Chapter 3: Knocked Out

" Uggg" I found myself laying on a hard steel platform with Matt by my side. I heard Cackleing.

" Hello Britney remember me !" My vision got a little clearer and I saw The Menace. I snareld.

The Menace had that same smile on his face. " I cant believe its been 14 years since ive seen you, Miss. Crosby or is it Mrs Daniels now ?"

" Anyways, I have been tracking your Daughter and Son,"

"And looks like they are now in the company of our dear friend Inspector Cranium."

He stops looking at the big screen and then looks at me. " You truley have changed Britney" He scans my body up and down every curve.

I growl discusted at his behavior.

The Menace hold up his hand " I understand you have to be faithful to your husband." He looks over at Matt who has grown more Muscular in the past 14 years. The Menace whispers over Matts body. " Well Mrs Daniels does he know about " The Secret".

I shook my head not knowing what he meant either the enjoying slappy thing 14 years ago or the other thing.

" Well dear, hes going to find out sooner or later," The Menace looked at my Husband again and rolled his eyes.

The Menace calls for his Guards " Ok Escort Mr. and Mrs. Daniels out of the room and into the Scream Chamber," The Gaurds escort me and Matt into the Scream Chamber where everything gets bad.

Slappys POV

The Menace calls me up to check something out. When I walk into the room I see The Menace looking at someones profile. " Slappy look at these Profiles with me." I raise my eyebrows " Umm Ok" The First Profile I see is a girl who looked alot like Britney Crosby Daniels.

First Name: Rose

Middle Name: Anne

Last Name: Daniels

Description:White, Coppery red hair, and Brown eyes, Last seen wearing Hollister floral tank, and Hollister Shorts with White Vans.

Personal Information:

Status: Single

Parents: Matt and Britney Daniels

Age: 14

Location: 1448 Eastman Dr. 6784 San Fransisco, Cali

Personality: Kind, Athletic, Brave, can be fiesty when mad.

Job: School

School: Sanders High School

Grade: 9th Grade

Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball.

I gasped as I had a memory of Seeing Rose last as a newborn baby. The Menace flips to the other Profile. When I take a look at the Boy i freeze.

First Name: Max

Middle Name: Carter

Last Name: Daniels

Description: Black hair, Brown eyes. Last seen wearing under armour red shirt, black under armour pants, and Black Reboks.

Personal Information:

Status: Single

Parents: Britney Daniels and ?

Age: 11

Location: 1448 Eastman Dr. 6784 San Fransisco, Cali

Personality: Kind,Good sence of Humor, Athletic,Prankster.

Job: School

School: Sanders Middle School

Grade: 6th

Sports: Baseball

That name kept ringing in my mind. I couldent move at all. Untill I heard " Umm Slappy, you ok" I turned around and said " Yeah"

" I want you to pay Mrs. and Mr. Daniels a visit."

Roses POV

Ughh I woke up on the sidewalk. I got up and saw that this part of the park was comepletly empty. Thats strange becuase last thing i remembered this street was full of people but I looked and saw Black Lagoon Water Park and I suddenly got yanked up by the Creepy Scientist guy and then he jumped in the Quicksand. This guy is absolutly NUTS !

" What the he-" I suddenly got cut off by a hand covering my mouth.

" Shut it girlie a pretty girl like yourself shouldent be talkin dirty like that" He removed his hand away from my mouth.

" Who do you think you are ?"

" I am Inspector Cranium," The Crazy middle aged guy said.

" Great,Where is my brother," I kicked and shouted at him. He pointed to a crazy haired guy in a leopard cape.

Then my head went under the Quicksand