Alix, after facing the Vayer was badly injured. Three days had passed and the girl hadn't moved from her bed, once being placed their by Angel and Co. Angel, who was sitting vigil by her bedside was joined by Cordelia who laid beside Alix, Gunn in a chair beside Cordelia, Wesley slouching in a chair at the foot of the bed and Fred laying across it. In her deep sleep, Alix began reliving her life but also saw her sister living a life that couldn't have taken place in this century. She knew it had to mean something but what?

Stirring in her sleep, Angel dabbed a cool cloth across her forehead, only for her eyes to pop open at the touch. "Hey." He said softly as the weak Slayer noticed the people around her. A smile flashed on her face as she realized she finally had the family she always dreamed of. Not moving, as she didn't want to disturb them and was in pain just gave Angel a smile as he stroked the side of her face. "Gave us a scare." He told her as she apologized jokingly. "Feeling alright?" The vampire asked. "I'll be ok." Alix informed as this woke Cordelia from her sleep.

"Alix!" Cordelia's voice was like an alarm as everyone's eyes popped opened. "Angel, why didn't you tell us she was awake?" Cordelia scolded the vampire who didn't have an answer. "Welcome back." Gunn said placing a hand on Alix's arm. "Thanks Gunn. How long was I out?" Alix asked as she adjusted herself in the bed. Trying her best to sit up, it wasn't until Angel lend a hand that she was now seated upwards. "Thanks." Alix's hand gently laid upon Angel's before moving it back to her side and turning back to Gunn. "Three days." The vampire hunter informed as Alix's eyes grew wide. "I've been down for three days?!" Alix was in shock as everyone nodded.

"We were worried." Cordelia said while smoothing Alix's hair down as the young witch couldn't believe she was so injured that her body needed three full days to recover and even with the three she was still in pain. Alix knew the next time she faced Melaka she had to be ready. "Thanks Cordy. But I'm gonna be fine. So you all can go do something else than stare at me." Alix smiled, as groans followed everyone leaving her room. "Well if you need anything, let us know." Wesley said as he got a nod from Alix. Smiling everyone left the room, until it was only Alix and Angel left.

Silence filled the room as Angel took a seat on the bed next to Alix. The pair stared at each other neither breathing a word. Not that Angel could. Alix took a deep sigh and scratched at the cloth around her midsection. Noticing the blood she immediately looked up at Angel. "I'm fine." He smiled, having gotten passed the smell of her blood over the three days. Alix gave a smile, relieved. Angel placed his hand on hers looking into her eyes. "What happened?" He finally asked as she just gave him a look. "My vision." Alix said as Angel listened.

Three Days Later

Wolfram and Hart

Melaka found herself in a room, all kinds of weapons were on the walls. "Just for you." The First appeared, looking like Angel this time. "You and the slayer, you're too evenly matched. Use the time you have to train." He commanded, circling the confused warrior. "Next time, she dies and you fulfill your destiny." He grinned. "I don't think I can." Melaka said, never looking at The First. "Why's that?" The First indulged, which made Melaka look at him. "She's my sister." Was all she could say as The First nodded. "I see. I get it." Moving behind her, he leaned over her shoulder. "You love your sister?" She nodded. "You find it difficult to bring harm to her?" She nodded again. "See I get it." He said once more before raising his hand and placing it on her shoulder.

"You and me, we're connected. The closer you get towards your destiny, the closer I get to mine." The First turned Melaka towards him. "I'm your family. The Slayer isn't. I protected you, trained you and kept you safe. Didn't I?" He lifted her chin as she nodded. "I didn't conviently forget about you when it suit me most. I'm your family." He wrapped his arms around her and once he did, energy passed between them. Pulling back, Melaka's expression had changed. "Now! Train up." The First said before disappearing.


Alix and Angel were in heavy training mode. Alix made it her mission to never be blindsided as she was before. This time she was going to bring Melaka to her and end this. Cordelia, Fred, Gunn and Wesley only caught glimpses of the pair.

"Did she tell you the plan?" Fred turned to Cordelia as they were perched on the basement stairs watching the two champions spar. Looking back, Cordelia shook her head. "Melaka used a spell on her. That's what teleported her out of the hotel." Gunn said as all eyes were on him now. He made it a point to keep his voice low. "How do you know this?" Wesley asked. "She told me." He answered. "Plan is to use a spell to do the same thing to Melaka. This time bringing her where Alix wants her." Grunts and groans were heard throughout the basement as the conversation continued. "Wait. She told you and not me?" Cordelia's head snapped back towards Gunn who's eyes went a tad big. "Why wouldn't she tell me?" Cordelia seemed a bit upset. "Well I think she's closer to Gunn than the rest of us, so it makes sense." Fred said as Cordelia could've pushed her off those steps. "Even if, I'm still hurt." Cordelia said. "You know, tonight could be the time the prophecy talked about." Wesley threw in.

The day was long and the night even longer as now it was just Alix in the basement. The team caught a case and Alix opted out of it as she had more pressing matters. With her back propped against the silver bars, Alix closed her eyes and begin meditating. Something Willow had taught her to control the darker side of her powers. Not realizing, Alix began mumbling something and before she knew it, she was in a different place and a different time. Opening her eyes, she saw the poverty around her. Walking the streets, she saw her reflection in a mirror and noticed that she wasn't herself. "Hey!" She turned to see a older woman run up to her. "What are you doing Melaka!? I can't keep covering for you." Noticing the badge, as it read Fray, she looked up at the face that resembled her own as well as Melaka. Before she could ask any questions she was brought back by Angel.

"Alix.." He called, shaking her. Jumping out of the vision, Angel calmed her down. Breathing deep, Alix looked Angel in the eyes before rising to her feet. "What was that?" He asked. "Meditation." She answered quickly. Not believing her he decided to change the subject. "Ran into a horde of these giant bugs." "I take it all were killed?" She smiled as Angel just gave her a look and Alix just nodded. "Good. I'm gonna shower." She started up the stairs. "Hey." Angel called after. "Sure everything's fine?" He asked one last time as she nodded with a smile and continued up the stairs.

Alix's Room

Exiting the shower, Alix was drying off until her body seemed to freeze. Her eyes turned white and images flashed in her head. Dropping to her knees, she quickly changed her clothes and headed to the stairs. Angel and co were talking amongst themselves while preparing for the battle. Alix watched them from afar not sure if she could place them in danger, especially Angel. Knowing she had to keep them all out the warehouse, she made her way down the stairs. "Alix." Wesley said as everyone's attention was now on her.

"Hey guys." She smiled, but Angel knew there was something lingering behind that smile. "What's up?" Gunn asked, knowing the same as Angel. "The battle tonight. It's going to be big and I don't think everyone should go." She announced as everyone looked around the room. "We're going." Cordelia answered, strapping weapons to herself. All Alix could do was sigh. "I don't want any of you to come!" Alix snapped before turning her back, ready to head back up the stairs. "Alix." Angel grabbed the girl's arm, only for her to turn back, her eyes blood red and hair jet black. "Let go." She called as Angel didn't. "Angel." "Alix! We're all in this together." Calming, she returned back to normal and snatched away.

"No. I'm not trying to leave you guys out. I'm trying to protect you. All of you." She said as the team moved towards her. "We signed up for this. All of us." Gunn said. "We know what we're getting ourselves into." Wesley said as Alix shook her head. "I can't change your minds can I?" She asked. "You can try but same outcome." Cordelia smiled as she hugged Alix and everyone joined in. "Ok. Ok. Off." Alix pushed everyone. "It's time."

Wolfram and Hart

"I'm ready. She won't get passed me this time." Melaka said, turning the scythe in her hands. "Good. But I have a feeling she won't make the same mistake twice." Melaka looked confused. "You pulled her to your turf, she'll do the same this time. Lucky for us, we have a lot of magic at our disposal." The First grinned before telling Lilah to consult with one of the many witches at Wolfram and Hart to pin down a location.

Warehouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles

Alix, Angel and Co all arrived. The place was empty and looked as if it had flooded recently. There were ditches filled with water throughout. All looked at Alix. "Everybody ready?" She asked, everyone tightening on their weapons. Before Alix could start her spell, Melaka chuckled and stepped out of the shadows. "No need for magicks." The vamped slayer announced, while hordes of vampires followed her from the shadows. "You brought your family, I brought mine." Melaka grinned as Alix twirled the axe she received from Gunn in her hand. Noticing the change in her sister, Alix knew this was gonna end in one of them dying.

"We don't have to do this." Alix tried one last time. "I think we do!" Melaka charged, which sent the signal to her vampire comrades to do the same. Lifting her axe, Alix and Melaka collided as they squared off. Angel stayed close to Cordelia and everyone helping out where he could. The First, in the guise of Alix and Melaka's father, was watching. A grin was on his face, very proud papa. Alix jumped and kicked Melaka to the ground before tossing a vampire off of Fred. Jumping in and helping her family, Melaka was confronted by The First.

"Take out the vampire. Without him, she crumbles." He whispered. Grinning, Melaka engaged Angel. Alix, seeing this couldn't pry herself away from the many vampires that continued to attack. Angel went flying as Melaka followed. Lifting him into the air with her bare hands, she looked him over. "She loves you? I don't see why." She chuckled before throwing him again, this time closer to Alix. "Angel!" The witch called. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Melaka lifted a battered Angel up. Grinning, she exposed his neck. "I end this." Melaka called. Alix was frozen and caught a quick vision and without moving, he and Angel had switched places. Melaka's teeth sunk into Alix's neck. As Gunn killed the last of the vampires, Alix blacking out, dropped to her knees and fell face forward into a pool of water.

Melaka, pulling back in pure horror, looked at her sister. "No. What..what I have I done!?" Noticing it was only her now, she quickly sprinted from the warehouse. "ALIX!" Cordelia and Fred called as everyone ran to her side. Angel, was frozen as he watched Gunn pull Alix from the water . "Is she?" Cordelia asked, as Gunn felt no heartbeat. Chancing it, he laid her down, and began CPR. The room felt silent as Gunn tried and when he stopped it sank in. "No." Fred said as Wesley wrapped his arms around her. Angel, snapping out of his trance, moved to Alix's body as Gunn and Cordelia gave him space. "I thought Angel.." Wesley trailed as Gunn looked at him. "I think we all thought that." They turned back to see Angel crying.

Moving the hair from her face, the vampire moved down and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Alix, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm saying this now. That I denied it for so long." His tears falling upon her face, he pulled her in closer, as if hugging her. "I love you." He whispered.

Alix, opened her eyes and saw Willow. "Willow?" She called as the elder witch smiled. Looking around her, Alix looked back to Willow. "I'm dead?" Her voiced trembled. "Not quite." Willow smiled before placing a hand on Alix's neck.

The team noticed a glowing on Alix. "Angel." Cordelia called as the vampire pulled Alix back and noticed as well. Looking at the team no one knew what was happening until Alix gasped for air. Her light brown eyes, slowly opened and caught Angel's. "Hey." She smiled as the overjoyed Angel pulled Alix into a hug. Gunn rushed over and helped Angel bring Alix to her feet. Everyone was in shock on how the girl made it through. "What happened? How did she survive?" Fred asked. "The prophecy." Wesley said. "That coupled with Gunn giving her CPR." He said as Alix turned to Angel. "Melaka?" She asked as he shook his head. "Well get her next time." Cordelia said. Alix smiled but wasn't sure if there would be a next time.

Back at Wolfram and Hart

Melaka was in a rampage. She was destroying the offices and no one could stop her. "Do something!" Lilah said, as The First appeared next to her. "No." He said, as he enjoyed watching Melaka lose it. "This is masterpiece theater." He told her. "She killed the Slayer and with her death, I'm even stronger. Melaka tasted her blood and in doing that, I tasted it and it has freed me from noncoporeal restraints. I'm made flesh and blood and with it all my powers." He grinned as he rubbed his hands together.

"YOU!" Melaka called. Turning to The First, he pointed to himself. "Me?" He smiled. "You made me kill her!" She pinned him against the wall. "No. Angel did. Remember?" Her eyes wandered as he tapped her hand. "I had you go after the vampire. It's his fault. Not mine." He coaxed her as she slowly nodded. "Right. Now what needs to be done now is avenging your sister. Killing Angel will do that." He smiled as Melaka let out a growl and grabbed the scythe.


Angel hadn't left Alix's side the entire night. He placed himself beside her and watched her sleep. Figuring he'd leave her alone to stretch his legs a bit, he made his way downstairs. Noticing how quiet it was, he rounded the steps to see Melaka sitting in the middle of the lobby. Cordelia and everyone standing behind her. "What do you want?" Angel asked, his eyes glancing at the stairs.

"I want this stake in your heart. It's your fault she's dead!" Melaka yelled, which woke Alix up. "How you figure that?" Angel asked, as the two began walking in a circle. "I had you! Then..then you did something that made her take your place!" Angel shook his head. "You killed her." "SHUT UP!" Melaka yelled.

"Why are you doing this?" Cordelia asked as Melaka's head snapped towards her. "It's my destiny!" She answered. "To kill your sister? Who told you this?" Wesley asked this time and Melaka was silent until the doors bursted open. "I did." The First strolled in looking like Doyle himself. "Doyle?" Cordelia whispered. "No. The First." Angel said as he'd encountered him before. "Melaka's destiny was to kill her sister and she succeeded." "I don't think so." Alix said, appearing in the middle of the lobby.

"What!? Impossible. You're dead." The First called. "Alix?" Melaka called. "Yea. It's me." Alix smiled. "Kill her now! Kill her!" The First called as Melaka raised the weapon in her hand but stopped. It was obvious the girl was fighting herself. "Kill me!" Melaka cried out. "What?" Alix said. "I can't bear this. Kill me! Now! Please!" Melaka dropped to her knees in front of Alix begging for it all to end. "No! What are you saying?! KILL HER!" The First continued to command and everything finally clicked.

"I won't kill you Melaka, but I will give you a fresh start." Bending down, Alix gave her sister a hug. "This won't hurt a bit." She smiled, as she finally saw a smile from her baby sister. "What are you doing!" The First called as the floor began to rumble. "You need her alive. You two are connected." Alix said. "How?" Melaka called. "Magick. I can feel the tether between you two. But if my sister never existed in this time, you wouldn't either. Well not in corporeal form and with the power you have. So..." Alix moved back down to Melaka. Placing a hand near her heart, Alix called on the Goddess to remove and set anew.

Melaka began to regress, the vampire in her disappeared, she was a teenager now, a young girl and now a baby. As she changed so did The First. His power weakened and his corporeal state was no more. Lifting the baby up, Alix placed a kiss on her forehead. "So long, baby sister." With that a light filled the room and as it disappeared so did Melaka, her scythe and The First. Alix, a tad drained, was caught by Angel. "What happened?" Gunn asked as he looked around the room. "I did what she asked me to, in a way." Alix smiled. "You didn't, kill her?" Fred asked. Chuckling, "No. I gave her another chance. I reincarnated and sent her to the 23rd Century." The room seemed to gasp. "I'd been having visions of my future family. I sent her there hoping that she'll have the family she didn't here. The one I couldn't give her." Alix finished before heading up the stairs.

"Wait. Where are you going?" Gunn asked. "We should celebrate. You know, the world not ending and all?" He smiled. "You guys celebrate for me. I'm tired." She smiled as she continued up to her room. Everyone looked at Angel. "She's tired." He said.

Alix's Room

Closing her door, Alix took a seat at the foot of her bed. Tears stained her face. It was over and she finally had a chance to make up for abandoning her sister. Hearing the knock at her door, Angel entered, closing the door behind him. Sitting beside her, he placed his hand on hers. "You okay?" He asked, looking at her as she just nodded. Looking at him, she chuckled a bit. "What?" He asked as she cleared her throat. "I heard you, ya know?" She admitted as he seemed confused. "Heard what?" He asked. "I heard you in the warehouse. What you said." She smiled. Standing to his feet, a bit embarrassed, Angel stammered over his words. All Alix could do was smiled again and move to him. Wrapping her arms around him, she laid her head on his chest.

Pushing back, Alix looked at Angel shocked. "What?!" He called. Grabbing him, she pulled him in again. There it was. Thumping in all its glory. "Your heart, Angel. It beats." Alix said as happy as she could. Angel quickly moved to the mirror and noticed his reflection. "Wha.." He breathed and noticed he now had a breathe. "What's happening?" He looked at Alix. "The prophecy." She said. "My sacrifice, your confession of love...broke the curse. You now have a human soul, with vampire like abilities." She said, her hand on his chest. She could sense it. "What does this mean?" He asked, not sure on what was to happen next.

"It means this..." Alix moved in and kissed Angel for the first time. Pulling back, Angel looked at Alix. His heart sped up the more he stared at her. Lifting her into his arms, he kissed her. A smiled appeared on both their faces as Angel gently laid Alix on the bed.


Cordelia looked up the stairs. "Think Alix is okay with how everything went down?" She asked, as Gunn placed a kiss on her cheek. "I"m sure she's completely satisfied." He smiled.