Sloth: Well it's been forever hasn't it guys. I have to say, in all honesty, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue this. However, after watching some old episodes of MBSAV and Teen Wolf, I decided, wtf, lets finish it. So now I'm going to end the story. Now in this chapter mind you. But the story is drawing to a close. We're so close to the end so lets keep going!

Summery: After being mauled by a strange dog, Ethan begins to act weird. Now it's finally down. The full moon is out. Will Ethan succumb to the wolf inside? Who will win between Jesse and Derek? As for Benny and Sarah...well, why spoil it all?

Independence Daze

All he could see were teeth. It was kind of disheartening that the teeth snapping in his face right now belonged to his friend. Rory held his hands out straight, trying his hardest to keep Ethan at bay. Having already dealt with a werewolf bite before, the last thing Rory needed was a repeat performance of one. Especially since this time it looked like Ethan wanted to chew him like a chew toy.

As of yet, Ethan hasn't turned into a full ledged wolf. If anything, he was some sort of mix between man and beast. He looked a little bulkier and taller. Not to mention he had total dog breath. A part of Rory remembered that Derek guy telling them that as a werewolf, Ethan would follow his instincts. Werewolves and vampires were mortal enemies. He had hoped Ethan wouldn't give in so easily.

"Sorry Ethan," Rory apologized before slamming their heads together. Ethan let out a surprised yelp as he reeled back. This gave Rory enough time to slip out from under Ethan and run like the wind. Unfortunately for him, werewolves could match speeds with vampires. For Rory, it was like he was running at normal pace as Ethan ran after him. On all fours.

"I need to start hitting the gym!" Rory shouted as he ran.



"Oh what a lovely place," Ethan's mom commented as Sarah and Benny led the boy's parents into the hidden room. They had somehow managed to find it thanks to Ethan's sloppy direction. In all honesty, they had only found it by accident when a vampire was thrown into them and Benny had fallen through a door.

"Whoa," Benny looked around the room. He could feel the electrical pulse that reminded him so much of magic. It was the same feeling he got whenever he used a spell. "Someone's been doing some heavy magic here."

"Look, there's the door Ethan was talking about." Sarah pointed. She led Ethan's parents to the door and opened it. She ushered them out, ignoring their bubbly chatter, and tried to follow. Unfortunately, an invisible force slammed into her and sent her flying backwards.


Benny ran up to her and helped her up. She thanked him and watched as he cautiously walked up to the door and walked in and out. "Ethan was right, something it keeping vampires in. Even fledglings."

"Great, well now what do we do?"

"More importantly, what do we do about them?" Benny pointed to Ethan's parents, who remained outside, completely oblivious to the world. "We can't just leave them there…can we?"

Sarah frowned. She knew Benny was right. With their current state, the Morgan's couldn't do anything. How they got here was a mystery in itself. She also knew she couldn't very well just go out there and help. Something was stopping her. "We got to find a way to undo this spell. If we don't there's going to be a blood bath."

Benny tried to perform a little spell, waving his hands and muttering an incantation. A sphere of white light pulsated in the air between his hands. He held it up towards the force field and let it fly. The ball of magic flew through the barrier with little resistance and crashed into a dumpster, startling a cat. Curious, Benny stuck his hand through the threshold.

"Looks like it only works on vampires."

"Ok, good. You can take Ethan's parents and get them out of here," Sarah suggested. Benny gave her a sour look.

"What? No way. What about you, or Erica and Rory?"

"We'll find a way out."

"No way. I'm not leaving any of you guys behind."

"And do what? Benny, Ethan's parents are hopped up on magical hallucinations. There are like, over 30 monsters upstairs that could eat them without even trying!"

As if to prove her point, a loud crash was heard upstairs, dust raining from the ceiling as if the building was coming undone from just the battle alone.

"We have to get them out of here and home. And if that means you leave us behind, then you leave. Us. Behind."

Benny looked between the adults, who were more or less drugged out of their minds, and then back at Sarah. He never would have imagined that he'd start caring about her. Now, he knew that, deep down, he couldn't hate her forever. More or less, he couldn't hate her to the point where she wanted her dead. Maybe to the point where he would never talk to her again and wanted her nowhere near Ethan. Now though…Now he cared. He couldn't imagine leaving her behind, returning to find her a pile of ashes.

Benny might not be the strongest guy around, but he was smart. He tore his eyes from the fledgling and looked at the barrier.


"Look, I'm not leaving. Ethan wouldn't want anything happening to you, and you know what, neither would I."


"Just let me do my thing."

He calmed himself, staring down at the invisible barrier. He needed to do this. He needed to get Sarah out. He needed to get Ethan's parents out. He needed to get Rory, and Erica, and Ethan out. He wanted them all home, back at Ethan's place, watching bad comedy movies and eating popcorn and cracking jokes.

He pooled together all the magic he could muster, white light forming in between his fingers. Sarah took a step back, eyes shifting between Benny and the stairwell. She didn't know what Benny was planning, but she was willing to trust him. Trust him with everything at stake. He wasn't going to leave them here, well she might as well watch his back while he did his thing.



The vampires were losing. This much she could tell. Now, she held no qualms towards the other vampires. Erica had long ago given up trying to be part of the vampire community. Well, at least the vampires who associated with Jesse. They were all crude, reckless, and they didn't care about anyone but themselves. She was sure that if she stuck by Jesse's flock, they would have turned on her like they were turning on each other right now.

Even as she fought off another werewolf, she could see some of her own kind, turning on their supposed comrades, either using each other as living shields, or just abandoning their friend for their own sake. It was pathetic. It gave the werewolves an advantage that they really didn't need.

The minute the full moon had arrived, standing high in the sky, the advantage had swiftly turned in favor of the wolves. It was like something out of a movie. The bowling alley had a clear roof, probably why the werewolves chose this place for the showdown, and it allowed the moonlight to filter into the alley. The moonlight was an aqua blue and it fueled the wolves. Each and every werewolf stopped fighting long enough to bask in the moonlight before they shed their human formed and turned into bipedal wolf-men.

They acted just like a real wolf pack. Their attacks were coordinated. Where one wolf would attack, another would be waiting to deliver the killing blow. She watched as one wolf struck a vampire, slashing across the hipster's back before kicking him in the face. The force of the attack sent the vampire into the air, where a second wolf jumped up from the ground and snapped its jaw around the vampire's neck and bit it in half.

It was both frightening and majestic.

Erica slammed a dagger into a werewolf's chest as it came towards her. She twisted it around before elbowing the beast in the snout. She soon realized that daggers weren't going to do much. The wolves had thick hides. The 6 inch blades all just seemed to barely touch the heart and just incapacitate the weaker wolves.

She pushed the wolf away from her, quickly looking around for another weapon. Her eyes caught sight of a silver chain. She moved swiftly, dodging claws and teeth, her fingers wrapping around the chain. She felt the thick, sharp claws of a wolf grab onto her jacket, pulling her backwards and into the air. The world seem to slow as her body was tossed into the air, her back arching. But Erica wasn't going to go down easily. With acrobatic skills that could make any cheerleader jealous, she twisted herself and her newfound weapon with her.

The six foot long chain twisted in the air, creating a musical tune. It was close to whistling actually. And as the whistling chain twisted around the wolf's neck, Erica came down, brandishing the bladed tip of the whip and driving it home. Her assailant let out a cry of pain before his flesh turned to dust and his bones snapped apart under the pressure of Erica's new found weapon.

Erica held onto the offending weapon. The silver was burning her hand, yet despite the pain, she couldn't help the smile on her face.

"Ooh. I like."

A growl drew Erica's attention and she looked up to see two wolves staring her down. She noticed one of the wolves had a name tag on its pelt.

"Really? You kept your name tag?"

Ally growled and the wolf and her partner were both ready to attack.

But a blond vampire in an oversized shirt came running by, jumping over Ally's partner.


"Run! Ethan's gone crazy!"

Right on cue, Ethan came pounding over the other werewolves, using Ally's head as a diving board to propel himself higher Erica barely managed to grab onto Rory and pull the two of them out of the way as Ethan clawed at the floor, concrete getting kicked up into the air as the boy's claws dug deep.

"Whoa. He's gotten stronger."

"Uh huh," Rory agreed meekly.

Ethan shook himself of the concrete, eyes glaring at his friends. Ally and the other wolf came up to his side, but the pup snapped at them, striking the unknown wolf with his tail and clawing at Ally with his…well claws. The other two barked and roared at him, but Ethan just struck back, taking them by surprise and knocking them away from him before he looked back at the vampires.

"What's going on?"

"Maybe he wants to kill us himself?"

"Rory, not helping."

Ethan's eyes narrowed in on the two blondes.

"What do we do? We can't fight him. He's our friend."

"I know. I've got a plan."

"Really? Alright. I knew I could count on you."

"Yeah, well run."

"Huh? Hey! Wait for me!"

And just like that, as vampires and werewolves fought, two blonds ran screaming from the obviously deranged runt of the litter.



The wall exploded as Derek rammed Jesse through it. The Alpha wolf barreled on through, pushing them through another wall, and another, and another until they stumbled into kitchen where they made all the cheap snack food. As they stumbled, wolf and vampire fell to the floor, rolling.

The two separated, Derek shifted from beast to human as he rolled away from Jesse. The younger male quickly jumped back onto his feet, fixing his jacket. The best thing about being the alpha, he got all the benefits of the full moon. He was always able to swift from wolf to human whenever he wanted to. Unlike the others, who could only morph their features to show their Lycanthropy, Derek could actually turn into a full fledge werewolf any given time.

But while the moon was full, that was when he truly excel. Everything was enhanced. He could smell the sweat on Jesse's brow. He could hear the older male's bones snapping back into place due to his accelerated healing. His eyes could see every movement from the small muscle spasm to the twitch in Jesse's eye. And he couldn't wait to taste Jesse's blood.

"Who would have thought that you would have ended up becoming the Alpha male," Jesse chuckled as he stood back up, his form appearing perfectly fine despite getting slammed through the wall.

"At least I don't go around robbing cradles. I mean seriously, what is it with vampires and dating younger women?"

"Better them than the same old hag for the past 200 years," Jesse countered. "How is Alexandra?"

"She's none of your business," the Alpha sneered.

"You know, I know she's somewhere in here. She's the only one powerful enough to actually trap us all in here."

"Seriously dude, stop trying to go after younger women. You can't even get it up anymore, so don't."

Jesse's eye twitched and Derek smiled.

"Mangy mutt."

"Just calling it how I see it, Edward."

"Ok, you know what, nobody calls me Edward!" Jesse dug into his back pocket and brandished his revolver. Derek barely had time to duck behind a shelf before the gun was fired. Derek cursed as the bullet ricocheted off the shelf and pierced the wall.

"Seriously? You brought a gun?"

"Hey, it's what I used to kill your brother. Might as well finish off the rest of your pathetic family with it."

Derek's jaws clenched at the mention of his brother. He couldn't let Jesse get to him. Not now. Not when he was this close to killing the vampire.

"You know, maybe after I'm done with you, I should find Ethan. Sure he's a werewolf now, but hey, you're right about using him. Who wouldn't want a Seer in their flock? I'm sure with a bit of persuasion, he'll start working for me."

"You know that won't work, Horace," Derek spat. "He hates you as much as I do."

"You're right. But if there's one thing I know about you Morgans is that you guys have a disgusting sense of loyalty. All I have to do if use one of his friends against him and he'll be working for me. Kind of like how you used his little blond friend."

"I'm nothing like you."

"Sure you're not. Because I'm smarter," Jesse said. "I'm faster, even if you've got a full moon to back you up. And you know what else?"

"You've got horrible taste in women?"

"No," Jesse laughed. "I'm an excellent shot."






Bang! Bang!


Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Benny! Stop!"

Sarah stood in front of the young magician, forcing his hands down.

"You've been at it for the past ten minutes. There's nothing we can do."

"I've got to try something," Benny sighed exasperated. He couldn't let it end like this. He wouldn't leave his friends behind, not knowing if they'd make it out or not. The thought of failing them after all they've gotten through. He just couldn't accept that it ended right here. "There's got to be a source to the spell. Something this strong can't be casted and not have a source. If we can find it-"

"Benny, just face it!" Sarah finally snapped. "There's nothing we can do. Even if we find the source, it could be too late. I can smell vampire AND werewolf ash coming from the vents. There's not much time left."

Benny sighed. He looked over at the Morgans. They were still out of it, looking at the furniture and discussing how "cute" and "adorably" they looked. It was cute. You know, if they weren't in a life threatening situation where one-third of the population of White Chapel was going to kill each other. He looked up at Sarah, seeing the resolution in her face. She was content with her fate and he knew it.

"Sarah…I'm sorry that I was so mean to you," he started. If this was going to be the last time they were going to see each other, he didn't want to have it end on bad terms. "Forgive me?"

"Only if you can forgive me for being just as mean to you."

He smiled. "Guess we're both forgiven," he laughed.

On an impulse, he pulled Sarah into a hug. He didn't know why. He didn't care. She didn't either, because Sarah reciprocated the hug. It might have been his imagination, but he could have sworn he felt something wet against his cheek.

A crash and thump and they knew they had to go. They broke apart, Benny giving Sarah one last smile.

"You know I'll just be coming back here, right?"

"Then you better hurry. Don't want to keep your friends waiting for some epic Benny Rescue."

"Right. I'll get right on that." He said as he stood up, making his way to the adults. "Come on Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. Time to get you guys home."

"Oh, are we leaving?"

"But the party's just begun!"

"Yeah, well, it's time to go."

Benny lead them towards the open door. Just like they thought, the Morgans and Benny were able to walk out the threshold. Benny turned around, giving Sarah one last look before he lead the Morgans away from the bowling alley.

Sarah sighed. She could hear the battle going into overdrive. There were howls from the wolves and vicious battle cries from the vampires. She knew she had to go back up there. She needed to find Erica and Rory. At least together they might stand a chance. And Ethan. She had to find Ethan. Maybe it wasn't too late. Maybe-

The door exploded two figures flying down the steps and hitting the floor at her feet, groaning in pain.

"Rory? Erica?" She bent down, checking on her friends.

"Ow," Erica groaned as she sat up. "For a tiny guy, he sure can throw."

"Mommy, can I get keep he puppy?" Rory moaned in a complete daze, his head lulling back as Sarah lifted his head.

"I'm going to blame that on a concussion," the dark haired fledgling mused. "What happened? Who were you fighting?"

"We weren't fighting," Erica stated as she stood up, helping Sarah lift Rory off his feet and help right him up. "We were running."

"From who?"

A growl drew their attention to the top step, where Ethan stood, his golden eyes zeroing in on his prey. He snarled at them. His muscles clenched as he crouched down.

"This can't be good." Were Sarah's last words before Ethan attacked.