OK. So , this is the first Boosh fic I have written and, when writing this bit I didn't think it would be a Boosh fic at all. It began as a musing at the bottom of AlKiMi's reviews (go read her story then my reviews and the next couple of parts are on there). And after some prompting I decided to publish it. If for some reason you have already read it on the reviews then this is mostly the same but with some minor changes and spellings etc. corrected.

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DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am writing FANFiction. And No, (unfortunately) I don't own anything (fairly obviously I think...). Oh, I owe the woman but that is it. :) And not in a creepy way cos that would be weird... Just in the sense that she is a figment of my imagination. I hope.

Chapter 1

She pulled the coat closer to her shriveling inside it underneath the dim orange glow of the street lights. Every so often a moth or some other creature of a similar disposition would come into path with the light and or her and she would jump, receding further into the huddled figure that was herself.

It was raining now as well. Damp drizzle slowly soaking every inch of her through the rain. It was truly deserted now apart from the occasional car or taxi that speed past spraying rain water onto her. She rounded the next corner into the alleyway. Now there wasn't even the light of the streetlights to light the uneven pavement. She would be there soon though. Soon

The next morning the rain seemed to have ceased or at least momentarily paused. Instead a thick mist had descended over city. Veiling the Gray flats and boarded up shops. Thinking back her mind noted that it had stopped raining when she had left last night. That must have been a few hours ago now. it really was a dismal place she considered, nothing really had any life to it apart from the crumbling hardware shop on the corner down the road from her flat. Even that was closed for the most part of the time, run by a drunkard and a junkie. Nothing work properly round here anymore.

and yet it was comfortable. No one poked or pried, they had their own lives to worry about. It was enclosed private. You could do what you want and no one gave a damn.

She had lived in a posh part of the city once. It had felt all wrong. Everything was proper. There was no room for personality. She had run away very soon after moving there.

She drew the curtains slightly and peered out onto the desolate street below. She probably aught to had been at work by now but her pyjamas were comfortable and bed was warm and welcoming compared to the weather outside. Besides, her head felt like nothing on earth before could ever compare to it.

And it the scratched battered car on the curb a fugue watched as the woman allowed the curtain to fall back to it's original place before purposely getting out of their car and crossing the road and ringing the doorbell on flat intercom

So? What do you think? Anything worth continuing? It you are reading this I presume you liked it or were hoping it would get better or else you would have gone back earlier. Wouldn't you?

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