the past tense now?" Bella asked, turning to Elijah for details. Somehow, she felt he was the one with all the answers…

"I remember, back when I was human, our mother telling us that the spirits had warned her about the arrival of a young woman that would save our family from the evil about to happen. We didn't know what it meant but we were ready for her to come, we were ready to welcome her… When you arrived, it was a full moon and Finn, my father and I were fighting off the wolves coming towards your arrival place. We managed to stop them all but a small one snuck behind us and managed to kill you…" Elijah said, stopping himself from saying more so he could keep control over his voice. Bella tried not to think about the fact that Elijah's voice attracted her in.

"But now that I am warned I will be able to defend myself… I just have to go there armed… I can take a wolf banes spray or a grenade something…" Bella said, wanting to help as much as she could... she didn't understand the fact that she wanted Elijah's approval…

"It could work…" Granny Swan said with a new sparkle of hope in her eyes.

"Maybe… You will have to take a knife with you too…" Elijah said with worried eyes.

"What do we send with her?" Caroline wondered, already packing several suitcases in her head.

"We can only send a small bag with her Caroline… Nothing too big…" Bonny said, making Caroline frown and Tyler chuckle.

"My mother and sister had prepared some clothes for the guest. We had planed to say that mother was her godmother and that her parents died recently. If we do this, everything will be ready for Bella." Elijah said with hidden emotion in his voice.

"Well, let's get ready then, we don't have time to waste. Bella, you have one week to learn how to defend yourself against a werewolf and the history of the originals." Granny Swan told her.

"Damon should give her defence lessons; he is quite good at them." Elena said, blushing slightly. Damon smirked. Stefan looked like he smelt something really bad or like he was having stomach pains.

"I will tell her everything she needs to know about my family." Elijah said, wondering how he would be able to stop himself from being with her... He had to turn his emotions off soon if he didn't want to spoil everything.

"No, we need you to keep watch over this house to make sure it is still safe for everyone… You're the best at killing hybrids and Tyler will need to help Damon in Bella's training… You told me everything a long time ago, I wrote it down in my diaries, along with what Rebecca and Sage told me. I will fill her in." Isabelle Swan said, taking charge of things.

Elijah nodded his agreement, he needed to make sure no hybrid would come and hurt Bella… He could remember exactly how she died… The wolf jumping on top of her… her pretty eyes scared… her hair full of blood and dirt… her dress torn apart and full of her own blood, her screams filling the air… And then the micro second it took for him to fall in love with her when she first appeared out of the fog… The great pain he felt when he realised that in less than 5 minutes he had met love and lost it… The anger he had against the wolves…his sadness…

He shook his head and looked at her again. He would help her, he would protect her… She would go in the past and this time she would survive… This time she would live and he would be happy… He had to clear his head, he couldn't be thinking about that now. If his brother heard about what they were about to do he would kill her and they would be lost. She was the only one who could do it; the spell Bonnie found was very specific…

"What I don't understand is why it has to be me that go in the past? If you send Elena, she could take Tatia's place… Or Bonnie could be with her ancestor…" Bella said.

"Bonnie can't go because she is the only one who can do this spell under the circumstances and Elena can't take Tatia's place because the doppelganger is needed in the time travel ritual." Isabelle said.

"What about one of the vampires?" Bella asked.

"Ayana is a powerful witch Bella, she will sense that they are not natural and so will the wolves… We don't know what kind of reaction they will have if we send them." Elijah said.

"What about you? Can't you go there and take your place?" Bella asked.

"And what am I supposed to do with my past self?" He asked her.

"Right… I guess you have a great reason why it can't be Jeremy…" She said, resigned.

"I need to link my energy with Elena's so we can send you so far in the past…" He said with a small smirk.

"You don't want to do this?" Damon asked with a frown on his face.

"It's not that, it's just that I'm worried about what would happen if I screw things up… what will I do when I find myself all alone back there? Will I be able to come back or will I be stuck all alone 1000 years in the past?" She asked, starting to panic.

"You won't be alone. I promise you that." Elijah said in an intense tone.

"How can you know that? You were probably different back then and…" Bella started to say but she was cut off by Elijah.

"I know that because I remember how I felt in the few seconds you were alive… If you live, you won't be alone… You'll be safe and never lonely, I can promise you that!" There was such a strong wave of emotion behind his words that she blushed and stuttered:

"Oh…hum…I don't know…Okay…" She was really red now and that made the other chuckle.

"Don't worry…You don't have to say anything now…With everything that's going on it's not the right time…Just bare in mind that from the first time I'll look at you I will love you…a love that will last through time and that nothing will destroy…" Elijah said that looking at her in the eyes and straightened up, muttered something about keeping watch and left the house. The minute he was out, he turned his emotions off. He couldn't have her falling for him now… If she was to fall in love with him, it would have to be in the past…

"Well, that was intense…" Damon said lightly before pouring himself another whiskey.

"Not now Damon… Elijah's right, it's not the time." Elena said.

"What, are you jealous to learn that Elijah never had a crush on you?" Tyler teased as Bella turned her head to look at her doppelganger friend with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course not, I'm relieved." Elena said, not knowing that every vampire in the room could hear her heart jump as she lied.

"Yeah right, we'll act like we believe that!" Stefan muttered before joining Elijah in his patrol as Damon directed Bella to the training room they had installed in the basement of the house.

During that training session, Bella learned that everyone was living in her grandmother's house because it was easier to defend it in case of an attack. She would be rooming with Elena and Bonnie, while Caroline and Tyler had a room of their own and the other boys shared another room.

The next week went by very fast for Bella and she didn't have time to be bored or to think too much about what Elijah had told her. Actually, she hadn't seen him again. Every time she wasn't training or learning, he was out "guarding" the place. She could guess that he was trying not to see her so she could keep a clear mind on her "mission"... She could already feel some attraction toward him and she was afraid of falling in love so soon before leaving for her long journey.

One day, Bonnie came to talk to her. They were all alone in the living room.

"What's going on Bonnie?" Bella asked.

"I need to confess something to you… Ayana, my ancestor…I think she is serving the wrong forces…" Bonnie said.

"You mean she's not serving nature like a witch is supposed to do?" Bella asked.

"I have very strong suspicions that she is serving some dark forces… I think she's the one who influenced Mickeal into terrorising his children… Don't trust her!" bonnie said forcefully.

"That's very strong accusations… Are you sure?" Bella asked.

"I don't have much evidence, but I do believe it strongly… I think she's the one possessing Esther's body right now…" Bonnie said. Bella nodded:

"Very well, I'll be on my guards…I'll warn Esther as soon as I arrive." Bella promised. Bonnie hugged her and they both went back to their preparations.

Now they were in the morning of her last day in this timeline. Elijah had brought for her a dress that she would need to wear during the trip in order to blend in when she arrived. She had learned pretty fast from Damon and she now was capable of defending herself. They had trained with the help of Tyler and she was proud when he ended up on the ground hurt and she was finally unarmed. She had some wolf banes darts hidden in the pockets of her dress along with a few knives. She had learned all she could about the Original's history and she was ready to go and do her best. She was confident that she had a good chance at surviving this time around and Elijah seemed to think so too.

During the day, she packed a small bag to take with her. Not knowing how things were done back then and too embarrassed to ask Elijah, Bella decided that packing tampons and pads was a priority. Caroline chuckled but decided she was right. She also packed some wolfs bane grenades, a picture of her parents and her Granny and a very full first aid kit.

"Why are you taking a first aid kit? You filled it so much it takes up all the space…" Caroline complained as they got in the living room with the others.

"Yes, I'm sure they have what is necessary to take care of small injuries Bella." Elena added.

"I'm sure they do… But I'm very clumsy and I don't want to leave anything to chance. We never know what could happen!" Bella said.

Elijah chuckled slightly. He had turned his emotions back on and was trying not to look at Bella in the eyes so she didn't feel anything more that small attraction for him.

"So, there is one question that I have and that hasn't been answered yet…" Bella stated.

"What is it?" Isabelle asked her granddaughter.

"Let's say I arrive unarmed in the past and survive the night… Let's say I manage to change things like I'm supposed to… What will happen to me? Do I stay stuck in the past or do I go back? And if I go back, do I have to go through another ritual, meaning other people will die or is it automatic?" She asked. Everybody fell silent. Elijah hadn't thought about this.

"I've researched it. I asked the spirits." Bonnie started, attracting the attention of everyone to her. "They said that once everything you're supposed to change is changed, some sort of portal will appear. You will be sucked in it and brought back to us. We will be warned and gathered in the location of the portal to welcome you back and help you get acclimated with everything… We will be informed of what you did and get to up to date with what your changed brought…" Bonnie said.

"Oh, okay then… Did the spirits tell you when it will be?" Bella asked.

"No, it all depends on you and on how fast you change things…" Bonnie told her. Bella nodded.

"You better eat something now Bella, you don't know when's the next time you'll eat will be!" Isabelle told her. Bella nodded once again and served herself a big portion of the pasta Damon had been cooking.

Over the past week, she had spend a lot of time with Damon and found him to be a very nice person. They had grown quite close and she was happy to say he was her friend.

When the night finally fell, everyone was ready. Bella could feel intensity in the air and she knew that a lot of people she cared about were going to give their lives so she could make it to the past. She had to do a good job, she couldn't fail.

They were installed in a clearing were Bonnie could draw some additional power from the ancient trees that were somehow connected to each others. She was standing in the middle, surrounded by Jeremy, Elena, Isabella and Bonnie who formed a triangle with her. Elena and Jeremy were in the same spot, holding hands. Caroline, Tyler, Stefan, Damon and Elijah were positioned all around them, always moving and keeping things unpredictable.

Suddenly, Elijah rushed to the east side of the clearing and pushed vampire Alaric against the tree.

"What do you want?" Elijah asked with venom in his voice.

"I want to help you. Esther died after she created me, and slowly she lost her grip on me. I still think every vampire should die, but I think that sending Miss Swan in the past to change things is a good idea. I'm here to help." Alaric said.

As he spoke, Damon could see traces of the man that was his friend once upon a time.

"Alright then, you can keep watch with us Rick." Damon said.

"Are you sure about this Damon? I don't feel comfortable risking Bella's life with him…" Elijah said.

"I know my friend Elijah. I can see the difference. This Alaric is on our side." Damon said, looking at Elijah in the eyes. He cared about Bella's life just as much as him and wouldn't risk her either, that much was obvious in his look.

"Ok then…Fine." Elijah said before adding: "I don't want to see you close to Bella do I make myself clear?" He said looking Alaric in the eyes. The man nodded and they all went back to patrolling while Bonnie started her chanting in an ancient language long forgotten by time.

Suddenly, there was movement behind the trees and before they could voice their concern they were surrounded by hybrids, led into this clearing by none other than Klaus.

"Brother, I see you're still trying to kill me…The dagger in your heart wasn't enough of a lesson for you?" Klaus asked Elijah.

"Killing you is not part of our plan brother." Elijah said. Klaus turned his head towards the ritual and asked:

"And who might that charming lady be?"

"Stay away from her!" Elijah growled, showing true ferocity for the first time.

"You do seem familiar… What's your name dear? Have we met before?" Klaus asked Bella as he tried to get closer.

"No, you've never met me before…" Bella said before locking eyes with Elijah. She understood he didn't want Klaus to know where she was going and she wasn't lying anyway. According to what she had been told, Klaus wasn't with them when she arrived and died.

"Oh, I recognise you now… Isn't she some double of the girl you fell madly in love with back when we were human? You know…the one who was supposed to help us and ended up dead…" Klaus said, smirking with a mischievous spark in his eyes. Elijah didn't answer; instead he launched himself at his brother, starting the hostilities.

Everyone else jumped in the fight. Tyler and Caroline fought well together and managed to kill a lot of hybrids. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. One of them managed to rip Caroline's heart out before Tyler could get to him. After yelling in rage, the young hybrid fought even harder, tears rolling down his cheeks. Bella could see he had turned his emotions off immediately and saw him with one goal: kill hybrids and protect Bella so she could save Caroline.

Alaric was impossible to kill unless Elena died and the hybrids being sired to protect Elena made him a good weapon. He fought well but couldn't stop Stefan from being staked in the heart. For a moment, Bella swore she saw a hint of regret in Klaus' eyes. He really cared about Stefan and wanted him as a friend…

Elena did her best to stay calm but as she watched first Caroline, then Stefan being killed, she knew that Bella really was their last chance. She held her brother's hand tighter and kept on looking around her with tears in her eyes as well. Damon locked eyes with her as he felt a hybrid ripping his heart out. He managed to kill him before he dropped to the ground, dead as well.

Bella saw everyone die, one by one and was scared. She could see the life draining away from her grandmother and the Gilberts as Bonnie went on with the ritual. Bella locked eyes with Elijah as he fought with his brother. She had tears in her eyes, she was crying out of sadness and out of fear. He was loosing and she knew it. So did him. As Klaus took a white oak stake out of his pocket, two of his hybrids holding Elijah tightly, Bella could see she was about to move to the past. She locked eyes with Elijah and saw in them that he had hope for her; he had hope for them both to be together, finally. As Klaus staked his brother and watched Elijah burn, Bella was sucked away in a tick supernatural fog that travelled her to the past. She didn't get to see Tyler being killed, or her grandmother dropping dead along with Jeremy, Bonnie, Elena and Alaric. Elijah was dead, along with every vampire of his bloodline… she was sent back in time just before Klaus threw everything out of balance.

As they travelled, Bella got a knife and a wolf bane's grenade out, ready to defend her life as best as she could. She was nervous at the thought of meeting human Elijah. The knowledge of his love surviving her a thousand years was both romantic and scary… She knew the minute she'd look in his eyes when she arrived, they would fall in love with each other and never be apart again.

Suddenly, as the fog dissipated, Bella realised she stood in the same clearing, with the same group of trees looking much younger and 3 men waiting for her, standing in the shadows of the moon.

Chapter 1 rewritten and republished.

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