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Chapter 1: A Rainbow Awakening

He laid there on the grass for a long time; he had no sense of time as he had no watch with him, so for all he knew, he had been there for minutes or hours. The reason he had laid there for so long was that when he arrived at his new destination, he looked down to the sickening discovery to see that he, indeed, had hooves.

The discovery basically made him give up on all future plans momentarily, and just decide to randomly lay on the nearest patch of grass. As he looked around from his prone position, he saw what looked like a forest to one side to him, and what looked like a town on the other.

Mr. Carnage already knew from being here for such a short time that this was going to be a difficult case but he also knew that he could not just lie here all day hoping for something to happen; this sort of thing had happened before where the event he had to stop would normally come to him, but this time he thought the best thing he could do was seek the problem out.

"Hay you, you alright down there?"

Lying on his back, he heard a voice calling out to him from above; as he looked up he saw what he could only describe as a 'flying pony'. Carnage was perplexed on how the pony was indeed flying, but decided the best course of action would not to freak out, but instead acknowledge the other pony's existence "Um…hi."

The pony in question managed to float down in from of him so now he could use his trained mind to figure out more of what exactly he was dealing with: the pony appeared to be a female (he didn't check underneath her, I can assure you), she had a blue fur coat, but to be more precise, it appeared to be the colour cyan, which was one of his favourites, along with a set of purple eyes and beautiful wings. Mr. Carnage quickly checked the side of his body and noticed that he did not have wings himself.

The most distinctive part about her was her beautiful flowing rainbow mane which he could only describe as gorgeous. He also noted he had an odd mark on his flank which was in the shape of a magnifying glass, this peeked his curiosity and he looked at the rainbow haired pony's flank to if see she had a mark also; hers was a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt coming out of it. He then realised that the mare was now looking at him with a cross expression on her face. "Hay buddy, keep your eyes on my face."

Carnage realised that his action had been interpreted ass (I mean as) inappropriate, so he quickly apologized.

"I am most sorry. I would not dream of acting like that; I am a gentlecolt, after all."

The pony looked at him, confused

"Huh? Don't ya mean gentlecolt?"

Now Carnage looked confused, but decided to play along.

"Ah yes of course, sorry a simple slip of the tongue."

There was an awkward silence between the two of them for a moment, with neither of them saying a word until the cyan pony decided to bring the unbearable quiet surrounding them like a veil to an end "So, uh, yeah... who are you, anyway?"

Carnage's eyes opened wide "Ah, of course; forgive me. I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Carnage." He said, bowing his head to her

"Huh... weird name. What's your first name?"

Carnage thought for a second before answering.

"It is just Mr. Carnage."

"You don't have a first name?"


"Is Mr. your first name?"

"No, it's…-"

"Ah, I don't really care. I'm bored."

Carnage noted that the pony in front of him was rather blunt, but that kind of attitude was something that he appreciated; in his line of work he didn't appreciate being bullshitted around with, and he assumed neither did the pony in front of him.

"So what is your name then?"

"Oh, I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest and most awesome flyer in all of Equestria."

He realised that the pony was not short on confidence or arrogance, but decided not to question her on this amazing right she seemed to most likely give herself, thanks to her, though, he could at least identify the country he was in. Dash suddenly asked the obvious question;

"What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?"

"Oh... I was just taking a stroll."

"I've never seen you around here."

"No, you wouldn't have; I'm not from around here."

He looked over to his right to see the town "what town is this?"


"Ponyville?"he thought. "That doesn't make any sense, why would you name a place after your species? We don't have a place called Human Town!"

Rainbow Dash broke his train of thought.

"Where are you from?"

Oh crap what do I tell her "Um... I'm... from... London."

Oh shit! he thought to himself, realising he named his actual place of birth.

"London...? I've never heard of it."

"Oh, you wouldn't have, it's a very small area pretty far from Ponyville."

He cringed every time he said the name of this place; I mean come on... PONYVILLE!

"You're a pretty weird Unicorn, you know that?"

Unicorn? he thought.

"I gotta go and get some sleep, see ya I guess."

Just like that, before Mr. Carnage could say another word, Rainbow Dash had zoomed off somewhere towards the direction of Ponyville.

He was still puzzled at her for calling him a unicorn, so he got his left hoof and reached up to his forehead; there he felt a large horn resting on the top of his head. He was also surprised at how surprisingly adept he was at using his own body, especially how he found it surprisingly easy to walk around on four legs, but he summed this up as something that must come naturally to ponies.

He spied a small puddle of water on the ground next to him and took this opportunity to see exactly what he looked like as a 'unicorn'.

The first thing he took in was his green coat, it was an Irish green, he attributed this to his half-Irish lineage. He realised that his face actually looked like his human face (minus the extended nose). His eyes were also a green that matched his eye colour in pony form also his hair colour matched his mane and tail; a coal black. He always got annoyed when ponies said it could be a very dark brown, he was proud of his black hair as he knew it was natural, unlike others who needed to dye theirs black.

His mane didn't look the same as Dash's; unlike hers it was more spiked and all over the place. He never really fussed about hair in that sense so he attributed this again to being formerly human. He even noticed a stubble covering the bottom half of his face, "How does a pony even get a stubble?"

With the understanding that his pony appearance was heavily affected by his human appearance and characteristics, he theorised that the magnifying glass on his flank was in relation to his profession being that of a detective

Hmmm... then is the rainbow one's ability creating rainbow lightning bolts?

As he went into deep thought again, he was interrupted yet again, but not by somepony talking but a very faint scream coming from the direction of Ponyville.

In a split second his brain had already summed the direction it was coming from, how far the pony was in proximity to him, the gender of pony screaming (in this case, a mare) and finally, his brain had switched him into gear to follow the scream and find out who it was, and (I'd suggest saying "more importantly" here) if they indeed needed help.

There Mr. Carnage ran off, towards the centre of... Ponyville *shudder*.

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