Somewhere in the Underworld

Piper didn't know how long she had been locked in the cave somewhere down in the underworld or if she would ever see her sisters again and escape the torture.

she had been sitting on the make shift bed in the cave for awhile now just waiting for a demon to walk and end her torture but that didn't happen she collapsed onto the bed not understanding what happen she tried to stay awake but she couldn't it was like someone was controlling her.

Falling into a deep sleep she tried desperately to escape.

Prue and Pipers Dream

"Piper are you there? It's ok, it's just me Prue please calm down," Prue said hearing a panicked piper.

"Prue? Where are you, I can't see anything," Piper Whispered searching for her sister.

"Piper listen you can't see me, you can only here my voice, I have cast a spell because I need your help you need to say a spell with me to help save you and phoebe,"

"What's happened to Phoebe is she ok?"

"I don't know, I don't have much time once you wake up we will be connected so you will be able to hear me casting a spell all I need you to do is say the spell with me do you understand?"

"Yes, Prue I love you," Piper said as she heard Prue's voice fading as she opened her eyes and let the light in.

In the Underworld

Sitting up piper looked around to check everything was clear before she cast the spell with Prue

"The coast is clear," Piper thought hoping Prue could hear her.

"I'm just getting the spell ready keep me informed if anything changes, and don't worry I'm not going to leave you" Piper heard Prue say in her mind.

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