Chapter One: Slayer Of...

Sitting on a disgusting motel bed, Alix Fray, who was turning 21 today, had a smile on her face. She smiled at the cake that lay in front of her. All she'd wanted for some time was a birthday cake and the mountains of foster homes she'd been in until her 18th birthday, she hadn't received one. Until today. Swiping one from the corner market was a breeze and she loved the adrenaline. Breaking off pieces she leaned back against the bed and started watching tv. This was hands down the best birthday she'd had and she gave it to herself, which was an even better present.

Tossing and turning, sweat poured from her brow like a faucet. Her eyes twitched as she began seeing images of girls of all ages and ethnicites. Alix clutched her sheets in terror as demons began to make their way into her line of vision. Names began to slip from her mouth. 'Buffy...Faith...Kendra..' She whispered as she continued to toss and turn. The images grew more intense until she saw herself in one, fighting a girl who looked familiar but the images stopped on one face. A fair skinned woman with long white hair that after a beat turned a bright red.

Jumping from her sleep, Alix had ripped the sheets to shreds. Amazed and a bit freaked by this she quickly hopped out the bed, changed her clothes and went out for a walk hoping it would clear her head. Shoving her hands in her pockets, she rounded a corner not too far from the motel. Breathing deep, she stopped in her tracks as she felt someone was walking behind her. Slowly turning, she saw nothing chalking it up to her imagination. Shaking her head, she scolded herself for being scared and continued on. Hitting a dead end, Alix turned to head back but was stopped by the figure that stood in front of her.

"Hello?" She called out knowing what an idiot move that was. Clearing her throat, she went to move only for the figure to move as she did. Stopping. She watched as he lifted his head, the hoodie covering it dropping as he did. 'What's wrong with his face?' She thought to herself before her mind began to flash again with the images she'd dreamed. Knowing this couldn't be a good thing, she tried sprinting past him and like a flash he was in front of her again pushing her back. "Don't play with your food." A voice came from behind Alix as she turned to see another one.

"Oh come on. I"m just having a bit of fun." The first one finally spoke. Alix backed away slowly wondering how she was gonna get herself out of this mess. Grabbing a broken leg from a wooden chair, she gripped it tightly. It was best thing she could think of. "Don't hurt yourself." The second one smirked as they continued to push her into a corner. Knowing she would eventually have to fight her way out or dying trying as it may, she remembered something else from her nightmares. Moving quickly, she went to strike the being in the heart as it blocked her and kicked her into a wall.

"That hurt." She announced rising to her feet as the two shared a look before setting their sights back on Alix. Charging, one reached for her neck as she dodged him and kicked him in the back. "Whoa." She exclaimed before a smile danced across her face. The other punched her in the gut only for her leg to rise above her and kick him in the head. Tossing the chair leg into her right hand, she spinned and planted it into the heart. He crumpled into ash as the other watched. "Slayer." He whispered before sprinting.

Alix looked at herself and the ash near her feet. Hearing what the other said, she quickly turned to see him sprinting away. "HEY! Wait!" She called. "What's a Slayer?" She questioned before walking home. Rounding the corner, she kept repeating the word. "Slayer. Slayer. What does it mean?" She twirled the chair leg in her hand. "Getting the hang of this." She said before stepping on a piece of paper. Picking it up, she read. "Angel Investigations. We help the helpless. Paranormal Specialists." Alix pondered for a bit if she should find these 'paranormal specialists'. The flyer looked really ratty and worn, as if no one had used it in centuries. Scoffing, she tossed the paper before heading back 'home'.

Entering in, Alix was happy to see her old tattered bed and quickly hopped in. Closing her eyes, she hoped the images wouldn't return, even though they did save her life.

-Angel Investigations-

Things were moving like clockwork at the agency until they weren't. "Where did you say she was?" Angel turned to Cordelia as he tossed her and Gunn a weapon. "In some motel downtown. Seems she took out a vamp and the nest wasn't too happy about that." Cordelia informed as she grabbed a crossbow and arrows, handing them to Fred. "Thanks. Are you sure she's a Slayer and not just really strong?" Fred's sweet southern voice asked as her eyes opened in a wide innocence. "Positive. I know a slayer when I see one and she is." Cordelia informed once more.

"But she doesn't know?" Gunn asked as he stood next to Cordelia. "Nope." She told him. "How's that possible?" He asked as Wesley decided this was his time to interject. "Well with Willow unlocking all potential Slayers, this girl was never given the chance in being taught her history." He nodded as Fred could only smile at him. "Well we need to find her before the vampires do. She might be a slayer but she's new and she'll get killed." Angel cut the chatter as everyone followed him.

Cordelia grabbed Gunn before following everyone else. "What is it?" He asked, not liking the look in her eyes. "This girl. I have a feeling she's something more than a slayer." Cordelia said while searching her brain for some evidence. Gunn could tell she was going over and over her vision. Grabbing her shoulders, he stopped her as Cordelia's eyes focused on his. "More like what?" He asked as she gave a shrug. "But I can feel it." "Should we tell the big man?" He asked speaking of Angel and Cordelia quickly shook her head. "No, not until I can give him more." Gunn gave a nod as they caught up with the rest of the gang.

-Motel Don't Stay-

Sound asleep. Alix began dreaming before her dreams took a sudden turn. She saw herself in bed, surrounded by the things she encountered in the alley. Jumping out her sleep, she raised the broken chair leg in her hand. Surprised, there wasn't anyone there but she could feel something wasn't right. Grabbing her bag, she threw the little clothes she had into it and made her exit out the window.

Angel and the team pulled up and exited the car. "Where is she Cordy?" Angel asked, as he didn't know the room. "There." She pointed to the 5'6, caramel skinned, slayer in training exiting down the fire escape. Alix jumped landing perfectly on her feet only to turn to see 5 faces staring back at her. Moving back, something grabbed her shoulders and before she could move Angel had moved her out the way.

"Thanks." Alix said as Angel called to Cordelia and Gunn. Gunn backed him as Cordelia grabbed Alix and began explaining. "Wait so you guys are 'Angel Investigations' and those things are called vampires?" Cordy nodded. "And you have visions and that's how you knew I needed help?" Alix questioned as Cordelia nodded more. Alix's attention was between listening to Cordelia and watching Angel fight. She was impressed and wanted to know more about the brooding fighter. "How did you know?" Cordelia asked. "Know what?" Alix asked quickly before staring back at Angel. "How did you know to leave?" This definitely caught Alix's attention. "I..saw it in my dreams." She spit out.

Cordelia looked shocked before Angel staked the last vamp. Turning, Alix saw his face. "His face!" She called grabbing her chair leg and moving to strike Angel. "No!" Cordelia called but it didn't matter as Angel already grabbed the girls arm. "I don't think you want to do that." He said as Alix's shocked face turned to Cordelia as the former mean girl smiled. "That's Angel." "He's our leader." Fred tossed in for good measure.