spawn vs freddy vs jason: battle for redemption

an: this story takes place after "nobody sleeps on friday the 13th!" by spawnzilla014 [ huge crowd claps loudily]. this is using spawnzilla's version of spawn and yoshi 2.1's version of yoshi. enjoy.

chapter 1. smash graveyard. daylight.

the smashers where at the graveyard to pay there respects to there dead. there had recentaly been a massacare at smash mansion. the 2 killers were discribed as a man with a black and red stripe shirt, a claw and a fedora. the other had a hockey mask and a machete. among the dead were: sonic the hedgehog, mario, peach, the flash, pikachu, mai, andy, spiderman, finn and jake, gumball waterson, kira, kobra, homer simpson, ryu hoshi, chun li, link, and, mr. game and watch. the people who came to the funeral where: samus aran, solid snake, luigi mario, yoshi, the tmnt, jill valentine, superman, batman, wonder woman, ken masters, invader zim, kirby, ash ketchum, marge simpson and family, captain america, black widow, Black Cat, and raizo, who never even came to the party. he was also the one with the greatist emotional damage. he could have saved them he thought. across from him he saw samus crying in snakes arm. daisy crying with luigi at the loss of his brother, and her sister. marge and family cried for the fact that homer simpson had died. and yoshi cried for all his friends.

after the funeral, spawn walked through the park of smash city, depressed in his wolf form. raizo started having visions about what happened that dreadfull 2 days. later that day he saw captain america standing next to lap post. raizo changed back into his human form so he could speak to captain america.

captain america: i know what your thinking.

raizo: what?

captain america: about them.

captain america points his finger at the tombstones of sonic, homer, ryu, kobra, kira, and the others.

raizo: yeah them.

captain america: yeah i know. the others shouldn't have came to the party. they were just entering there own death.

raizo: hey steve, i have a question.

captain america: yeah?

raizo: did anyone have a discription of the killers?

captain america: yeah. one had a claw, a fedora, and a red black stripe shirt. the other had a hockey mask and a machete.

raizo: wait a minute i know the one with the claw.

captain america: really who is he.

raizo: he's freddy kruger! he's one of my most hated enemies. he's done bad stuff to me before, but this is to far! that's it! it's time to end it once and for all!

captain america: look raizo! redemption won't save them! besides you don't even know about the other one!

raizo: well i'll soon learn won't i.

raizo angrily walked off to find the two. meanwhile at smash grave yard.

freddy: well jason, i thing it's a tie.

freddy: and i guess if it's a tie, then there's one more person to kill to even it out.

freddy: YOU!

freddy slashes his claws against jason. jason blocks the attack with his machete and trips freddy. freddy gets back up and kicks him in the stomech. jason jumps back a few meters. freddy is about to stab jason in the gut, and jason is about to stab freddy in the head until, they see a shadowy warrior holding a katana. the one we call spawn.