Here is a little bit of fun involving the boys when they are five. Now, just to explain a few things here regarding this story. Kids can be rather prolific, even at a young age. I believe that both Hatori and Chiaki were probably very talkative when they were younger, based on who they ended up as adults.

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I Get Lonely Without You

Everything was really big. Then again, when a person is five everything in the world seemed to be much bigger than it really was. In this case it was the tree that stood in the center of the kindergarten playground that Hatori Yoshiyuki and Yoshino Chiaki were looking up at with awe. In said tree was a bird's nest that had caught the taller boy's eye.

"Hatori, do you think there are birds in there?" Yoshino asked with a smile on his face.

"I don't know," Hatori answered. "It's too far up there for me to see."

"I know that, but I still wish I knew. I like baby animals. You too Hatori?"

The shorter boy half nodded, still looking at the bird's nest in the tree. "I guess," he mumbled before grabbing Yoshino's hand and pulling the taller boy away from the tree before he could climb up and get himself stuck.

Two little boys, dressed in matching blue smocks, trudged away from the tree and back toward the other children in their class of five year olds. A hand full of other little boys wearing similar smocks, and a dozen or so girls wearing pink, were playing on the playground equipment.

Not Hatori and Yoshino though.

For some reason, while Yoshino was extremely sociable, they tended to stick to themselves. Hatori had heard his parents talking and it came up that because they were neighbors it was almost like they were twins and didn't need anyone else. The boy didn't know what twins were, but if that's what he and his best friend resembled, then he didn't care. He adored Yoshino.

Occasionally he let the other go though, because his best friend really was a talkative creature. Hatori watched Yoshino run off to talk to some of the other boys and girls in the school. He observed, but didn't join in. Even if Yoshino invited him, he wouldn't because he knew that within a few moments the other would come back and find Hatori.

That didn't happen quickly, and soon Hatori started getting restless. So he went for a solitary walk around the playground, the noise of the other children playing being blocked out by the crunch of his feet stepping on the grass. Soon he found himself standing in front of the tree he and Yoshino'd been looking at earlier. The bird's nest was still really high up and for some reason it was calling to the boy.

Hatori looked around and saw that Yoshino was still playing a game with some other kids. Maybe he could climb the tree and get the nest before his friend finished the game. He could surprise Yoshino by giving him a present!

This idea made the youth grin, slightly, and start to look for a foothold on the tree. The faster he retrieved the nest the quicker he could give his present to Yoshino. Hatori could already see the other's face light up with excitement; a thought that made him want to move even faster.

It took him a few times of circling the trunk to find a place where he could find a set of foot and hand holds. He tested his first hand by pulling and using all of his body strength. Then he tested the foot hold by pulling himself up and resting his weight on the wood. It held, so he pulled himself up higher, using both his arms and legs to climb.

Every few seconds he'd stop and take a few breaths. He was slowly inching his way up the tree when he looked down and saw how far he'd climbed. The distance actually made him a little dizzy and he wrapped his arms around the tree and hugged his body to the bark. It felt coarse against his face, but it was enough to make him start upward again. There was a branch just inches away and he aimed to reach for it so he could pull himself up easier. Once he was on that branch he'd be able to climb the tree much faster.

Using every ounce of energy he could muster, Hatori grabbed the branch and pulled himself up.

"Ungh," he grunted as he wrapped his legs around the branch and looked at the playground from this much higher vantage point. Now, instead of everything looking really big, it looked a little smaller. Maybe if he climbed even higher the world would look tiny. Hatori was curious.

After a brief rest he stood up and started to climb the branches like one would a ladder. By that time there wasn't anyone else in the world but him and that tree. He'd even put Yoshino out of his mind for a moment until he reached the nest and looked down at the playground again.

"Wow," he breathed. The playground was smaller. He could barely make out Chiaki within the mass of other kids.

No matter how high up in the sky he was, he'd be able to pick Chiaki out of a crowd. For some reason his friend glowed a different color than everyone else. Soon Yoshino would have a bird's nest, which didn't have any baby birds, to go along with his collection of unnecessary stuff. Of course, half of that unnecessary stuff had been given by Hatori.

The boy took a moment to think about some of the things he'd given to Chiaki over the years. Another smile snaked its way onto Hatori's face as he grabbed the nest and put it in his pocket.

Then it happened.

"Hatori! What are you doing up there?"

Hatori looked down at his friend's franticly waving arms. Soon he was surrounded by every child in the kindergarten, along with a few of the teachers.


When he looked down at his friend he started to feel dizzy. How had he gotten up so high in the first place? Hatori couldn't remember, but all of a sudden time seemed to slow down. He swung his leg over the side of the branch and got ready to start down, but missed his step and tumbled from his perch.

Hatori Yoshiyuki could distinctively remember every second of his fall like it took a minute. Each branch he hit, all three of them that slowed his descent, and caused him to change position slightly. For some reason he didn't feel any pain as he hit each branch. This confused Hatori as he knew when he was hit it should hurt.

He looked down and saw the ground coming at him rather fast. Hatori could also see Yoshino running toward him, in slow motion, like in those movies they'd seen together on the television. It was a rather weird sensation as he landed on his leg, which buckled, and he crashed to the ground.

Then the pain hit. Hatori did everything in his power not to cry in front of anyone, but he still ended up crying out in agony.


The boy didn't recognize the name, so he looked over to see his best friend, crying worse than he was, and trying to speak.

"H-h—Tori!" Chiaki was at the smaller boy's side within moment and had him wrapped in a hug. He knew his friend was bawling and he was as well. Yoshino choked back a sob and could feel two arms wrapped around his back as someone tried to pull him away. "No, don't take me away from Tori! I love him!"

"Yoshino-kun, Hatori-kun's been hurt, we need to get him to a doctor!" a frantic voice called.

"No, I won't leave him!"

Hatori stopped feeling any pain at that point and held onto his friend for dear life. He wasn't going to let them take Yoshino away.

"Let us alone!" he called out.

The two sat in the playground hugging one another until the ambulance arrived.


"Ugh," Hatori groaned when he opened his eyes. He looked at his surroundings and immediately knew he wasn't at home.

What surprised him was that Yoshino was sleeping in the bed with him and he himself was hooked up to quite a few wires. There were machines making beeping sounds next to the bed and he tried to think about why he would be in a hospital. Obviously something had happened to put him there since he didn't remember going to sleep in the hospital the night before.

"The nest!" he shouted suddenly.

Hatori tried to move a little and found that his leg was stuck. No, it wasn't suck. There was a cast on his leg. Then it hit him, much like the tree branches that hit him before. Hatori may have only been four, but even he knew that he was lucky not to have died, especially with all the times the tree hit him on the way down.

A tear started to fall down his cheek when he looked at Yoshino sleeping beside him. He didn't get to give his friend the bird's nest like he'd wanted to. Instead he'd ended up hurting himself.


"Who's Tori?" Hatori asked. Yoshino was obviously awake.

"You are," the other child said as he sat up in the bed. "I told the doctor that was your name, but only I could call you that. You agreed with me…only I can call you that because I'm your best friend."

"Oh," Hatori didn't remember that, but if Chiaki said it, then it was definitely true.

"You falled from a tree, Tori. I was scared."

"Sorry," Hatori apologized, sheepishly.

Tears formed in Yoshino's eyes and started to fall, making Hatori's heart clench.

"Just don't do that again, Tori. You got really hurt and now you have to be in the hospital for a week. I can't come see you every day anymore and you can't come see me."

Hatori reached over and held Yoshino's hand. "But I want you to stay with me, can you stay over?"

"I don't know, maybe."

Chiaki pressed the intercom button and a nurse came in. With Hatori awake, he was forced to get off the bed while the doctor did an examination. Hatori's parents and his mother were called in to speak grown-up talk during the process. Some of the movements made Hatori cry out in pain, fresh tears streaming down his face. Eventually Yoshino'd had enough.

"You stop making him cry!" he screeched as he jumped onto the bed again to shield his friend from the doctor.

"Chiaki-kun," Hatori's mother said, "he's not doing it intentionally."

Yoshino's mother reached for her son, apologizing for his behavior to the doctor.

"No, the doctor is supposed to make people feel better, not make them feel worse!" He turned around and hugged his friend, who had stopped crying and had a strange look in his eyes.

The doctor laughed at this and ruffled both boys' hair. "You are right, the doctor is supposed to make people feel better. Now that I know where your friend is hurt, I can make him feel better soon."

"Really?" Chiaki asked.


"Don't make him cry anymore. It hurts to see him cry, right here," Chiaki said, touching his heart.

'I can't ever let him see me cry anymore,' thought Hatori. 'I don't ever want to hurt Chiaki.'

"I won't cry anymore, I'm a big boy," Hatori said, sternly. As if to prove a point he moved so the doctor could finish the exam.

It really hurt, everything that the doctor did, but he didn't cry. He never wanted his friend to be hurt again because he was sobbing. In the end he'd been told he was very brave and because he'd been such a big boy his parents promised him anything he wanted.

"I want Yoshino to stay in the hospital with me until I am better," Hatori said, reaching his hand over and holding onto Chiaki's.

The adults spoke at length and during that conversation neither child said anything. They just held each other's hand and listened to what their parents decided. In the end, only because Chiaki wouldn't let go, Hatori was given his wish and they were able to stay together.

Later that night, after Hatori's mom fell asleep, Yoshino turned toward his friend and hugged him close.

"I like hugging you, Tori, you're so warm," Chiaki yawned.

'I like hugging you too, Yoshino,' Hatori thought. "I am glad you got to spend the night with me. I get lonely without you."

"We'll be together forever, Tori, that way you don't ever get lonely."

Hatori smiled and yawned. "I like when you call me Tori. Only you can call me that."

Moments later, both boys fell asleep in each other's arms, a foreshadowing of times to come. Neither knew that more than twenty years in the future, they'd say similar things to each other. Innocent sayings can have multiple meanings, especially as a child becomes an adult.