"Remind me never to put an apple in your lunch again!" Jessie says to Luke, pushing open the lobby door. Tony waves at Jessie and Jessie waves back, grinning.

"Oh girl, you so like him!" Zuri sasses under her breath. Jessie quickly looks at Zuri before bringing her attention back to Luke.

"It wasn't my fault!" Luke yells, throwing his hands up to defend himself.

"You threw your apple at the headmaster! You were almost expelled AND the only reason you weren't was because the head teacher wanted a signature of your parents!" Jessie says clambering into the elevator.

"Ten bucks, she sells the signature's on eBay!" Luke says muttering under his breath.

"So, are you excited about meeting your new little sister!" Jessie says, trying her best to break the ongoing tension.

"Yeah!" says Zuri jumping up and down.

"I am going to be a brother!" Ravi says.

"You already are!" says Luke smirking.

"Luke!" Jessie says.

"Oh I am! Zuri and me are going to dress her up in fairy costumes! It's going to be amazing," says Emma, laughing with Zuri. They quickly high five.

Ravi talks to Jessie, while Luke just leans on the wall of the elevator. He does not want another sister. End of story.

"Come on kids!" Jessie says, bustling the kids out of the elevator. They rush out like a heard of elephants. They run into the kitchen, searching for snacks. Jessie follows them.

"Noooooo!" Jessie yells, when she eyes the kids stealing various goodies. She flings Luke an apple, Emma a nutri grain bar, and Ravi a packet of raisins. They grin, but walk off.

Zuri hangs back, she sneakily opens the biscuit tin, and steals two biscuits, and runs off, before Jessie can catch her.

2 hours later

"Dinner!" Jessie shouts, looking up the stairs. The kids clamber down and jump into their seats, while Jessie hands out drinks. They've almost finished their dinner when the familiar sound of the elevator goes off.

"We're home!" shouts Christina. The kids jump out of their seats and scurry into the living room, apart from Luke who hangs back for a minute, but walks slowly after them all.

"Can I see her! Can I see her! Can I see her!" Zuri shouts, jumping up and down, trying to catch a glimpse of their new baby sister they have adopted from England.

"Shh!" said Christina laughing, she slowly bent down to show Ravi, Emma and Zuri. Luke on the other Hand, was hanging arouse against the stairs, he leaned back, and bounced the tennis ball up and down, up and down. Jessie goes up to Luke.

"What's up?" says Jessie. She sat down next to Luke.

"I didn't want another brother or sister!" Luke admits. He looks away from Jessie, but he ends up looking at her again. He has a major crush on her, after all!

"It's natural to feel like that!" Jessie tries her best to comfort Luke, but she knows it's not working. She sighs lightly.

"No it's not! I'm just selfish." yells Luke, jumping to his feet. Jessie stands up and shakes her head.

"You'll be fine Luke!" she says, turning around to walk back over to the huddle that everyone else was in. Luke slowly follows her, his feet dragging against the floor.

"What's her name!" Luke said, trying to appear interested and excited. Jessie saw through his charade, but everyone else didn't seem to notice.

"Bailey Summer Ross" Morgan answers.

"Like?" Christina asks.

They all nodded and smiled, whilst Jessie took various pictures of them all together.

"Three years for your new baby sister!" says Jessie, clicking away.

"Hip hip hooray!" screams everyone but Luke. He's sitting on the couch playing on his XBOX.

One hour later

Bailey's in bed, and the rest of the family are having victory ice cream.

"The baby monitor's gone off." says Jessie while walking into the kitchen. She was waving the baby monitor.

"One minute!" Christina yells, dashing out of the room to calm Bailey. About ten minutes later, Christina calls Morgan upstairs.

"Morgan, she won't get to sleep!" says Christina aggravated and tired.

"Coming!" shouts Morgan. He dashes up the stairs. They take it in turn by turn to rock Bailey, but neither of them can get little Bailey to sleep.

"Jessie! Can you help us!" said Christina weekily, she was tired now, it was almost 11pm.

Jessie was quick to run upstairs, she managed to get Bailey asleep, and soon Christina and Morgan too.

The next day

"Jessie! We're just popping out to get some more baby supplies! Will you be okay? " shouts morgan

Jessie nods.

"We'll be home at about 9. Don't wait up!" shouts Christina, waving at the kids before the elevator closes.

"Right! Let's have some fun! I brought a cookie mix, and we can play... erm... hide and seek!" says Jessie, trying to lighten the mood.

"You're counting Jessie!" screams Zuri running off to hide. The others run off too, and Jessie is close on their heals.

About half an hour later, Jessie still haven't found anyone. The elevator dings, and Jessie runs downstairs. In the doorway is a police officer...