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Some days passed and Jenna slept for the majority of them. When she was awake she didn't open her eyes. She found herself with a distinct lack of energy and feeling very muzzy and swimmy. Not pleasant.

There was always a fresh layer of grass on the bed when she awoke but she didn't have a clue how it got there.

And then, one morning, she felt a small amount of energy return. Not much, just enough to prop herself up on one elbow and glance around her. She had time to finally take in her settings before someone rushed up to her, or rather a gaggle of people.

She was in a wood was the first thing that sprung to mind, not some clean hospital in the south of London. No, a dirty wood probably full of some sort of fungus things. This is what she blamed the second thing on. She was, once again, hallucinating. Around her stood an odd gaggle of almost human looking beings, each adorned in his or her own way. One appeared to have a feather fastened to his peculiar forehead and another's hair was so curly Jenna would swear it could have got up and walked away. Another was green al over and resembled something like a which whilst another, which could only be about 8 years old, was staring blankly into space and murmuring to himself. In the background could also be heard a faint

"What the! F it! I'm just as much a man as any of you, I am a respected and important member of the Shaman. You can't discriminate like this and leave me behind me just cos' I'm pink!" To which a

"It's not cos your pink you tentacled untactful twat of a berk!" Could be heard back. In reply the first voice simply yelled rather loudly

"What the! I am a hundred the Shaman you will ever be Saboo you ******! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!"

The one with a gigantic feather hat on his head coughed firmly "Saboo, Tony Harrison you will stop this and return to the present matter at hand, see, Kirk can stay quiet and focused without arguing for a time, so why can't you?"

"Kirk's not focused, e's completely off his tits!" The one Jenna presumed was Saboo muttered but then was quite. The other voice was still fuming quietly to it's self in the background but no one paid it anymore attention and after a bit it shut up as well. A tense yet oddly calming silence came over the clearing. Then someone Jenna did recognise pushed his way through the crowd.

"Naboo?" She dared to ask

"Yer… This isn't quite the introduction I had expected but…" And then to the other Shamen "c'mon, move back, give er a little space yer?" Reluctantly the shamen shuffle about three centimeters backward. Naboo pushes his way through the throng and moves over until he is right next to Jenna. Then, cautiously, as if he is unsure about what he is doing, takes her hand and gives it a quick squeeze. Somebody wolf-whistles and Boo shoots them a look of daggers.

"Ok..." He begins "Well... this is the shamen I was talking about... We actually exist so that's something and, despite what it may look like we honestly aren't rapists..."

Jenna just looks at him and realising her hand is still in his quickly draws away. Naboo blushes slightly and looks distinctly uncomfortable.

"So... umm... you're awake i guess I should explain what's going on..."

"Yes. I think you should." Jenna says, more aggressively that even she would have liked

"Well...It's like this..."

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