Gone Chapter 1




"What the hell was that?" Prue Shouted while looking through the Book of Shadows trying to find a way to save her sister.

"I'm sorry pure, I didn't think but if I didn't push you out the way you would be dead." Her sister shouted back pacing the room.

"Yeah that's just like you, you never do think. Do u realise what you have done, you may as well of handed her over to the demon yourself or much better went with the demon yourself."

"Yeah that's right Prue, I should have thought about what could happen if I jumped in the way but I couldn't think straight, I guess it would have been so much easier if I had of jumped in the way of the energy ball and let it kill me that way things would have been so much better all I do is screw up and ruin your lives you'd prefer if I died. Well prue you don't have to put up with me anymore I'm gone." With that she pushed passed prue and ran out the front door.

Prue stood there shocked, what had just happened. As she realised what her sister had just said she ran after her.

"PHOEBE." She shouted, running out the front door but her sister had gone and she was alone.

6 months later

The halliwell manor hadn't been the same for six months; it stood their silent with only one of the halliwell sisters' living inside. She was too busy tormenting demons to see that the world hadn't stopped moving. People were still living their lives not knowing what had happened to the halliwell sisters

She was determined to find her sister alive

"Where is my sister?"

"How should I know witch."

"Don't play smart with me, you're a demon, Now tell me where she is."

"I don't need to tell you anything witch."

"Your choice." Prue shouted throwing the vanquishing potion at them this continued demon after demon until she got information on her sister she wasn't going to give up.

Across the city Phoebe was alone and scared, wishing she had her sisters.

Phoebe's Nightmare

The upper level demon stood in front of the sisters ready to throw the energy ball at prue but before it hit her phoebe pushed her out the way and piper froze it. This gave the demon enough time to shimmer behind piper and take her.

End of Nightmare

Phoebe woke up rocking back and forth on her bed, When she had saved prue that night , she killed piper, she couldn't live with that and knew she needed to find a way to go back to that night and change what happened.

In the Underworld

"Master, what do you want me to do with her, she's fighting through my control."

"Turn her, it's the only way."

Chapter 2 Lost - Continue

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