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Chapter 3

It was the end of the day and Videl walked up to Gohan who was asleep on the couch.

"I see you are staying alert in case of a robbery, eh Briefs?" Tom said smugly.

Gohan snapped up right as Videl walked up. "Huh? What? When? Where? What robbery WHERE'S MY FRIGGIN' GUN?!?!?!" Gohan yelled as he began feeling for his gun.

Everyone except Videl began laughing hysterically.she was too busy rolling her eyes at the immaturity.

Gohan's face took on anger as he found out what they had done. A growl escaped his throat and it shut the guys up quick. He was shooting them an evil glare and they backed off.

"Okay, the kid is scaring me.hey, look at the time, TIME TO GO HOME!" they yelled as they raced out the door.

Gohan smirked at them.

"Morons.well, about that movie." Gohan said, completely changing moods.

Videl sweatdropped. 'He's so....different.' Videl thought honestly to herself.

"Let's go then." She said, grabbing his arm and pulling him up.

The two ran out the door of the station and into a fairly bright city.

---In The Chief's Office---

'What's with the kid? Hmmm..weird.He and Videl are getting along..VERY weird.' the chief thought as he watched them cheerily run out the door.

---With, "The Guys"---

"That kid SCARES me." Sam complained.

"You, at 25, are scared of THAT SHRIMPY TEENAGER?!" Tom asked, shocked.

"Yeah I am." Sam said, watching him happily walk next to Videl.

The others rolled their eyes.

"Well, at least the party is in two days." Craig said.

"Yeah.well, let's get home." Mark said as they all parted and went home.

---Back At Gohan and Videl---

"So, what movie?" Videl asked.

Gohan shrugged. "I dunno, I'm not the average movie-goer. You choose. Like I would know what to pick." Gohan said.

"With all the COMMERCIALS ya watch, I would think ya would have one in mind." Videl said smirking.

"Hey, that's not important! Now, YOU choose. Now." He said sternly.

She 'hmphed' as they walked up to the movie booth. They looked at the possible movies.

"I can't find anything." Videl complained.

"Too bad.pick one at random. I really don't care." Gohan said laughing.

"But what if it's boring?" she brought up.

"Then we just wasted a whoppin' 5 dollars." He said smirking.

"Hey.oh, okay." She said as she closed her eyes and pointed at a random movie. As she opened her eyes she groaned. It was a chick-flick.

"Aww.." She groaned.

"What?" he asked looking at the movie title.

"Let's buy the tickets." She said.

As they bought them, the man said, "It's already part way into the movie."

"Oh well, who cares." Gohan said.

"If you insist." he muttered as he handed them their tickets.

"Thanks you." They said as they walked into the movie theater.

They bought the tickets and walked into couples snuggling and watching lovingly. Some were kissing and others were intently watching as if life depended on the next scene.

As they sat down, Gohan scoffed at two in front of them.

"Gosh, you would think THEY were the movie the way THEY'RE kissing.gosh, how do they breathe?" Gohan said.

"Shhh.I know, I know.but be quiet." Videl said snickering at the couple making out in front of them.

The two fell into a deep sleep do to the exposure of excessive sappy- romantic-junk. Videl had her head gently rested on Gohan's shoulder.

---2 Hours Later---

"Pssst.hey you two.the like ummm.movie is like um, like over." A petite girl dressed neatly in a pink mini skirt and white spaghetti-strap shirt whispered to the sleeping duo.

"..*snore*.just five more minutes Kaasan." Gohan mumbled as he tried to turn over.

It didn't work..

As he tried to move, it woke Videl up.

"Huh?" she said sleepily. Noticing her position she sharply sat up.

The girl that woke them up looked confused.

"I'm not your mom." She said to a sleeping Gohan.

"What?" Videl said.

"He called me his mother." The girl said. Her boyfriend walked up.

"Hey, what's going on?" he asked.

"Hi Sharpener. This guy here called me his mom." She whined.

"Are you?" he asked.

"NO!" she screeched.

"Hey.you wouldn't HAPPEN to be Pynk Erasa would you?" Videl asked the girl. She was a blonde with short hair and blue eyes.

"Yeah I would...VIDEL?!" the girl chirped, eyes widening.

"Erasa!" Videl said grinning.

Erasa latched herself onto Videl. Sharpener just grinned. They hadn't seen Videl in months.

The sudden outburst and flinging body woke Gohan out of his peaceful sleep.

"Huh? Wuz goin' on?" Gohan asked, his eyes drooping, still visibly asleep.

"Oh, the intelligent response. Good morning, or should I say evening considering the time." Videl said cheerily.

"Huh? Where am I?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.

"The movie theater." Erasa answered for her friend.

"Who are you? Why am I at the movie theater? What's for dinner?" Gohan asked in one breath.

"Whoa, wait a second. This is my friend from high school, Erasa. She's been my friend since Kindergarten. The guy is her boyfriend, also from high school, Sharpener. We are at the movie theater because we came to watch a movie and we fell asleep of boredom. By the way, not all movies are this boring. And I don't' know what YOU'RE having for dinner but I'm having pizza." Videl answered.

"Oh.right." Gohan said, stretching. "Nice nap." He said happily.

"Same here." Videl said.

"Hey, it was a good movie!" Erasa whined.

"Whatever you say." Sharpener said.

"Well, I better get home before my mom flips.not that she pays attention to me but hey, might as well.just for the record.besides, I bet Tousan is bored out of his one-track mind. Bye guys. Nice meeting you." Gohan said as he left.

"Bye Gohan." Videl said, watching him leave.

"So, who's that?" Sharpener asked suggestively, raising in eyebrow, changing the mood.

"He's the 'new guy' in our squad." She said simply.

"And already dating.shame, shame.slow down girl!" Erasa said, giggling.

Vidle face-faulted. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! It was not a date.he doesn't get out much and so I offered." She said, fuming.

"Taking him to a romance ISN'T a date to you?" Sharpener said, catching the drift.

"It was a random 'point-my-finger-and-watch-what-it-lands-on' pick. It WASN'T on purpose! Besides, he's 15. Only a kid." She said, visibly angry with her friends.

"15 huh?" Erasa said.

"ARRRGGG!!! SHUTTUP!!!! Don't EVEN say it.well, I better go also.I don't' know about HIM but I'm hungry. Bye guys!" Videl said as she left.

She ran out into the setting sun. The sky was oranges, purples, and pinks, swirled together.

"Wow.I haven't seen it in ages.it's so beautiful." She muttered to herself in wonder as she gazed at the sky.

She began her walk home. She was staying at some apartments near the station. She had decided that she would live by herself now that she was an adult.much to the dismay of her over-protective father. He agreed that she could stay alone under one condition.he send her money and pay for EVERYTHING.not a bad deal, huh?

She was deep in thought as she approached her home.

'Why were Erasa and Sharpener acting like that? Gohan's a KID compared to me.I'm an adult, 18 years old and he's only 15.but still.he's got a cute face and a nice personality.life isn't fair.' she thought as she ran into the door.

"Oh my, Miss Satan, are you okay?" a man said as he rushed over to help her up.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I just wasn't paying attention." She said as she brushed herself off.

"Good. Well, have a nice evening." He said as he walked back over to where he had been standing.

"You too." She said as she got on an elevator. (A/N- Okay, so it's REALLY NICE apartment complex.so I'm only 13 and have never been to apartments before.THESE are gonna be nice apartments.I just said that in case apartments WEREN'T nice.I wouldn't know.anyway.back to the story)

When she got to her floor, she stepped out and walked to her door, entered and walked in, closing the door behind her. Dropping off her stuff in a counter, she crashed on the couch.

'What a long day.how embarrassing.I can't believe I ran into the door.that's what I get for letting my mind wander.' she thought as she fell asleep on her couch, completely forgetting about her pizza..

---With Gohan---

"What a boring movie.and NICE nap.I needed that." He said to himself as he walked down the street to his humble home, Capsule Corp.

He walked up and into his house.

"KAASAN!!!! I'M HOOOOME!!!!!!" Gohan yelled throughout the house as he walked into the kitchen.

"I'm right here dear.how was your day? Where have you been?" she asked, approaching her son with worry.

"Hi Kaasan.well, Videl took me to the movies after work because I was complained about never getting out of this house." Gohan said smirking.

"Hey, it's not my fault! Well, it's good that your making friends." Bulma said cheerily.

'Chichi would be proud.' Bulma thought, a tiny smile forming on her face.

"You okay?" he asked due to the far-off look his mother wore.

"Oh, yes, I'm okay. Dinner is in 30 minutes so clean yourself up." Bulma said, continuing making their dinner.

As he turned to leave, a thought struck him. "Hey Kaasan, do you mind if on Friday I stay at the station the night?" he asked.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, they're having a party there. They get one a month. It's a new rule because all their officers in my squad are under 30 this year and they wanted to give us a break." Gohan said. "Please?" he put on his sweetest look.

"Hmmm.that's a new one.I guess Gohan.but you better be good." She said, flashing an evil, motherly-look.

"YES'M!!! I'll be VERY good." He said smirking a little.

"You better." She said, giving him a look and going back to making dinner.

He made a gesture saying "yes" and ran up to his room.

"This'll be fun.this'll be VERY fun." he said to himself as he cleaned up for dinner.

---That Night, Bulma and Vegeta---

The two climbed into bed and began talking.

"Woman, the brat and I haven't sparred in ages thanks to you making him busy. He'll never get stronger if you keep him away." Vegeta complained.

"Stop complaining Veggie, you've hogged the boy for 13 or 14 or his 15 years of life. Give the boy a break. He needs to get out. Stop being selfish." She lectured.

"Hmph.I'm NOT being selfish.the brat is my 'son', it's my job.but I'm bored. You are too busy and now your sending the boy off so I lose my sparring partner." Vegeta said.

"So? He needs to get out though.now, I say we get down to business." Bulma purred.

Vegeta smirked. "That, onna, I can agree with." He said as they began kissing and mush that I won't go into considering I just ate and this ISN'T a B/V.

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