Hello, I'm back! Sorry I haven't updated in over a month, I was just really busy with school, etc not that that's an excuse! I really need to wrap this story up, so I'm hoping to end this by chapter 20, and I will try to update once a week – fingers crossed! Enjoy!

I get to school just in time, I woke up late, as I had a late night last night playing with the two new kittens. I line up outside my science room standing at the back of the line. I lean my head against the wall.

"Hey look everyone, look at Emma the spoilt new girl, the spoilt new girl that tried to kill herself." Janey shouts pointing at me.

I step backwards cornering my self in the hall.

"What are you talking about?" I stutter.

"Look at her arms, cuts all the way up to her shoulder, the biggest one on her neck." Janey says spitefully.

I pull my sleeves down and lean my head covering my scar.

"Oh look she's trying to cover them. Just made it worse Ems." She says tormenting me.

"Go away." I say quietly holding back tears.

Janey walks towards me, "oh is the wittle baby cwying." Janey coes in a baby voice pulling a sad face. She pushes me backwards my head smashing on the wall, she pushes her hand back on my eye. My head turns to the left quickly , my other hand covering my eye in shock. I pull it away and see my fingers drenched in fresh crimson blood. I moan, and stand up.

The rest of the class, looks at me with fear and worry. Janey walks into the classroom, Victoria and Abbie turn around to look at me once more before following Janey. I shed a tear, and whimper, wishing it was a year ago when I was at home possibly with mum or dad, probably not.

Chase, Jay, Tee, Nathan, Alfie, Hope and Bailey walk towards me, Nathan lifts me up, and wipes the blood from my check. I show a blush and small smile. Tee hands me a tissue, and Alfie guides me into the classroom. I sit down shakily next to Chase. She smiles a big smile and flicks her long messy plaits behind her shoulder.

The teacher walks in questioning the blood, I lie and say I tripped over my laces, Nathan and Chase backing me up. The lesson drowns on and we make our way out of the building into the next where our English lesson is.

~ 5pm the same day ~

I arrive home before the others. I go into the kitchen and sit down on the chair. A note stands up balancing on a stack of papers. I open it.

'Hi Kids,

myself and Tony are going to

a job interview then we will be

going for dinner, we wont be back till late

around 11 or so, there is pizza's in the freezer heat them

10 minutes in the oven. If there's problems call us, or Lucy the

police officer. Love you, love Jessie and Tony xxxxx

P.S Don't go to bed too late! '

I grab out my phone and text Chase, Nathan, Jay, Tee, Alfie, Hope and Bailey. They arrive at my house at the same time as Ravi, Zuri and Luke.

Luke takes them around the house, I follow behind. The doorbell rings loudly, I run downstairs pausing for a minute to see my eye purple, blue and green. I wince as I touch it.

I open the door, and Janey, Victoria and Abbie stand in the doorway, many more people behind then, Janey pushes past me along with the others.

"Lets get the PARTY STARTTTTEEED!" Janey shouts throwing her arms in the air.

"Get out, who invited you!?" I shou. My voice is barely heard above the music.

"Myself, AND make me." Janey says cackling to herself, Victoria and Abbie laugh along with her.

"Get out of her." Chase shouts, "Yeah, leave Emma alone, shes gone through enough." Nathan says joining in, holding a protective arm on my shoulder.

"Oh look, the loser group is sticking up for loser number two!" Janey says laughing. She walks off into the lounge, turning the music up even louder.

I run into the garden and collapse on the wet soggy grass, crying. The rain plummets down harder my tears becoming disguised by the raindrops.

I hear footsteps approach from behind, and the back door squeak open. They sit down next to me, I look at them through my hair and realise its Nathan, I slip a small smile.

I fall onto his shoulder. "Lets get you inside." He says gently, he picks me up cradling me and protecting me from the rain. He carries me upstairs to my bedroom, gently putting me down on the bed. He sits down next to me. I place my head on his lap, he strokes my wet hair.

All of a sudden the door bursts open and Sawyer approaches us.

"I heard you were cheating on me, with this stupid idoit, were through Emma, stick to Nathan I've got Janey now, my NEW girlfriend." He snarls.

I sit up shakily, Nathan jumps up to defend me.

"Don't you dare upset Em-" he's interupted by a loud explosion.

"Stay here Emma, I'll check it out." Nathan says facing me for a minute before running out.

Downstairs – Nathans POV

I run downstairs, Sawyer close behind me. People are running from the front room, outside and running down the street. I see Janey run, I step infront of her blocking her exit.

"What happened!" I demand.

"It was an accident!" She says close to tears, she runs out.

I run into the front room my heart pounding, smoke is everywhere, and a blazing inferno is spreading across the room, catching light to everything. I grab my phone from my pocket.

"Ambulance and fire service." I shout shaking.

Everybody huddles outside. The fire service arrives in under 4 minutes.

"Is there anyone inside?" He asks me.

"I don't think so." I awnser barely thinking.

"Nathan, where's Emma, I cant find her." Tee says shaking me lightly, and looking around.

"Oh my god! She's inside!" I say. I push past the crowd, and past the firemen, darting inside. I dodge past the fire which is blazing and catching fire to the stairs.

The door Is locked, so I kick it down, and run inside. Smoke comes straight at me, making me cough and splutter. I drop down on my knee's, I can barely see.

I feel around, finding Emma's lifeless body on the ground, I shake her gently, having no response.

I pick her up with ease, the smoke is the harder part, the ground shakes underneath my feet. Then suddenly its not there, and we drop below into the front room… and everything goes black…