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He was unbelievable. Every time she thought they were finally getting somewhere, he had to go and shut her out again.

Eddi had meant what she said earlier, someone must have really screwed him over to leave him so… ugh.

From the moment Luc had walked onto her ward they had clashed.

The rest of the staff on AAU had learned to keep out of their way when the sparks started to fly.

Despite the constant fighting, they did work well together. They were a team, albeit an extremely dysfunctional one.

Then the kiss happened. She was surprised, but undeniably pleased when Luc took note of her sobriety.

When he asked her to meet him after the shift, she almost laughed at finding herself led down to the wet lab. She should have expected it; it was his domain, after all.

And when he leaned in, her response was instinctive. His lips covered hers and she melted into his embrace.

There were no fireworks or fanfare, there was no need for it. She felt pure elation spreading throughout her body from her very core to her fingertips.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware of his hands firmly gripping onto her arm, where she had rolled up her sleeve.

All too soon, he released her and made a swift exit, mumbling some excuse about a patient or something.

Her head was spinning, trying to understand what had just happened between them.

They were cool with each other for weeks afterwards; their days were filled with awkward glances and painful silences.

However, there was no room for avoidance on a busy ward like AAU. They squabbled and bickered like always, the tension between them almost palpable, the atmosphere charged.

Try as she might, Eddi couldn't forget all that had transpired, and she was certain it was the same for Luc. The memory of the kiss hung over them like a constant shadow.

She was tired of it, tired of trying to understand Luc, tired of wanting to understand him and this stupid thing between them.

No matter what her head was telling her, Eddi's heart leapt and her pulse escalated whenever they were close.

Sometimes on the ward, their hands would brush past one another by time it happened, it felt like a jolt of electricity passed between them where their skin met.

Luc might try to hide it, but he felt it too, of that she was certain.

Perhaps that was why she found herself heading towards his camper van after her shift ended that night.

It hadn't been an easy day, the hospital was dealing with a Legionnaires' outbreak.

One man had already died on AAU and there were plenty of other cases.

The security guard, Kevin Drysdale had been complaining about feeling unwell and Luc had sent him home, mistaking his symptoms for a common cold.

Eddi didn't blame him; she certainly wouldn't have been able to make the diagnosis.

In fact, it was Luc's relentless determination which had uncovered the epidemic in the first place.

Unfortunately, he couldn't see it that way. He wasn't taking it well and Eddi knew he wouldn't want to talk about it.

Still, she could tell that he needed someone, that he needed her.

So she entered the camper van, and was unsurprised by his greeting,

"I don't want to talk about it," Luc looked up at her, clearly not surprised by her arrival.

"I know," she said simply, "That's not why I'm here."

He was feverishly reviewing the day's notes, his mind in turmoil, searching for something, a clue perhaps that would have lead him to an earlier diagnosis.

She was patient with his short words until sitting down with a deep breath; he began to open up, talking about his childhood and the comfort of hospitals.

She moved closer, her hand resting on his shoulder, trying to convey to him somehow that he was not at fault,

"I need to fix it," he stressed, the pain evident in his eyes.

Not completely understanding why, she turned his head to face her and looked into his eyes,

"Tomorrow," she breathed, there would be time to make up for any mistakes tomorrow.

This time, it was her turn to make the move, as she bent down to capture his lips with her own.

His hands rose to cup her face gently and draw her to him until they were impossibly close.

He needed her, Eddi thought as they tumbled onto the camper van's small narrow bed together, and she was going to be there for him.

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