Chapter 1 How I Met Roy

I wake up to find Roy already at the table for breakfast I take the sit in front of him like I do every day and rub my head. I notice Roy's reading the comic book section of the newspaper while drinking his coffee.

"You are such a kid." I laugh at him. He raises an eyebrow at me.

"Are you sure you're one to talk Mr. Batman boxers?" He questions me.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with liking a superhero." I argue I rub my head again as my head seems to hurt when I say the word superhero. I use to be one . . . a superhero that is. But I can't remember being one, saving people, fighting alongside an amazing team. Sometimes I wish I could remember but other days I'm glad because Roy said remembering those days will only bring me pain. But it would be nice to just be able to go back to saving people for just one day. One day is all I'm asking for to put on that yellow costume and race through the town helping someone in need. Unfortunately I can't because Roy forbids any contact without his approval. And it's not only for the whole superhero thing but everything he's super protective. I look back up at Roy from my plate of fluffy pancakes he made for me. I can still remember the first day we met well the day I thought we first met so vividly.

I had just enrolled into Star City University ready to start my long path of being a doctor. I was so proud of myself having finished high school a year early well more like two years thanks to my late birthday I wouldn't have originally graduated until after I'm eighteen but I'm seventeen now starting my future. I just received my schedule and I left the front desk completely lost. I couldn't get a tour because it was lunch time and all the tour guides were on break. I'm allowed to come back later and get a tour but I wanted to go exploring. I stare at the tall building and students that walk right past me on the grey pavement that's surrounded by tall green grass. I stand there having no idea where the Science and Technology building is. That's when I see him; strong muscular arms with a tight red shirt that reveals all so nicely his eyes are a dark shade of blue that seemed to draw me in as I quickly gained interest in a guy I've never seen before, and his hair was red like mine but not as red closer to orange and I just stared at him as he continued to walk. . .in my direction. He finally stopped in front of me and smiled as if he knew me and I couldn't help but to smile back at him.

"Hey Wally. What are you doing here?" He asked me. And suddenly my mind began to spin. How does he know my name? Do I know him? I'm in a trance that I can't escape as I look at the amazingly good looking boy that stands in front of me. He gives me a good look realizing that I haven't answered his question.

"Wally, are you okay?" He asked. I felt happy as he said my name but I still didn't know who he was I scan my brain wondering how in the world I've met him before and I can't I look into his eyes and finally talk.

"Uh I'm sorry. But how do you know my name?" I asked him. The boy looked back at me with an almost surprised expression this time he gets a closer look at me.

"Sorry wrong person." He says and he starts to walk past me. My heart hurts by the fact that he's leaving already and I can't fight off the fact that he feels so familiar to me I turn around to face where he's going.

"My full name is Wallace West I'm seventeen years old and I recently graduated top of my class at Central City High School." I tell him. He turned back around to face me.

"So you go to school here now?" He asked walking up to me again. I nod my head.

"Today's my first day here. I just moved into this city last week." I tell him. His left eyebrow rises at what I just said.

"Are you staying with family?" He asked getting really personal but I answered him anyway not wanting him to leave.

"No, after I graduated my family and I thought it would be best if I grew up and moved out. Then my Uncle Barry wanted me to stay with him but my mind just told me his place wasn't the best place to stay at the time. I don't really know why my uncle is great but I just couldn't stay. And here I am at one of the many colleges that accepted me living with some old lady I met who's letting me stay for free."

"What's your uncle's last name?" He asked me after taking this all in.

"Allen, Barry Allen. Well his first name is actually B-."

"Do you know what your uncle does?" He asked me another question and I can't help but feel like I'm being interrogated like I did an extreme crime or something.

"Of course I do, he's a scientist."

"Does he do anything else?"

"Not that I'm aware of." I told him. Why is he so interested in my uncle? He puts his hand on his chin and looks at me again.

"And you're just a normal kid starting college?" He asks skeptically.

"Uh ya, unless I've been brainwashed by aliens which is highly unlikely since they're not real." My smile widened at the thought of aliens. His eyes seemed to open wide as I said that almost as if aliens are real and he's seen one before.

"And you have no idea who Robin is?"

"Robin? He's Batman's sidekick! This is totally cool like extremely cool. I wonder how he does it to be a superhero since he was just a little kid. Being a superhero must be tough work but it all pays off in the end because you get to save people. And that's the goal in life to help someone and he gets to do it every day! That's so cool." I told him beginning to wish I was a superhero myself I would have a cool cape and awesome tight costume. I already have the body for it and everything. I look back at the boy who had a growing smile on his face after hearing my answer.

"I'm Roy, Roy Harper. And no we have never met before in our lives but I'd really like to get to know you."

"Then how did you know my name?" I asked him then I was really confused.

"Uh I saw your schedule while I was walking up to you."

"Why were you walking up to me?" I asked him wondering why a guy like him would suddenly walk up to me.

"You looked pretty lost and thought I should help." He tells me he took the piece of paper from my grasp and looked at it. "Come on I'll give you a quick tour of the school." He told me I walk alongside him getting closer and closer to a tall building and that's how our relationship started. Well actually a few weeks after knowing him he begged me to move in with him telling me living with a stranger isn't the best thing to do and he was so persistent about it. He told me he'd take care of me and protect me from everything and rent was free and he'll even cook for me. How could I pass up a chance to live with a hot guy free of charge? And about a month later we started dating.

I look back up at Roy ending my flashback putting the puzzle pieces together I now realize why Roy walked up to me that day and how he truly knew my name.

"What's on the schedule today?" I ask Roy. See for my safety Roy plans out my whole day he decides what I do each day, when to do it, and I guess you can say how. It's a daily routine I don't do anything without Roy telling me its okay.

"Go to class and after class wait for me at Starbucks. The usual."

"Roy! That's so boring. Can't we do something different today?" I ask him. He smiles at me as he looks my way.

"Well after class I could cook you something nice, play romantic music, watch a few movies and have a stay at home date night." He tells me.

"Oh that would be fun!" I tell him with a hint of sarcasm. Why do we have to stay at home? That's boring too.

"What we do after will be fun." He says in a whisper. I'm done with my classes for the day and it's only one in the afternoon I walk over to Starbucks bored out of my mind and I can't believe I have to just wait here until three because that's when Roy's done like every other day. I dig into my pocket and find $30 total. I smile at the money realizing I had more than enough cash to take a bus do something fun and ride back before Roy finishes his classes. I buy a ticket and board the bus. I'm standing next to a pole looking for a seat when I finally spot one but then I see familiar black hair and light blue eyes wearing their school uniform in the next seat and I know its Dick Grayson.

Yay! Its finally Monday and here it is! I'm sorry that Robin/Dick isn't this chapter but this is the only chapter that he's not in. And I wanted everyone to know how Wally and Roy met. Its funny how Roy introduces himself to Wally after finding out he has no idea who Robin is. . .