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'I don't want to put you in any danger, that's why I kept this from you. You are the only one I trust.'

'Me and your wife I-'

'You are the only one I trust!'

'I am honored, but why are you-'

'I'm in danger…'


"So this is old man's office…" A blond mob peaked from the open window of the black car and immediately a woman's hand shot out and grabbed it puling the poor boy back in.

"This is it, and the woman by the window is Kurotsuchi…" The silver haired driver pointed to a black haired woman that smoked in the balcony on the second floor.

"So we are just going to watch her from down here?"

"It was your own idea Sasuke-kun!" the only woman on the car poked said man with her elbow, eliciting a growl from him.


The heavy veil of the night had fallen on Konoha's night sky and somewhere in the big city, five people were bored out of their minds.

"She out yet?"

"No Naruto…"

"She out yet?"

"No Naruto!"

"She out yet?"

"I SAID NO!" The pinkette banged her fist against the blond's head, making him squeal and rub the aching spot.


"She's leaving!" At the sound of Sai's voice everyone's head turned to watch the woman close the door behind her and enter a car. The older man started the engine and followed the red car until she stopped and entered her apartment building. She entered her house and locked the door, moments later she heard the bell ringing.

"Who is it?" She called and after a few seconds of silence, a loud voice boomed from the entrance.

"COULD YOU PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR, THIS IS NARUTO, SASUKE, KAKASHI, SAKURA AND SAI. I'M NARUTO!" After that a loud ouch was heard and she almost had a panic attack.

"Who are you? What do you want?" A different voice answered her question, this time the words were whispered.

"We were there when minister Onoki died. He told us to find you." Everything suddenly clicked in her mind and she rushed to open the door.


"I was the one to pick up his latest tests, he was absolutely healthy, I don't know what happened…" Kakashi furrowed his eyebrows.

"So he told us the truth?"

"I don't know, but he was afraid…"

"Of who?" The Uchiha seemed pretty interested this time, which surprised the team.

"I don't know, he never told me… All I know is that he was investigating something and someone wanted him to stop…"

"Is there someone else that might know something, his wife maybe?" The pinkette put a hand in the young woman's shoulder as she sobbed slightly.

"Probably not… I can give you the keys to his office, maybe you can find something there, but I must warn you first, what you are doing is really dangerous, when I got there after his death, someone had already broken in…he didn't take anything so I guessed he was searching for something" She retrieved her bag and searched for the keys, after clutching them in her fist she threw them to the older man.

"You better go there late in the afternoon, no one will be there then…"

The team left the apartment in a hurry and unknown to them two men watched their every move.

One day later


Somewhere in the outskirts of Konoha, an orange haired economical advisor closed the door behind him.


"Sasuke-sama? What are you doing up so early?"

"Give me everything you got, merges, income-"He received a questioning stare.

"But you were bored of all that!" The black haired male waved him off.

"Just get them and tell Suigetsu to have the limo ready, I'm going out."


"YEAH, WE'RE IN! Now what?" After entering the late man's office they scattered searching for clues. After finding nothing they regrouped.

"Maybe we should search for hidden rooms or something like that!" The blond boy threw himself in the floor and begun tapping the wooden surface.

"Maybe the ones that broke in here took something after a-"Kakashi was interrupted by a loud voice.

"I FOUNT IT! LISTEN IT SOUNDS DIFERENT!" and to prove his point he tapped louder. They all rushed to his side and Sai took out a small pocket knife.

After removing the wooden plate, Naruto almost jumped into the empty space and retrieved a key.

"I found it, what does it open?" The blond boy grinned from ear to ear holding up the key.

"We don't know…" At Sai's exclamation the grin fell from his face.

"So what do we do, now?" Kakashi mumbled to himself.

"We should probably ask Kurotsuchi-san if she knows something about it"

"I can't go tomorrow, I have to be at the channel…"

"I can't either, I have to meet with some weirdo…"

"I have work at the café too…"

"So that leaves me and Naruto…"



"Kurotsuchi-san, do you have any idea what that key opens?" The black haired male pulled the small object from his pocket and gave it to her. They met earlier that day and decided to sit at a bench, near the station.

"I have never seen it before…" Naruto face palmed.

"So we are back where we started from…"

"We should search old man's house, maybe his wife can help us."

"No, Naruto-san his wife would never help you, I can give you the keys to his house if you want…"


"So, that's them, good work Sasori, where did you get that photo?"

"I followed his secretary, I don't know who they are yet." A smirk.

"What about his wife?"

"Our man said that she wants more money to keep her mouth closed. What should I do?"

"Tell him to get rid of her, in her home. Leave no traces!"


"So we are going in tonight?"

"You bet we are teme!"

"We just have to wait for Kakashi" The pinkette huffed and opened the TV. There stood Kakashi, looking bored out of his mind and holding a permanent marker.

'Hello, what's your name and where are you calling from?'

'The name is Sachi and I'm calling from Mist'

'Okay, Sachi do you think you got the word we are looking for?'

'The word is Gasoline.'

'Oh I'm sorry, you lost. Next one…'

"Poor Kakashi-san he looks like he is being tortured. What time does that program end?" Sai reached for his glass and gulped down the water.

"Pass me the phone." The Uchiha was not a patient man. He took the phone and dialed the number that popped into the screen.

'Hello, what's your name and-'

"The word is Gastroenteritis, now get your ass over at Sai's, we got the keys to his apartment."

The man on the screen blinked a couple of times and then left hurriedly.


"This is so COOOOOOOL" the blond boy looked up with awe filled eyes.

"So far we've broken into an office and a house, you find that cool idiot?" His pink haired companion banked his head with her fist.

"But Sakura-chan, I don't think it is considered a crime if you have the keys!"

"Dobe, stop causing trouble and search!" The Uchiha tried another keyhole.

'Damn, doesn't fit here either'

They had been searching for half an hour and so far the key still remained a mystery.

"You think you are smart, teme, we should search his computer, his room, the files in his office or a possible diary he left behind. See, now who's smarter?"

The rest of the gang stared at him with an open mouth.

"Hm! And now hurry before someone gets here!"


The sound coming from the front door made everyone freeze. They panicked and rushed upstairs; entering the room they hid to the first place that came to their mind. Kakashi and Naruto hid behind the golden curtains, while the other three slid under the double bed.

They waited and waited and soon enough the sound of high-heeled shoes meeting the floor filled the room.

"Tell them that if they want me to keep their secret, they will have to pay big time. I won't say that again." A red haired woman walked across the room and slid the curtains closed, scaring the two men behind them.

"Besides, we are not here to talk…" The three people under the bed felt the mattress rush to their faces as someone had obviously threw their weight on it.

"What are they doing?" The silver haired man whispered to the one next to him.

"I don't know all I can hear is a pluch pluch" He raised an eyebrow.


"I think she bumped somewhere, Kakashi"


"Now, he bumped somewhere too!" The silver haired male peaked from behind the curtains and clapped a hand over his mouth.

"They're not bumping into anything you idiot, they are doing it!" The idiot gasped.

Meanwhile the other three kept their hands in front of them trying to protect themselves from the constant bouncing of the mattress.


Suddenly a phone rang.

"Don't answer it, keep going!" The woman echoed.

Sai panicked, and turned to the other two.

"That was my phone!" He mouthed and Sakura hissed.

"Turn it off!"

"It's in my back pocket!"

"Hop on it!" The Uchiha hissed angrily and the other boy did as it was told, to their immense relief the sound stopped.




'Yes? Sai do you hear me?'

"It's on the speakers!" He turned to the others, his facial features betraying his anxiousness.

'Sai can you hear me? That tape with the naked women is stuck on the DVD and we can't get it out.'

'Aren't we supposed to press eject?'

'Yes I know Ayame, I pressed eject!'

"What was that?" The unknown man's voice boomed in the room.

"I left the TV open downstairs, don't stop!"

'He's not answering, I'll call him later…'

Oh! Yesssssss!


"Why are you getting dressed?" The redhead emerged from the bathroom wearing a white robe.

"I'm leaving..." The man answered.

"Okay, but before you go I need you to think of a way to get in touch with your boss."

"That's impossible; I've never even seen him…"

"I don't care. I married who I married for his money, now that you killed him you'll have to provide for me!"

"I don't think that's how it works."

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing. And with you on my side-"

"Who said I'm on your side?" The man pulled something from behind his back.

"What are you doing, put the gun down!"

"A GUN?" the silver haired male quickly clapped his hand over the knucklehead's mouth. Meanwhile the minister's wife grabbed the unknown man's hand and the bullet that shot from the weapon almost got the blond boy before smashing the window.

Struggling noises were heard and the woman rushed out of the room.

"HAAAAAAAAAA!" Before the armed man knew what hit him, Naruto had already grabbed the vase that moments later connected with his head, knocking him out.

The remaining three came out from under the bed and they all run out of the house.


"Let's see things positive!" Kakashi tried to ease the tension a bit.

"Oh yeah tell me one good thing that happened today!" the pinkette almost screamed at him.

"Well… for starters Naruto over there won a wonderful new vase for his apartment!" Said man looked down to realize he was still holding the lethal weapon.

"I'm out."


"This is crazy, we don't know who we are after, we don't know what's happening and we are just going to get ourselves killed" Sai stood up and left.

"I'm out too, what happened today was ridiculous. We are obviously not cut out for stuff like that."

"TEME, you can't just walk away!" A hand on his shoulder stopped him from going after the two black haired guys.

"Let them go Naruto…"


"Look, let's just talk about it tomorrow, I think we all had enough for today…"

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