A/N WARNING THIS WILL BE A SPANK FIC! This will be an out take from "Dead inside"

"Filthy mud-blood, you don't deserve to learn magic!" Draco sneered at Hermione.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy! I can't believe you!" I said giving him a look.

He rolled his eyes at me. Oh he is going to get it!

I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from my twin, and my best friends.

"You do not roll your eyes at me, do you understand? It is disrespectful and embarrassing. If you don't march over there and apologize right now you will be spanked in front of everyone that is out here. Understand?" I told him.

"You wouldn't spank me." He said cockily.

"Do you want to test me?" I asked.

"If you are going to spank me then do it." He taunted.

I smirked, "Okay if that's what you want." With that I sat down. "Get over my lap." He rolled his eyes.

"I took off his trousers and underwear and started spanking him.

"Ow! Bloody hell Bella let me up!" he yelled out.

"Hermione, Harry, Ron, why don't you help Draco learn his lesson?" I said.

"No, please no!" Draco said.

"You need to learn your lesson; they won't do anything that your father did, ok love? We are doing this because we love you; well I love you they put up with you. You need to try to be nicer though. Plus you did ask for this." I told him he nodded. I continued spanking him until Harry, Hermione, and Ron got over here.

"Don't be too harsh okay?" they nodded and I passed a now sobbing Draco to Harry, who conjured a paddle and gave him 20 with it. Next he was passed to Ron who had a belt, Ron gave him 10 which he was thankful for, I don't know how much more he can take… finally Hermione –who was next to me – got him and just used her hand which made me calm down, after 50 with her hand he was passed back to me, I lightly tapped his bum he sobbed harder thinking I would still spank him.

"I think he has overly learnt his lesson, don't you?" I asked.

"Yes!" Draco said. I smacked his bum.

"Shhh I am asking the people who spanked you." I said gently rubbing his red bottom.

"Yes he learnt his lesson." Harry said. They all agreed.

"Okay baby it's over I am going to pull up your pants now okay? It's going to hurt though." I told him pulling his pants up, he hissed when the fabric touched his bum.

The next hour was me comforting him as he sobbed.