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J-chan: Nope….but C-chan stole the rights to Gohan….*cough* or so she thinks *cough*

Me: I do! I love Gohan….he drop-dead shexy…c'mon, admit it!

J-chan: Yeah, but Beezlebumon is hotter!

Me: *looks shocked* You have issues! That thing gives me nightmares! Gohan is sexier...by far…well, before J-chan can retaliate, I'm gonna start he chapter…ermm….prologue…


Bulma held a 3-month-old Gohan in her arms. His parents had just been announced dead. They had been her best friends in the world and they had slipped away. Leaving her and her husband Vegeta with their only son, Gohan.

"What will I do?" she asked herself as she rocked him to sleep. He was a beautiful baby. Soft black hair, coal black eyes and a brown fuzzy tail wrapped protectively around his body.

Vegeta was training as usual but here she was, picking up her best friend's, no HER son. She would have to make him her son. He would go from being a Son to a Briefs…he would have to. He would never know any other than her and Vegeta. He never got to know his own parents but Chichi and Goku would want it this way. If he knew they died, who knows…he might go ballistic and blow something up…you never know, he DOES have Saiyan blood flowing through his tiny body.

She stroked his soft black hair and cuddled him. She saw the tail but decided to leave it for awhile…

"Gohan," Bulma started. "welcome to the Briefs." She kissed him lightly on the forehead and walked out the door.

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