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"Wait, you have a team? Cool!" Carlos ran forward and shook every bodies hands, but when he got to Arizona he pointed his huge gun at him.

"Yeah, he has personal space issues." Kendall muttered into Carlos' ear as he hid behind the blonde.

"Yeah, you couldn't of told me that earlier?" Carlos waved at the guy in sted.

"Kendall, it is nice to meet the guys that you talk nonstop about, we really need to get going. Also, you need to come with us." Stephian said as he grabbed him by the arm.

"Wait, I can't leave theses guys! Annie knows about them now and I am not leaving them to get hurt."

Stopping, Jermany and Arizona grabbed Logan and Carlos as Kendall grabbed James.

"Fine, but you get to explain this to your father."




Everybody was sitting in a huge jet at the moment and Carlos and Logan were talking to Jermany and Stephian nonstop with questions.

James and Kendall were sitting on a couch watching Arizona clean his gun.

"Hey Arizona, I think it is clean." Kendall said as James laid his arm around his boyfriends shoulder.

"Shut up Knight."

"I thought you last names was Schmidt?" James asked looking between Kendall and the big gun.

"It is but the guys have always made fun of the fake name. It sorta became my nickname for them I guess. Now how are you taking this all? I mean, it is a lot to take in." Kendall asked as he turned to face James. Also to block the view of the gun.

"I think I am doing fine, but there might be a panic attack at some point." Smiling, James pulled the blonde into a kiss.

"No visuals please!" Stephian said from his spot by Logan, everybody laughed. Pretty soon James and Kendall were alone in the corner as Arizona went to bed.

"Kendall, I have a few questions for you." James said as he played with Kendall's hair.


"Will, you said that you were able to carry a gun with you since you were 7 right?" Kendall nodded. "Will, I was just wondering, where do you keep it? Cause I mean, I have stripped you many times and I have not seen it."

Kendall couldn't help but laugh at that. This action caused everybody to look at them.

"What is so funny?" Carlos asked.

"Nothing!" James said as his face turned red.

"Jay Jay, do you really want to know?"


"Know what?" Logan said from his spot.

"Where I keep my gun." Kendall got up from his spot. James pouted.

"Are you really going to show them, because if you are you should show them all of them." Stephian said. "One time he had a gun and I didn't know where. When we were fooling around on break I set it off by punching him."

"Yeah, my first gun wound caused by my own team mate!"

"What! Where were you hit!" James asked as he got up to look Kendall over.

"You are not going to find it. The hospital at the agency is very good at patching him up."

"Any way!" Kendall gently pushed James back into his sitting spot. "Do you want to know or what?"

"Yes!" Carlos, Logan, and James shouted at the same time.

"Okay, here I go." Kendall reached down and pulled one out of his boot. "The most used hiding spot." Then he reached under his shirt and took one out of his pants loop. "Again, a general spot." The next one surprised the guys. He reached down his v-neck and pulled three small guns out of his chest. "Those where the hardest to get." Next, he pulled a chip this out from behind his ear.

"What is that?" Logan asked.

"Do you want to see what it does?"

"No! Kendall I swear, you set another one of those off I am going to kill you myself." Stephian said as he got up to get it but Kendall was too fast, he swallowed it. "Great, now look what you made him do!"

Smiling, Kendall walked over to the sink.

"These are my favorite. If I ever have a target that needs to lets say 'get distracted' for a moment I swallow one."

"Okay, what do they do?" James asked as he got up to go stand by Kendall, but Jermany stopped him.

"You do not want to do that dude."

Looking at Kendall, they saw that is face was changing to a paler color. Pretty soon Kendall was in hysterics.


"He is fine, the chip that he swallows makes him momentarily crazy. The perfect thing when you want to get out without being seen. Kendall would act like he is having a mental break down that people would have no choice but to call the hospital. By the time the ambulance gets there, we are out of the place."

"But if he goes to the hospital as a crazy person how do you get him out?"

"Oh, that is simple, you see, Kendall wouldn't be in the ambulance."

"Jermany, that doesn't make since."

"So. You guys don't get to know everything right away, any way you would need to see it to believe it."

Now Kendall was on the ground trying to dig a hole. The next thing you know he is pulling a gun out from his pants zipper and pointing it at Stephian. Laughing he drops the gun and pulls a knife out of his wrist and is throwing it at a mirror.

"You see, people don't like to be in a place that Kendall is throwing sharp objects, but don't worry, he never hits any body." Jermany said as he sat down reading a magazine.

Kendall was like that for an hour. Pulling knives out of no where, throwing them, crying, yelling at Carlos for being a short person saying that he belonged at the north pole, and he flirted with James like a school girl. James liked the last one.

Pretty soon, he was straddling James and sucking on his neck.

"Okay, now why did you want him to swallow that thing!" Stephain said as he pulled the blonde off.

Taking Kendall into the bathroom, he made Kendall, who was yelling at him for being a cock blocker, swallow a pill. This said pill made the blonde throw up.

"God, what happened this time?" Kendall said as he continued to throw up in the toilet.

"Will, the usual throwing sharp objects, yelling at people, you called Carlos an elf and that he should live in the north pole, oh yeah, and my favorite, straddled James and practically clawed at his jeans."

"What!" Running from the room, Kendall sees everybody starring at him. "Carlos, I am sorry!"

"Kendall! It wasn't you, don't worry. Now, just get the mental image out of my head of you and James!"

Laughing, James got up and hugged Kendall.

"I swear, next time you are going to swallow one of those things before we go to bed." James whispered into the blondes ear causing him to chuckle as he buried his head into James' chest. Like before he laid his hands beside his head.

"Okay, I think we have seen enough!" Jermany said as he threw a pillow at them.

Leading Kendall to the couch, James guided him into a laid down position and on his chest.

Yawning, Jermany said that he was heading to bed leaving Logan, Carlos, Stephian, and the two on the couch.

"I know that we should of asked earlier, but where is the agency?" Logan asked.

"Oh, in New York. It was the only place that we could find room big enough for the whole thing." Stephian said.

Logan and Carlos shook their heads. This was going to be a story to remember.

"Wait, why couldn't of we of just gone back to the Palm Woods?" Carlos asked.

"Will, Kendall is needed at the agency but with his cover blown, Kendall is going to need to leave."

"What! No!" Logan and Carlos said that same time, they expected the other two to argue too but looking they saw that they had fallen asleep.

"If you take Kendall away, he is going to be taken away from James." Logan said.

"Sorry but there is nothing that we can do, the only way to keep Kendall safe is too change locations."

"But, are we going to get to know where he is going?"

"No, like he said Agent Annie could find you and make you tell her. The only way to keep all of you safe is to send the three of you back to Minnesota and Kendall to another location."

Looking back at the two boys on the couch, James had no idea what was going to hit him when he woke up.

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