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Quinn had been following her scent for days. He didn't know why he was doing it he just knew he had to. It was like he was being pulled to her. The straight that tied him to this world was hooked to her and when he strayed to far from her it pulled him right back in the direction of her. He had never been pulled like this before. It was like he was lost in this world with out her. He had never seen her face before but he knew he would love her.

He had caught her scent on the night of the last full moon and never stopped following it. He would change out of his tiger form to sleep and eat but that was all. As soon as he was done doing it he would change right back. That evening when he changed he caught her scent mixed with another male and that enraged him. He didn't want her to be around another male. He was made for her and he was made for him. They just didn't know it yet.

He was in a park when he picked up her scent again. He didn't want to stay out of his tiger form for long but he also didn't want there to be a tiger sighting in the area. It wasn't a good idea to be spotted somewhere no tigers lived. So he changed and took off at full speed to a cave he had passed. It was hard running away from her when he was being pulled to run back towards her. When he got to the cover of the cave he laid his long body down and to wait awhile for every one in the park to leave.

He fell asleep not meaning to. But he was awake with a jerk from inside his self. That was when he realized that she was closer then he had ever been to her. He poked his head out of the cave and looked around. That's when he saw her. She was climbing up the hill by the cave. She had long tanned legs. Her body was not slender but not quite built. Her dark chocolate hair hung down her back. It hung in straight lines to the top of her firm butt. She was giggling about something. She was looking to the top of the hill at a man that stood about the same height as her. He had his hands on his hips. His face was red and he was screaming at her to stop goofing off and get up the hill he wanted to leave. She just kept laughing as she tried to climb the hill.

He didn't even notice that she had gotten her foot caught up in the tree roots that littered the hill. But Quinn did. He took off in a flash changing in to his tiger form as he went. He was by the girl's side in a second looking down on her battered bleeding body. The guy took one look at the tiger and ran. Quinn licked the wounded women's face. She opened her eyes and looked at the tiger but before she could say anything Quinn shifted back to a human.

"Are you okay?" Quinn said.

"I think so." The women said in a trembling voice.

Quinn scooped her up and carried her back to the cave so he could attend to her wounds from the fall.

"You're a tiger?" the women asked.

"Yes, I can turn into a tiger. Are you scared miss?"

"No, my mother always told me there were things out here beside humans. I just never thought I would meet them. And I'm Amelia and you are?"

"I'm Quinn, nice to meet you." Quinn said and went back to cleaning her wounds.

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