The Adventures of Tintin: The Crypt of Popol Vuh

Written by: FossilQueen1984

Disclaimer: Here it is Finals Week at school and with all the awesome reviews I have been getting, and because I love action/adventure stories this time of year, here is the sequel to The Girl and The Tesseract Machine. I give you this story, a romance in the style of Indiana Jones. This will have romance, action/adventure, political intrigue, quiet moments and SNAKES! Just kidding about the snakes, or am I? I own nothing mentioned, except for Helene, Rosamund and the twins. All other characters belong to Gorges Remi, Russell T Davies, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Neil Gaiman, BBC, BBC America and 20th Century Fox. This story is dedicated to fellow writer Scarlet Shamrock for all her wonderful support and Narnian-Queen-of-Fire for giving us an epic romance trilogy. Let the saga continue!

Suggested Soundtrack: Raider's March, Princess Leia's Theme, Hedwig's Theme- John Williams, Arritetty's Song- Hisaishi's rendition

Chapter 1: Reunions and surprises

The squat, grey building overlooking Antwerp's industrial center was marked with the telltale red cross of a hospital center. Indeed, that was what the young couple in the blue Fiat was looking for. Pulling over into an empty spot under a flowering yew tree, the lovely brunette female stepped out ahead of an over excited fox terrier. Snowy barked happily, he had not been thrilled about getting up at 4:15 in the morning just for his owners to drive all the way to Antwerp just to meet up with the in-laws who weren't even scheduled to get back into port later that afternoon. What were they doing here so early, anyways?

Making for a bush, Snowy defecated and relaxed, "Ah, that's better. Really Tintin, why did you and Helene have to get up so damn early? I know it's your third anniversary but couldn't you have stayed in Brussels?" He trotted over to his owners and woofed imperiously, only to have the kneeling girl pat his head softly. She smiled, "Well, mister crabby terrier I'm glad to see someone's in a better mood."

Helene Berlioz, nee Dupont, reached towards the tree when her husband of three years helped her to her feet. She blushed, "Tintin! I'm only 8 weeks along, why are you treating me like I'm much further along than that?" Spinning her around, Tintin stroked her face gently and kissed her. "I'm not worried, I was just helping you. Don't give me that look! Helene, you've come so far and look at us. Married for three years, and your no longer wearing that blasted eye patch." Here he stroked her right write gently. After they got married in London, Tintin had asked her to please stop wearing the eye patch, but she had been reluctant to stop wearing it. Tintin was patient about her giving it up at all. It had taken more love making sessions than he wanted to count just to convince her to wear it on her wrist.

Three years of marriage had hardly changed them. Tintin was still Tintin, and Helene no longer wore her trademark eye patch. Freya's necklace, the Time Lord relic that had brought them together, still hung around her neck. Snowy nudged at them, why were they so slow? A bird chirped overhead, and the couple realized they were going to be late. Offering her his arm, Tintin escorted his wife into the office of Julia Rocqueford, OB-GYN.

Inside the French revival styled waiting room, the young couple signed in and waited. Tintin and Helene knew they were having a baby, but about three weeks into the pregnancy, Helene had waken up in a fright. Placing Tintin's hands on her still flat belly, he could feel two distinct flutters! Twins, it had to be- he and Helene were having two babies instead of the one the registered nurse at Saint Jude the Martyr's insisted they were having. A frantic phone call up to Marlinspike had Calculus tell the worried couple there was nothing to worry about; Helene was most certainly carrying twins! Annoyed about having said that previously, Tintin had hung up and told Helene not to worry, they would get an ultrasound as soon as the foetus(es) had developed enough. As it turned out, their regular doctor was away and Haddock and Rosamund were returning from the honeymoon is Iceland that afternoon. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Just then, a friendly brunette in her early forties poked her head out, "Monsieur and Madame Berlioz? Hello, I am Julia Rocqueford and it's a pleasure to meet you. Well, you must be Snowy. This way. I understand you want to have an ultrasound. I have looked at the papers, and it seems that you two are most likely having twins. Just to make sure though, let's get you hooked up here."

The esteemed doctor showed them into an exam room and had Helene lay down on a table. Tintin patted her hand while Snowy paced himself in a nearby chair. Julia rolled in a device that looked like a television camera. He barked at it, and Tintin explained that the machine was going to take a video of his and Helene's babies. Snowy smiled, he wanted to see what humans puppies looked like at 8 weeks gestation. Helene pulled up the skirt of her blue and yellow swing dress to reveal a slightly swollen belly. Snowy wagged his tail, and woofed.

Tintin hushed him, but Julia replied, "It's all right, I'll bet Snowy is just curious, aren't you boy? Well, Snowy- I'll tell you as I go along. I am going to take this gel and place some on Helene's stomach. I use this gel to get a good video of Helene's baby or babies as the case might be. The video will show up on this screen. Okay, Helene and Tintin, let's start."

Helene winced slightly as the cold gel was rubbed on her bare skin. Even with a partly sunny sky and the high temperature in the mid 70's, the air conditioning was set on stun. Tintin kissed her cheek and murmured sweet nothings into to her ear. Slowly but surely, a grey image began to appear on screen. Snowy woofed, he could make out one… no two, two grey blobs fluttering inside Helene. She began to tear up, "Tintin! We really are having twins!" Tearing up himself, Tintin embraced her and murmured, "Twins, two little ones. God, what have we created is nothing short of a miracle."

Snowy woofed, "Congratulations Tintin, you and Helene created twin puppies" Patting the dog in the head good naturedly, Tintin inquired if they could tell what the gender was. Julia replied that a more powerful lens would be needed, but it was possible. Switching a knob, Tintin and Helene could make out their children's heads, arms, legs and the foetus on the left side a certain form of genitalia. Helene grinned, "How about that, Tintin? A boy and a girl! Mon dieu, what is everyone going to say back home?"

Tintin laughed and kissed her tenderly, "Who cares about that, we're having children! Dear, beloved Helene, you are carrying my children. I love you so much." Helene returned the kiss, and Julia turned off the machine. This was the best part of the job, seeing parents react happily to seeing their unborn children.

After cleaning up, Helene and Tintin prepared to pay the bill, but Julia wouldn't let them. "I remember seeing your wedding, and since today is your third anniversary, let's call this a gift." Kissing them each on the cheek, Tintin and Helene left the office in a daze, elated by the news- they were having twins! Snowy trotted behind, happy that his owners were expecting a healthy litter.

By now, the restaurants and pubs had opened for breakfast, so Tintin and Helene sat down to breakfast. 'Here's to us, three years of marriage and to our unborn darlings," Tintin raised his glass of soda water. Helene did likewise, as they shared a sweet kiss. Snowy, for such a good job at behaving, was rewarded with half a quiche with bacon! Snowy gratefully chowed down, as Tintin and Helene enjoyed their oatmeal and toast.

After breakfast, Tintin and Helene walked hand in hand around a park while Snowy sniffed along the ground, the earth seemed alive somehow. It was late spring and the trees and grass were greening at a rapid rate. Wild flowers dotted the flowerbeds as the trio strolled along. Of course, Tintin and Helene were stealing kisses every few minutes so when Snowy smelled the familiar smell of starched bowler hats he knew who would be rounding the corner.

Sure enough, the Thom(p)sons were rounding a corner when they spotted Tintin and Helene snogging on the bench. Mistaking them for young teens, they shouted, "Hallo, hallo there, lovebirds. Come on, nix with the snogging!" Running along the path, they tripped over a low lying bush and landed at the feet of the couple. Snowy barked in surprise, what were they doing here?

Glancing up at them, Thomson greeted them, "Sorry about that, folks. I thought you were someone else. Wait, Tintin and Helene? How are you two lovers doing? It's your anniversary today. Three years today. By the way, congratulations on the bun in the oven." Standing up, Thompson cut in, "To be precise, congratulations on the coming baby! By the way, have you thought of any names yet?"

Helene and Tintin admitted that they had not thought of any names yet, but they would let them know. Waving good bye, the Interpol officers returned towards town, leaving an amused couple. "Should we have told them we have thought of names, but instead of using one we're using both," Helene asked as Tintin whistled for Snowy to stop burrowing under the shrubbery. He shook his head, "I doubt they'll need to know right away. As it is, when Haddock and Rosamund return, they'll want to know all about this."

For the past three months, Captain Haddock and his fiancée, Rosamund Dupont, had been on a ship with a documentary crew filming polar bear migrations in the Artic near Iceland. With the filming finished, they were all due back in port that afternoon. Tintin and Helene decided to make the trip themselves as Calculus was grading final exams, Dalek Sec was sitting on jury duty for the next week and Ianto and Jack were doing the tourist thing in Jakarta.

Deciding to surprise them, the couple spent the rest of the morning at some art galleries and spent time at the port's museum of maritime history. It was quite remarkable that the Nazi's had not destroyed the port when Allied troops reclaimed the town. Tintin quietly rubbed Helene's back as she traced the outlines of the beached ships with her fingers. Certainly, Haddock's collection back at home was impressive but this was all much more modern, a tribute to war that had caught mankind at its best and its worst. "Even is our most desperate hours, we still had hope," Helene murmured as they exited and made their way to the jetty where people were lining up to receive returning family members and friends.

From the deck of the R.M.S Gryffindor, a familiar blue sweater and a cream colored shirt came into view. Waving to them, Helene and Tintin smiled at the older couple. From where they were standing on the deck, Haddock could make out the tuft of hair that clearly belonged to his son-in-law and best friend, his daughter and the small terrier running in circles. Taking a swig of Loch Lomond, he told Rosamund, "Well, the welcoming committee is here. I am glad to be home." Kissing the woman beside him, he grinned as they walked down the gangplank with the other Belgian tourists and crew members. After getting their luggage, Haddock and Rosamund embraced the couple and chatted about the documentary.

Dropping into a pub, Haddock raised a glass, "Here's to Tintin and Helene. Three years of marriage, may there be many more. Also, to my upcoming wedding to the love of my life. Proszt!" The glasses clinked as they drank to the successful marriage and what was sure to be a lovely, if not long overdue wedding. Tintin nudged Helene, it was now or never. "Tintin smiled at Helene softly before clearing his throat.

"Before we order lunch, Captain, Rosamund; there is something I have to tell you. Well, Helene and I have to tell you. Darling, will you do the honour?" Helene smiled, "Father, Mother… Tintin and I… well I'm pregnant!"

Haddock glanced at the couple is shock, "Typhoons, are you telling that you and Tintin are carrying the next generation of Haddocks? By Columbus, this is wonderful! Let me take a look, two months along from the looks of it!" Crying profusely, he embraced both of them and blubbered, "This really is the happiest day of my life. It could only get better if… I felt two heartbeats… Twins? My god, this really is wonderful. My dear Augustin and Helene are giving me twins! Glad to see you had in in you, boy. Waiter, another round!" Rosamund shook her head and told Haddock to sit down, he was going overwhelm them.

"Besides, we have a full seven months until they arrive. Augustin, when is Helene due," Rosamund inquired and Haddock cooed to his daughter's slightly swollen belly. Tintin grinned, proudly, "January 3, we're expecting them just after New Year's. I am happy for you and Haddock. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to rescue my dear wife from her overzealous father."

Tintin managed to get Helene away from her father just long enough for Snowy to start drinking from his stein. Haddock growled at Snowy, "Get away from that, 'm going to be a grandfather and you aren't." Snowy urked loudly, only to get a swat from Rosamund who slipped the dog a beef bone from her soup. The two couples sat to lunch, basking in the warmth of new love and new life. What a wonderful surprise and reunion.