Here is another chapter of the beautiful Hatori and Chiaki for reading pleasure. This story starts out as third person limited with only Chiaki, then goes to third person limited with both Hatori and Chiaki. Enjoy.

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Just the Two of Them

Sunlight oozed in from the tiny slits in his eyes, causing his brain to react to the annoyance that was light. Chiaki didn't like the sunlight because it meant it was morning and he really loved his sleep. It could have been because of the loss of Hatori that mornings brought. Every morning the two went their separate ways, but were brought together again in the evening. Sometimes it was very late evening, but it was still the time Chiaki labeled "Together" since that was the literal truth of the time of day.

Hatori would surely have laughed at the mangaka if he'd known of Chiaki's internal dialogs. Then again, the stoic editor may not have even batted an eyelash. That was one of the things that thrilled Chiaki about their relationship; Hatori was such an enigma his actions were never consistant.


The minor movement of the bed caused Chiaki to completely open his eyes and he was shocked to see a small child sitting on Hatori's side of the bed. If he'd known any better he'd have thought that the boy resembled a young him; big blue eyes and a pixie type face. Chiaki's eyes went wide with confusion and wonder.

"Papa!" the little boy cried as he flung himself at the confused gentleman sitting on the bed.

"Uhhhhh…" No words could be spoken, let alone thought of during that initial interaction.

"Daddy says it's time to get up because Ikuko needs a bath and she only lets you bathe her," the boy stated simply with a huge grin.

"Ikuko?" Who was Ikuko? "Who are you?" Chiaki finally asked.

The little boy laughed. "Funny papa. I'm Haru. Who are you?"

"I don't know."

Confusion was the least of his worries after a moment when he reached for the blanket and saw his stomach. Chiaki couldn't even scream at the bulge under his shirt. Within moments his shirt was raised and he looked at his stomach without the cloth hiding what was undeniably a baby bump worthy of any American actress in the tabloids.

Haru reached out and put his little hand on the stomach and rubbed. "Daddy says it's another girl, like Ikuko. I am not sad though because I want to be the only boy!" Haru stated proudly.

Chiaki was in awe. Forgotten was the fact that he'd gone to bed the night before without children and woken up with children. Instead he was feeling surreal with regards to the fact that there was life growing in his belly. A small smile etched its way onto his face as he reached over and felt the bump with the child who claimed to be his son.

"What's her name?" Chiaki asked softly.

"I want to name her Akane like the girl in that book you read me once."

This caused Chiaki to chuckle and he ruffled the boy's head. He and Hatori had a family. No thoughts of having a family with his boyfriend had ever really crossed his mind before. Now that they were here Chiaki was incredibly happy.

"But papa, Ikuko needs a bath because she dumped squash all over herself. We gotta hurry or daddy will get angry."

A few times in his life the anger of Hatori had made itself known. Chiaki was nowhere near ready for that anger this early in the morning, so he stood up, with difficulty, and hobbled out of the bedroom with Haru's hand in his.

Another shock greeted him when he saw Hatori, wearing an apron with lacy edges and a flower pattern, feeding a muck-covered child in a highchair. The sight was enough to bring tears to his eyes. This was the perfect setting for Hatori, feeding a child and being the head of a family.

"Tori?" Chiaki couldn't quite believe the scene playing out in front of him.

"Yoshino, Ikuko-chan needs a bath." The statement was calm and direct, exactly like Hatori usually spoke.

"Daddy!" Haru screeched, launching himself at Hatori and knocking a cup of milk onto his head and onto Hatori's lap. "Let's all take a bath together!"

The mangaka stood on the spot and watched the play-by-play with fascination. Hatori picked the child up and tried to wipe some of the milk off the boy's head. He then scooped the girl up and carried them both to Chiaki.

"I don't see as we have a choice now, right?"

Chiaki just nodded. He couldn't take his eyes off his lover. The look in Hatori's eyes was, in a word, breath-taking. The color of his eyes was so pristine and Chiaki could see his own reflection in the pupil. Fatherhood had done wonders for the two of them.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz…

The vibration of his phone on the nightstand broke Chiaki out of his dream. He opened his eyes and saw Hatori sleeping next to him; breathing in and out in a soft, steady pattern. Immediately Chiaki's hand went to his stomach and saw that it was as flat as it was when he'd fallen asleep. It was a dream, the kids, the family; none of it was more than the subconscious thoughts of a man asleep.

He looked at the peaceful face of his lover and felt his breath hitch. Chiaki'd have sold his kidney on the black market for a chance to give the man he loved a family like that. Even when asleep, the other's profile was still breath-taking; dark eyelashes a nice contrast to pale skin.

"Did you give up the dream of having a family to be with me?" the man asked softly as he brushed an eyelash from the other's cheek.

Chiaki lowered himself back down to the bed and closed his eyes. The idea of having a family with Hatori was a beautiful dream.


Soft clicks of the keys on the computer accompanied the song of Chiaki's home. The other sounds; the hum of the refrigerator, the soft vibration of the air conditioner, and the whir of the laundry machine, created a harmony of white noise that kept the man typing as quickly as he could.


The mangaka looked over at Hatori with a huge, dopey grin on his face. After waking up, less than an hour after trying to sleep and dream some more, Chiaki'd decided to get up and do some research.

"Tori, I've been looking into adoption," he stated as he glared at the computer screen.

Hatori coughed. "Come again?"

"I had this dream, Tori. In it we were a family and had two and a half kids. Haru was the boy and Ikuko was the girl. I had another one growing inside of me!" Chiaki sing-songed happily. "It was a perfect dream, Tori. I know you'll make a great father and while we'd have move to another country, I can still work and you can speak to Takano-san via SKYPE, and…"

He was broken off by Hatori shutting the laptop with a sigh.

"Tori, I was reading that!" Yoshino spit as he tried to pry his editor's hand off the top of the notebook.

"Yoshino, I want to speak with you seriously for a few minutes before you continue on this path," Hatori said calmly.

"But…" A finger was placed against Chiaki's lips, stopping him from continuing.

"Yoshino." The word didn't come out in a scolding manner, but was enough of an undertone to get the man to stop and pay attention.

He didn't expect to be embraced and almost fell from the chair when the editor's arms wrapped around his shoulders. A moment of squirming stopped when he felt Hatori's heart beating against his chest. The rhythm of the other's heart always calmed Chiaki down in a zen like way.

The hug lasted for a few more minutes before Hatori broke away and kissed Chiaki's lips, causing the other to stutter and then manage to fall off the chair. Yoshino brought his fingers to his lips and felt where Hatori had kissed him as the other man sat down on the floor.

"Why are we sitting on the floor?" Chiaki asked as Hatori grabbed his hand and placed it in his own lap.

"Chiaki, you have no idea how happy it makes me that you'd think of wanting to have a family with me," Hatori started to speak quietly.

"In the dream I was carrying your child in my belly, which I know we can't do, but we can adopt, not here in Japan, but in other countries…" Chiaki rambled before Hatori put his finger on the mangaka's lips again.

"I am sure it was a brilliant dream, Yoshino, but we will never have that type of family the way we are now."

Chiaki lowered his eyes at the finality of the statement. "I know you can never get me pregnant, but why can't we adopt. You'd be a great father, Tori."

Yoshiyuki chuckled softly. "Yoshino, it has nothing to do with not wanting to be a father with you, in fact I would love if it were true that we could get pregnant together, but that's only in those fanfiction stories you seem to have started reading." He made to stand up and helped Chiaki to his feet before getting to his knees and standing up himself. "Still, that doesn't stop the fact that you and I cannot have, nor can we adopt children. It has nothing to do with not wanting to have a child, Yoshino."

Chiaki nodded slightly and looked at his laptop. On the screen was an application for a visa to move to Canada, as well as a partner publishing company in Vancouver. A dream that had been unintentionally slashed before even having a chance to breathe.

"Why?" he asked stubbornly.

Hatori wandered into the kitchen and started to make the coffee he'd left out the night before. Food was a definite necessity for his boyfriend, especially if he wanted said man to finish his chapters before the deadline.

"Because, right now, Yoshino, you love being a mangaka, right?"

"Well…yes," Chiaki said with a nod as he sat down at the table again and watched Hatori start to make eggs for breakfast.

"If we have a child then you'd have to cut down on your work and so would I. The two of us are incredibly busy with our lifestyle and having a child would interrupt what we are doing right now."

The reality finally sank in on the situation. Tori was right, if they had a child it would stall publication of his manga as well as make it difficult for Hatori to continue working his current schedule. Babies needed to have consistency and neither an editor nor a mangaka had a guarantee of a nine to five job.

Hatori finished cooking the eggs and looked over at Chiaki's downtrodden face. His heart almost broke at the sight, but he knew he was correct in his thought. But, the idea that Yoshino'd even consider wanting to have a family with him made his heart fly. Obviously the man was considering the long term relationship he himself was thinking. He wanted to remain with his lover forever and a family was a forever type of commitment.

"Maybe we can have a family later on, Tori. We aren't old," Chiaki mumbled.

Yoshiyuki walked around the counter and sat next to his lover, and placed a hand on the mangaka's head and ruffled the already messy hair.

"Who ever said that a family needed children, Yoshino?" Hatori whispered.

Chiaki turned and looked at his lover with big eyes, dancing in confusion.

"You and I, we are a family already. I don't need anyone in my family but you, Chiaki."

Yoshino blushed and turned his head away, only to have it turned back toward the other man. Moments later his lips were claimed by the other's in a searing kiss that sent electric sparks down his spine. What Tori had said was true. They were a family, just the two of them. That thought made Chiaki happier that his dream self had been.