A/N Quick One-Shot of Spice and the wolf


Holo growled in aggravation "When are we going to arrive Lawrence? I am quiet hungry and we are out of apples!" Lawrence chuckled Holo became more and more aggravated by her husband's continuing amusement. "What! I am only hungry and I am eating for two! You did this it's your fault! I have our child inside me and apparently it has grown my love for apples! I can't believe you find this funny." Holo turned aquwardly away from Lawrence. She knew that if she looked into those eyes she will only grow more hostile.


It had been 7 months since their wedding and Lawrence found himself falling in love with Holo more and more each day. Yes, Holo had become more easily annoyed now that she was pregnant but he loved her all the same maybe even a little bit more when she was angry with him. He was surprised when she turned away from him. It is unlike Holo to forfeit a fight or rather a one sided fight. He brought the carriage to a stop and faced Holo. "What's wrong? You are never this way." Lawrence took Holo and pulled her into his arms softly so he didn't hurt her growing belly. Holo finally spoke after a few minutes. "I am just so aggravated all the time. I don't feel myself any longer. I am fat. Am I not?" When Holo didn't say anything after that statement he knew the question was for him "Er yes..No I mean to say no you are perfect. You are carrying our child inside of you; you look more beautiful every day." Holo grunted followed by her laugh that could light an entire room "You are a baby Lawrence. You're always so kind to me even when I yell at you so often. You can always make me feel better."

Lawrence loved her and she loved him they were happy and exited for their coming little one. All was well in their traveling life.

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