The sky was colored grey and a somber feeling rested in the air; the two complemented each other perfectly on a day like today. Joy was the last thing on peoples' minds as they moved out of a stone building, still drying their tears and dressed in black. Only ten minutes had passed and the building was already completely empty, well…almost. The two remaining souls were a pair little girls, sitting upon the steps that were as grey as the sky above them. The two were mirror images of each other: fair skin, ice-blue eyes, and cherry-blossom pink hair. The older sister absent-mindedly braided her little sister's straight hair as the wind ruffled her own slightly wavy hair. She was dressed in a knee-length black dress with cupped, fluttery sleeves and a silver sash tied around her waist with a perfect bow in the back. Her younger sister, who had just turned five, wore a dress similar to that of her sister's, but she wore a velvet shrug and the skirt was tea-length, adorned with tiny silver beads.

Two men in dark suits were talking in front of the sisters. The younger one hardly noticed them as she hummed a tune to herself and picked at the beads on her skirt but her elder sister by three years listened closely, only able to pick out meager bits of their conversation. She was almost sure they were talking about the two of them, judging by their constant glancing at the two. An unreadable expression was on both their faces as they chattered between each other. Her younger sister yawned and she embraced her tiny body, holding her close like a teddy bear.

The men in black exchanged cheerless agreements with each other before turning towards the two girls. Their parents had just died, every member of their extended family lived too far away, and there was no other option. They hated the idea of it, but again this was they only way of assuring these two sisters a safe childhood. One of them sighed deeply before he turned towards the pair of girls on the steps, the older one immediately directing her eyes filled with uncertainty at the men.

The two walked over to the girls and gestured for them to follow. The elder sibling instinctively took her sister's hand in her's and tagged along with the dark-suited men. Mother Nature's eyes watered along with the mens' and a light drizzle sprinkled over the peaceful city that stood hand-in-hand with the sea. One of the men gently picked up the younger sister, her tiny hand falling out of her sister's, and the other opened the door to his car, black as his suit. The older girl jumped into the car, expecting the other man to strap her sister in next to her but no. He was headed in the complete opposite direction!

"Wait! He has my sister!" The older girl protested as the man took the driver's seat.

The younger sister finally realized what was going on and began to bawl. The other man tried to console her, but it didn't work. He shed a tear himself as he strapped the child into his own car. The older of the two felt her heart stop as the car started.

"But he has my sister!" She yelled again, the first tears breaking through.

The younger sister cried even louder when she saw her sister's face in the back seat begin to move away. She struggled against the man's grip as he strapped her into the car seat, but the man obviously won. The little girl twisted her neck and met her sister's eyes for the last time. A single cry for each other escaped both of their throats.



I should be writing my other fics, I know. This idea has been in my head for MONTHS now and I just had to get it out! I also have NO CLUE how to wrap up my other fic, Guardian Angel II. But yeah, I'll probably get another chapter of this baby up and put it on hold until I finish Guardian Angel II and Do You Remember?
Annnnnnddddd...I love these two SO MUCH. I totally ship these two but not in an incest kinda way, in a super-great-amazing-sisterly-bond-that-formed-because-our-parents-died-and-we-have-to-look-out-for-each-other kinda way :D My same feeling with Vaan and Reks from Final Fantasy XII).

Anyway, enjoy!