It had to be done with a utmost of stealth.

It had to be done without being detected by the owner of the house, and she had to do it.


Kagome's day had started out relatively normal; she had gone for a jog, and then had coffee with her old friends from high school. Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi had insisted on coffee once a month together. Then she had cleaned her small apartment, and had gone shopping. Her favorite formal dress store was having a sale, so she stopped by and started browsing.

Kagome was trying a pretty dress of red, when her phone rang.


"Kagome, you have work. Stop by the office." The voice on the other end chirped. She sighed, ending the call. After changing out of the dress, and putting her own clothes back on, she made her way to the till. The cashier folded it up neatly, and gave her a wink as he passed it back in a pristine white box. She gave a flattered smile, before leaving.

Kagome drove to a small building, located in the middle of the city. She swiped a card through several security terminals, before she proceeded deeper into the building. The stark white walls made her squint a moment, but she recovered quickly. A hand rose into the air, and she made her way over to it.

"Hey, Kagome!" the male smiled; he had raised his hand.

"Hojo," She nodded. "You called me in?"

"Yeah, the boss needs some top secret information, but it's located in-" Hojo paused, brushing his lanky brown hair from his face. He lowered his hazel eyes to his high-tech computer screen, and then turned it so Kagome could see.

The monitor was filled with a video screen, and it immediately filled with the face of her employer.

"Naraku," She nodded, giving the man a slight smile. He flashed one of his own, and then his face turned serious.

"Kagome, I have dire need of your skills."

"So Hojo said." She took a seat in a padded leather chair. "What is it you want me to do?"

"I need information, but it's inside the gang leader's own home, on his personal laptop." Naraku frowned, and brushed black hair off his face. "He's throwing a party tonight, and we've managed to secure a position on the guest list for you."

"What kind of information is it?" Kagome raised her eyebrows.

"Illegal acts; drug deal records, crimes. He's a gang leader, Kagome. Our client may be his own brother, but we're trying to bust the guy!" Naraku sounded exasperated. "Just copy his entire hard drive, and we'll look at it later."

"Yes, Naraku." She closed her piercing blue eyes momentarily. "I assume you'll have somebody send me the details?"

"Yes, you're free to go."

"Right. Bye." She stood, swinging the monitor around to her friend. "Thanks, Hojo."

"Oh, no problem, Kags." He laughed. "By the way, do you want to go out for dinner tomorrow night?"

"I don't know. It depends if Naraku has a job for me." She frowned, turning to leave. He sighed quietly as the door shut behind her.

The male in the next desk over sent him a sympathetic look.


Kagome went over to her computer the moment she returned home, and turned it on.

The information she wanted was in an email from one of the more elite of Hojo's co-workers.

To: AgentK

From: Elite5Member


Your target tonight it the gang leader's laptop. It is located in his personal study/library at all times.

Your identity is as follows: your name is Cecilia Neavu, the sister and co-owner of a illegal car dealership in France. You're heritage is Japanese, but you're parents moved to France with the two of you at a young age.

You are the younger of the two, and your brother's name is Jacques Neavu.

The party the target is hosting is a formal one, we won't provide clothing.

You'll choose how you approach the problem.

Elite 5 Member

Kagome reviewed the email in her head several times as she pulled off her jeans and threw them on the bed. She pulled on a black thong, and a matching lace bra. The new dress she had bought was taken out of its box and she pulled it on.

It was tight from her breast to her hips, and then flowed like a waterfall down to the floor. It had a plunging v-neck, and loose, draping sleeves to her elbows. Under the dress, she had on a pair of skintight, black shorts, and a tight black strapless top. For shoes, she wore red, knee high boots with heels. Then after grabbing a bag filled with anything she might need, she started the car and drove to the address she had been sent.