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Characters: Amu = Aquamarine; Utau = Hailey; Rima = Claire; Ikuto = Raymond; Kukai = Lifeguard, Ikuto's Friend; Nagihiko = Lifeguard, Ikuto and Kukai's Friend; Saaya = Cecilia; Lulu = Saaya's Friend; Mitsuki = Saaya's Friend; Yukari = Grandma Maggie; Nikaidou = Grandpa Bob; Souko = Utau's Mom; Tsumugu = Amu's Dad

Summary: Amu "Aquamarine" Hinamori swam away from home because she didn't want an arranged marriage. Utau and Rima are best friends. They have major crushes on Kukai and Nagi. They want to never be apart. But when Souko gets a new job in Australia, the two try to convince her out of moving away. After a huge storm, the girls find Amu taking refuge in the back pool. Amu tells them that she has to find true love in three days or she has to go back home. Amu spots Ikuto first and says she want to find love with him. At first, Utau and Rima disagree, but Amu tells them, "If you help a mermaid, you get a wish." They want to wish that Utau won't move, so they try everything to make Ikuto love Amu. They find love in a better than in a boy, and that's in a friend.

The scene is set in a beautiful ocean with fish of all species gleefully swimming around. A beautiful mermaid with pink hair and a red tail swam along with the sea creatures, giggling in happiness and humming a little song. The scene moves up from the sea and onto the land. The beach was packed with many people laughing and having a good time. Two specific girls were sitting in the shade of an umbrella and lying on a towel, reading magazines.

"It's so hot!" Utau exclaims. She was the girl with hip-length blond hair tied in pigtails and violet eyes that were squinting at the sun. She was pretty tall for her age.

"Would you relax," Rima turned and asked. She had knee-length wavy blond hair and golden eyes. She was shorter for her age. "It's summer vacation. Not everything is going bad."

"You're right. At least they're on lifeguard duty!" Utau said, emphasizing 'they're'. The two looked over the umbrella to see their crushes by a lifeguard tower. Utau's crush, Kukai, had medium brown hair and emerald eyes that held a spark of energy in them. Rima's crush, Nagihiko, had long purple hair and caramel eyes that almost matched hers. They were talking to their friend, Ikuto, who had midnight blue hair and sapphire eyes that could make any girl melt. Even Utau and Rima slightly blushed at him.

"I wonder how you get a guy like that," Rima commented.

"HEY BOYS~!" a voice squealed. It belonged to a girl with red hair in huge curls and dull green eyes.

"Oh, no," Utau complained, "Saaya's back from camp!"

Rima smirked and asked, "Did you order a sand witch!?" They both giggled at the insult."

"Maybe they found her annoying," Utau assumed, "There's only one way to know. First he'll run a hand through his hair. Then comes the reflex." (A.N. The move Raymond uses in the movie Aquamarine)

Ikuto, thankfully, held a bored look. But, Kukai lifted his hand and then ran it through his hair.

"No," Utau whispered.

Nagi put his arm up then slowly brought it down to his neck. "No, no, no, no," the girls repeated simultaneously. It was too late. Nagi brought his arm down all the way. "NO!" they cried and fell back.

Kukai heard their cry, looked over to them, and asked, "Hey! Are ya girls okay over there!?"

"Yep," Rima responded, "We're good! Totally fine!"

The three boys just shrugged and went back to work. Utau and Rima got up from their spot and walked over to Rima's grandma and grandpa, who were setting a billboard for a party.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Yuu," Utau greets.

"Hello, dear," Yukari gushes, "I'm afraid we have some bad news. We need to fire Kukai and Nagihiko."

"What? No!" Rima and Utau shout in unison while flailing their arms around.

Nikaidou and Yukari started to crack up. "We're…just…kidding," Nikaidou said in between laughs, "Now go inside for dinner girls."

The girls did as they were told and started to walk home, when Kairi stepped in front of them, having a lock of his green hair in front of one of his navy blue eyes, and held out a letter. "N or Z," he asked with a slight chuckle.

The two blondes gave a nervous laugh until he was out of earshot. Utau leaned down and whispered in Rima's ear, "He knows what you did last summer." They laughed until they reached home, making sure to lock the small gate. They walked into the kitchen and pulled out left-overs from the fridge.

Later at night, Utau was at home, attempting to get her goldfish out of his little castle. "Come on Treasure," she mumbled, "Do this for me, please."

Her mother, Souko, knocked on the door and opened it. She asked, "How was your day, sweetie? And can you please say more than one syllable?"

"It was fine," she replied, "That was three syllables."

"Honey, I know you upset—"

"You have no idea," Utau cut her off.

Souko continued, "But this is a big opportunity for us. I know that your father is usually never around due to work, but maybe this could be an opportunity for to try new things. So how about you start packing."

"How about I move in with Rima until I'm 19!" Souko leaves Utau alone for a while. Utau just grumbled and flopped down onto her bed to get some sleep.

The next night Utau went over to Rima's house to spend a night away from her mom to vent her frustration. She could always rely on Rima to understand her.

"It's just not fair," Utau sighed and fell backward onto the mattress, "I don't want to go Australia! I don't want us to be apart."

Rima looked over and reminded her, "But you do realize that we only have one week to stop your mom from moving to another continent."

Utau sat up and joked, "Well I haven't kissed Kukai yet, so I won't be going anywhere." The girls laughed very loudly, but it soon died down. "Hey! I know a trick that I found online about causing disasters."

"Those are never good words," Rima teased.

"Just shut up and listen. So you take the other person's hand like this," she instructed while holding Rima's hands, "and then the chants goes like this. Oh gods of thunder and lightning, and majestic waves, cause a storm so great to stop my mom from moving us away! Amen." After the prayer, she released Rima's hand.

"You're crazy."

"Am I?" Utau inquired with the look as her question. The two kept on laughing for most of the time. "So what do want to do no—"

She was cut off by a loud clap of thunder from outside. Suddenly, the lights started to flicker and the wind was intensifying every second. The two friends held each close from fear of the unexpected weather change. The ground was shaking a bit and then the lights had burst, leaving Utau and Rima in the dark.

"Rima, are you still alive?" Utau whispered.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she answered, hugging Utau closer, "And if anything happens to us, I want you to know that you'll always be my best friend."

"You'll always be my best friend, too," Utau confessed, "And I broke your MP3 player."

Rima made a 'humph' sound and playfully tackled Utau. The door abruptly flew open, and both girls screamed in terror. The shadow came closer, only to reveal Grandma Yukari in a rain coat.

"What are you girls doing here?" she scolded, "It's not safe around here. Come with me."

The blonds followed Yukari out to better shelter from the hurricane. Unknown to them a huge wave crashed near the outback pool, causing a certain pink-haired mermaid to land in it. She hoped it was good enough cover to hide from her stupid fate.

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