"Akuma, Kurono, Maru come downstairs" Kagome yelled.

She along with Sesshomaru was in their kitchen with their daughters Tsuki and Sakura.

Akuma, Kurono, and Maru were triplets and Tsuki and Sakura were twins.

Kurono was the eldest and looked exactly like his father but was more like Kagome. He was more carefree and happy.

Maru was next. He had Sesshomarus' hair but her eyes. He was more quite and thought things through like his father.

Akuma was the youngest of the guys. He had black hair but silver tips. He was more mischievous and clever. He had Sesshomarus way of thinking things through but Kagomes' pranking ways.

The girls were one year older then their brothers.

Tsuki had black hair with silver tips, blue eyes, and loved to meet people. She was sweet, kind and gentle.

Sakura looked exactly like her mother but with shimmering green eyes. She was tougher then her sister. The two always stood by each other no matter what. They get along just fine with their brothers but just like Sesshomaru the guys were protective. They would chase off every and any guy who came to close.

"Kurono" Sesshomaru said getting off the phone "Izumis' mother just called"

Izumi was 8 and a year younger then the boys. Izumi and his pups were like him and his friends. They all grew up together and would spend countless hours together.

"Her mother told me you two were playing a game but lost her" he said with authority "how do you loose a living breathing girl in the park"

"You forget to love and cherish her" Akuma said innocently coming into the conversation.

"Awww" Kagome cooed running to her son "and that's why you're my special little man" she giggled embracing her son.

Sesshomaru and the others just rolled their eyes and sat down for breakfast.

The two had kids 1 year after taking over their parents' companies. Sakura and Tsuki were 10 and the boys were 9.

Inuyasha mated a woman he met working at the company as Sesshomarus' partner. Her name was Mia. She was one of the kindest and sweetest girls' they have ever met. She and the girls got along fine. She had puppy dog light brown eyes and naturally dark brown wavy hair. She was tall enough to fit under his chin perfectly. She had a beautiful curvy body but as sweet as she was she knew how to hold her own in arguments between her and Inuyasha.

They mated a year after they met and had 4 pups. Aki, Kyo, and Yuki were both 7 and their youngest is Unmei and she was 4.

Sango and Miroku got engaged a week after Kagomes' birthday then married 6 months later. They had 7 kids. The oldest were now 12 while the last two turned 8 last week.

Rin ad Shippo mated 3 months after graduating college and had 5 pups. They were a handful especially with a pranking genius as a father.

"What shall we name this one love" Kagome asked softly. Right now they were in their back yard with their friends and family.

They all agreed not let work affect their lives and friendship and besides, they were the owners. They could come and go as the pleased.

They agreed to taking turns in hosting a little get togethers twice every other month.

Sesshomaru decided on a little pool party. He and the guys would just grill and let their pregnant partners relax.

"Hime" he answered rubbing her swollen belly.

"Daddys' little princess huh" she said laughing softly.

He smiled softly down at her and kissed her.

"I love you" he said nuzzling her mate mark.

"I love you too"