Out of Doubt

By: Riley

Summary – Sequel to Mystic Melody. They thought that their adventures were over, that their powers were gone. They thought that they had restored the balance between the two worlds, but they were wrong. Now Bailey and her friends are going on an even bigger adventure to get rid of the darkness once and for all.


Cody Martin's throat ached with the force of his scream as he turned on his heels and pelted back the way he came. Water splashed in all directions as his feet pounded over the water logged concrete. He ducked his head low, making sure that it didn't kiss the top of the tunnel as it had when he entered the tunnel the first time. He even had the second head growing to prove it. Cody's breathing became labored as he ran as fast as he could, running behind his friends as they had trailed behind him earlier.

Feeling heat on his back, Cody looked over his shoulder and saw the rush of fire had turned the corner and was heading towards them at an alarming speed. Much faster than he had anticipated. The tunnel started to glow orange as the fire continued to chase them.

He looked forward and noticed that his friends, although they were running as fast as they could, were starting to slow down. He cursed under his breath, willing himself to keep pumping his legs, but he knew it wasn't worth it.

"Zack!" He called.

Ahead of him, his twin brother turned around and the two locked eyes, both knew what they were going to do in that instant. Cody concentrated hard on his pace, to make sure that it was just right. When he was ready, he snapped his arms out in front of him and leapt forward as wings slid out of his back. With one downward stroke, he shot forward and grabbed the waist of his friend in front of him. Holding on tightly, his momentum from his wings continued to carry him forward at a high speed.

The rush of fire continued to chase them, licking at Cody's heels, until they blasted out of the tunnel and up into the air. Cody slowly brought himself to a stop, looking over at Zack as the two gently hovered in the air, watching as the fire dissipated.

"Cody, you can put me down now." Cody looked at his friend, Riley Jackson, and smiled a little. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she was looking at him patiently. "Move any slower and you'll be a sitting duck." She reminded her friend.

"Come on," Zack flew over to Cody, Riley's twin, Rhuben, in his arms. "I think we'll be safe for the moment over here." He nodded his head to the side before gently gliding down to the ground, setting their friends down. "Is everyone else ok?"

"Yeah, we're here." Crystal Manning said as she, Patrick Jackson, Noah Jackson, Sydney Jackson, Max Montgomery, and Tapeworm Michaels walked out of the bushes. "We were waiting on standby, just in case you were attacked on the way out."

"You didn't find anything?" Max asked, her eyebrows lowering in frustrating as she started to pace.

"No," Cody tilted his arms and allowed Riley to step onto the ground before his wings disappeared. "We didn't get far enough before they detonated a bomb."

"Who would have thought that Core would have been smart enough to even think of getting rid of us with a bomb?" Tapeworm said as he shook his head. He gave a half smile. "It's kind of ironic if you really think about it."

"Yeah, I'm busting a gut." Rhuben said as she crossed her arms over her chest. Her blue eyes narrowed as a light breeze moved through the trees. They all knew that when it was quiet, that was when they were the most likely to be attacked and that they needed to stay on their toes. She turned to Zack, the unofficial leader of their group and waited for his word on what to do.

Zack, knowing that that's what everyone was waiting for, let out a sigh as he rubbed his hands together. He looked around the clearing before tilting his head back and looking at the sky, his face being illuminated by the light of the nearly filled moon. He made a grunting sound under his breath as he continued to look around.

If we don't get this done in the next few days, we're going to have even more problems on our hands. He thought to himself, suddenly feeling anxious

"Alright guys," he finally spoke up, turning to address his friends. "We're going to have to try and find a different way to get in there." He cracked his knuckles. "Don't forget; Eyes clear, ears open, bob and weave."

"And if that doesn't work," Riley said before pausing dramatically. She smirked. "Run like hell."


Crystal stiffened and looked around. She slowly raised a finger to her mouth before turning around and walking towards the bushes, listening hard. She knew that she could hear someone's breathing and it wasn't one of theirs. Having been around them long enough, she knew each person's breathing pattern as well as their footsteps when they were approaching.

This was different…

Before she could move, something came whipping out of the darkness and hit her in the stomach, sending her flying back onto the ground. The others were knocked onto the ground as well, before she could give out a cry of warning.

"Ugh, whatever happened to eyes clear and ear open?" Patrick groaned.

"Shut up." Crystal replied.

"Stop! Stop!"

The friends groaned as they got to their feet, brushing off their clothes. As they waited, the forest around them slowly melted away until the white virtual simulation room came back. Tapeworm sighed as he pushed his curly hair out of his face and wiping sweat off of his neck.

"I think that's the third time that we've messed up." He commented, crossing his arms over his chest.

"More like the 7th," Christian Manning's voice came through the room over the loud speakers. "Alright, come back in here."

Zack let out a soft growl as he led everyone out of the room and into the control room where Christian, Core, and Aaron were sitting in chairs at the control panel, looking less than pleased. Zack crossed his arms over his chest as he turned to the older men.

"Please, don't say anything." He said slowly as he shook his head. "I don't think I need to hear another 'you fail' right now."

"Especially after he's heard it so much in school." Cody added with a short smile.


Christian ran his hands over his face and turned around in his chair over to Bailey Pickett, who was sitting at a desk, scribbling on a bunch of papers while she continuously looked back and forth between a stack next to her. "Bailey, how are things going over there?" He asked.

"Good so far," Bailey replied with a nod before looking up. "But I think that you're overworking them for now, especially when they're getting so frustrated of not being able to advance in this scenario." She picked up a small stack and waved it for emphasis. "I can see that Zack's frustration is already starting to cloud his judgment and it usually takes more time for that to happen."

"I think an hour break would suffice," Core said, getting Christian's attention. "You don't want them to use all of their energy on something as little as this when they have all the time in the world."

"Good idea," Christian agreed before turning back to his daughter, nieces, nephew, and their friends. "You guys can take a break now, but don't go too far, I want to be sure that you can finish this one."

"Sure thing, Christian." Tapeworm replied, sounding distracted.

Sydney looked at him and noticed that he was looking at the virtual reality room with a haunted look in his eyes. Sydney twisted his mouth to the side before lightly tugging on the bottom his friend's shirt. "Tape, are you ok?" he asked, knowing that he really wasn't. He just had to watch his late girlfriend fight alongside them and then she disappeared with the rest of the scenario that they were in. It was bound to make anyone depressed.

"I'm fine." He replied with a forced smile. "Really." He turned and left the room moments before his friends followed him. Aaron wiggled down from his seat and scurried after them, leaving Core and Christian in the control room by themselves.

Core leaned back in his seat, holding a hand over his mouth, looking deep in thought. "What's up?" Christian asked, noticing his expression. Core looked at him out of the corner of his eyes but stayed silent. "It must be something big if you're this worried."

"Nothing," Core replied after a moment, looking uncertain. "I just have a feeling."

"A good feeling or a bad feeling?"

"…just a feeling."

A/N: I have no idea why my first chapters are always short, but I'm working on it. -_- Anyway, this is now a sequel to Mystic Melody. I didn't plan on making a sequel at first, but when I got this idea, it made sense that it would be the sequel to it. I hope you guys liked it and I'll put up the next chapter soon.