The next few days passed in a bit of a blur. Reluctantly Jenna had slept for the first couple but now that she finally had some more energy back, she had been getting used to her surroundings. She felt much like an animal that had been taken out of its natural habitat and placed somewhere similar but not the same. Everything was nice enough but it was all still too new to be comfortable. However, she had discovered that the tenants had used to live in a zoo, Vince and Howard being the main keepers, so they were very good at making disorientated beings feel more comfortable in new surroundings and before long she was being treated as part of the family. Although the self-deprecating side of her pointed out that it might all just be a facade, she was grateful of it anyway.
She had also discovered much to her surprise and pleasure, that Bollo, the gorilla, could make very good scrambled eggs. She had also discovered that that was about all he could make, so one way of trying to make herself belong was by taking on the role of chief cook. She quickly found the likes and dislikes of the flats inhabitants; Vince wouldn't eat anything brown, sour unless it was sour sweets and most food had to be covered in edible glitter and sugar before he would eat it. Howard on the other hand ate wholesome and hearty foods, casseroles and pies and such but never anything too sickly. Naboo never ate with them, although Jenna took him a plated up meal of whatever they had had to his room, where he was normally high by 3 in the afternoon at the latest. Bollo, who Jenna had presumed would eat pretty much anything, had actually turned out to be a vegetarian and part time Vegan, thus proving to be the hardest to satisfy of the lot.

Yesterday Vince suggested that he and she go shopping and, seen, as she had not been outside since she arrived and that all her clothes had had to be left at her old (?) house, she agreed. However after the first two hours she was beginning to wish she hadn't. It wasn't that Vince wasn't fun to spend time with, his lively persona quickly spread to those around him, or that she didn't like shopping. It was more that she hadn't sat down since 9 that morning at that the only thing she had had to drink was a skittle milkshake which Vince drank most of anyway. The shop music and voices were driving her head insane, not to mention that the magic shield thing Naboo had put on her to protect her was making her go a little bit swimmy.

"Please Vince, can we not sit down for just a minute?"

"Ok, I suppose, you can wait there on that bench while I 'ave a look in here – they had a really Genius jacket the other day with little tassels and sequins all over, it was red leather but the genius thing was that in different lights it looks purple or blue and if..." Vince, finally noticing Jenna trailed off "Sorry, it's just I don't normally have anyone to talk fashion too sides from Bollo and he just says anything is good. I mean I guess Naboo might have a fashion sense but he's always too off his head to notice and Howards just useless, did you see what he was wearing earlier?!" Vince scoffed and even Jenna had to giggle a bit, the man had appeared after spending half an hour in the bathroom wearing a pair of dark green corduroy shorts and a chequered lumberjack shirt tucked into them, set off with a flat cap and sunglasses even though it was nearly December. Complete with moustache he looked like something out of one of the old films Jenna's third foster parents used to watch.

"S'ok. Guess it's just Naboo's magic stuff making me grumpy, I normally don't mind shopping" She wondered if this was a dangerous thing to say given how enthusiastic Vince had seemed when she had come this time. They were quite for a moment then Jenna said,

"Hey, I thought you were going to look for that Jacket?"

"Oh, yeah! Are you coming?"

"Nah, I'm gunna wait here for a bit, but you'll have to show it to me at some point if you don't buy it." As hard as Jenna tried she always felt like she was talking down to Vince as if he were a child, it must be that he had such a simple and carefree outlook and demeana on life, if he had clothes, friends and a bag of flying saucers and Gary Numan he was happy. Jenna smiled. Closing her eyes she thought about a salad bar she had seen a little while ago and wondered if she could persuade Vince to go in. After all she had spent more time in Top-shop than ever before in her life added together and more money, come to think of it. But when she had asked Vince where he got it all from (he had insisted on paying, or at least splitting the price) be had just jabbered something about a French Duke and his Uncle before picking up his previous sentience about how see through tops were the new must have thing.

As she was thinking something happened in the sky, although no-one else around her had appeared to notice sky was turning strangely black, the world around her beginning to fade to colours of gray. Where the sun had been was now a fiercely burning orange polo shape. Jenna opened her mouth to scream but couldn't make a noise. Tried to stand but it felt like she was in sticky tar, unable to move and she suddenly felt oh so very sleepy, she just wanted to close her eyes and sleep, let the blackness engulf her. All around her voices echoed in an odd singsong childlike manner, chanting nursery rhymes but in a spiteful and scary way. Then the voices were changing, growing angrier – children throwing insults at each other, taunting and teasing. And there were adult voices now as well, men shouting, women screaming, begging, crying.
Struggling with all her will she managed to stand, swaying drunkenly she made a move toward the shop Vince was in, with each step the blackness was trying to drown her more, the Voice's possessing every conscious thought. She, made it, stumbling, grabbing on to clothes rails and people, earning odd looks, but she didn't care, all she cared about was finding Vince and getting out of there. The voices were less and the blackness diminished as well but it was still enough to render her almost helpless. Finally spotting Vince she pushed toward him, knocking over a sale rail as she did so.

"Vince!" She slurred

"Hey, look at this! Genius isn't it, what do you think?" Vince was unfazed, too drowned in his own world of clothes.

"Vince... I, I think..."
"Yeah, your right... What about this though?" He pulled as second garment up to show her

"No Vince, This is important, you know the thing that's after me?"

"What? Like the police"

"No, the other world thing, surly Naboo told you?"

"Oh, yeah... I wasn't really listening... Hey, what do you think of this?"
"Vince I don't care about your clothes right now, Whatever it is it's found me I think. Look outside" She gestured as best she could toward the entrance

"Nah, it's just like before. C'mon you have to try this on, it's the best thing we've seen all day."

"Vince, I'm scared, it's trying to get me and I don't think I can fight it anymore"

"Hey, it's ok, we all get these worries about our look sometimes, you just have to take it and embrace it, sometimes a little change is the best thing." He said, sounding not unlike Goc Wan.

"No, Vince! The creature! Look, can you at least ring Naboo?"

"Well, I suppose so but I don't see how he's going to help"

"How he's going to help! He's going to do damn more than you have!"

"I highly doubt it. But if you think so..." Vince pulls out his phone and dials a number "Just to let you know he's most likely off his head so he won't have much of a clue about anything, least of all fashion advice..."

Jenna sighed, still catching glance's toward the sky outside, the gray black wasn't going anywhere but at least it wasn't getting closer. "Look, just give me the phone!" Vince hand's it over

"Naboo? Boo? Hello? Oh, Boo, listen, that creature, that thing, it's here. The sky's gone a funny colour and everything's gone gray... What? No, I'm inside a shop with Vince, it's not as bad in here, everything just keeps spinning around that's all... Oh for fuck's sake Naboo... Ok. Oh, ok. - " Jenna hands the phone back to Vince.

"Well?" He says expectantly

"He was off his head and Bollo can't drive the carpet -"

"Told you he'd be useless" Vince cut it

" – But he said one of the other shaman would come and pick us up."

"What! They'll be even less use than him, especially that nonce with the feather on his head, he knows the least of all about fashion than everyone..."

Jenna give's Vince an exasperated glare before sliding down to put her head between her knees and close her eyes whilst she waits for the shaman to arrive.

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