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Saaya drove all the way home with a devious plan buzzing in her head. She slammed the door and rushed inside to find her father. He was planning new lines for his weather report. Saaya saw the perfect opportunity since her daddy worked on TV.

"Daddy," she said with fake worry.

"What is it, sweetie?" Mr. Yamabuki asked her with concern.

"I think someone's stuck in the water tower."

The next day, Utau said goodbye to her mother and went out to see Amu. Rima did the same at her house. When they got to the tower, a large group of people and a news cast were there. Their eyes widened as they thought of what would happen if Amu was discovered. Utau and Rima pushed their way to the front, only to find Saaya making up a story.

"I was going on my daily run," she said into the microphone that her dad held, "and I heard a desperate cry for help at the top of the water tower. Obviously, the first thing I did was call for help."

Rima growled at Saaya and Utau watched in shock as firemen climbed to the top of the tower. When they reached in, they only found a pink inflatable dolphin.

"NO!" Saaya screeched, "NO! NO! NO! This is all wrong! She's up there; I know it!" She looked to the camera. "She's a mermaid! She's probably still under the water!"

Mr. Yamabuki signaled a commercial break and looked at his daughter with a stern look. "You made a fool out of me! Give me your keys! I'll be taking your car as punishment and you'll walk everywhere from now on!"

"Daddy," Saaya gasped with fake tears.

"Now, Saaya!"

She just grumbled, handed her dad the keys, and ran away in tears. The blondes giggled under their breaths and then started to wonder where Amu could have gone. In a house by the beach, Amu and Kairi were laughing at Saaya's freak-out on the television. You see, Kairi discovered Amu in the water tower late at night and helped her out. He kept her secret and saved her before the news cast arrived.

"Thank you so much," Amu told Kairi, "If it weren't for you, then I would have been a goner."

"You're welcome," he responded. He remembered that he found something in the pool that one day. He pulled a lock, with four jewels that looked like a four-leaf clover, out of his pocket. "Is this yours? I found in the pool one day. According to the data, it's known to be a treasure of the sea."

"Well, you're data's correct." Then Amu noticed that Kairi was staring out the window and at a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was tied in pigtails with red ribbons. She was just skipping along without a care in the world. "You, know, if you help a mermaid you get a wish." Amu just smiled at Kairi with kindness.

Back with Utau and Rima, they were looking everywhere for Amu. They spotted Ikuto walking toward them. He was in a rush for something.

"Hey girls," he greeted, "Where's Amu? I need to talk to her."

"Well," Rima replied, "we're not sure yet, but we'll tell her to meet you."

"Great. Tell her to meet me by the pier at 6:00, okay?"

"Alright," Utau replied.

Right when Ikuto walked away, Amu appeared behind the two. They told her about Ikuto and his request to see her. The three girls held hands and jumped for joy. When it was 6:00, Amu arrived at the pier with Utau and Rima under the bridge to hear what the two had to say.

Ikuto saw Amu and put an arm around her waist. "Miss me, strawberry? Because I missed you," he whispered into her ear.

Amu squeaked and jumped away. She was blushing like mad and Ikuto chuckled at her reaction. They strode along the boardwalk and started to have a small conversation. Utau and Rima were losing them and decided to go above instead of under. Rima suggested using the binoculars and spied on them from a distance.

Amu and Ikuto were at the edge of the pier when the pinkette wanted to find the answer to the question that's been in her head since the day she swam away from home.

"Ikuto," Amu said, looking in his eyes.

"Yeah, what is it?" Ikuto asked.

"Well…I need to know something. I've needed to find an answer for so long so here it goes. Do you love me?"

To say Ikuto was shocked would be an understatement. He felt something for the girl in front of him ever since he looked into her beautiful eyes. The only thing left to do was tell her how he felt inside.

"Amu," Ikuto said to her. He started to lean in close to her. "I—"

Right when they were about to kiss, a scream was heard in the distance. The two broke their gaze to see Saaya storming toward them. "Stay away from him, you scaly bitch!" she screeched. With those words, she pushed Amu off the edge and into the ocean while she grabbed Ikuto's arm with a smug look on her face. A storm started brewing and winds blew mercilessly.

The pinkette made a huge splash. Utau and Rima didn't hesitate to run to Amu's rescue. Ikuto was furious with Saaya. He pushed her off of him and dove in the water to save Amu. Her legs were turned back into her red tail. The blondes showed up in time to see Amu being pulled out to sea. Utau kicked off her shoes and was about to run in when Rima grabbed her hand.

She gave a small smile and said, "You're won't be the only one to save the day."

They both jumped in and swam to the buoy that Amu was holding onto for dear life. They swam against the currents until they finally reached her.

"Amu," the two shouted, "Hold on!"

"I failed guys," Amu cried, "I didn't prove love exists! I have to go back now!"

"No you don't Amu!" Utau yelled against the winds that were blowing. "Look for yourself!" She pointed to Ikuto swimming toward them. The blondes swam back to shore as best as they could.

Ikuto looked at Amu with pure worry evident in his eyes. "Amu, are you alright?"

"No because love doesn't exist!"

"Yes it does!" He grabbed her cheeks a caressed her face. "It does exist! It exists because I love you, Amu."

In that moment, he captured her lips with his in an explosion of love and a passion Amu never felt before. During their kiss, the storm clouds rolled away and the winds died down. Utau and Rima saw the whole thing and were left awestruck by the occurrences. The two new lovers broke apart with smiles on their faces. Ikuto took Amu to the shore so her tail turned back into legs. The girls all shared a big huge.

Saaya, however, was throwing a tantrum and whining at the top of her lungs. She thought it just wasn't fair. "How could you!" she screamed at Amu, "You're a stupid mythical creature and you manage to get Ikuto! You're a fish and he chooses you over me!" The red-head was furious. She swung her arm to slap Amu but Utau blocked it.

"Don't touch her!" Utau yelled.

"What do you care!" Saaya retorted.

Rima was fed up with the bitch and stepped in. "We care because we love Amu and don't want to see her hurt!" The blond kicked Saaya with all she had and caused Saaya to get frightened and run.

Utau and Rima hugged Amu tight and started crying tears of joy. Their best friend was staying!

"Thank you," Amu said, "I want to give you a present." She took off her starfish earrings and gave one to Utau and one to Rima. "Starfish may be suck-ups but they never lie."

Utau put hers on first. "Utau has the kindest heart," it complimented her.

Rima put hers on next. "Rima is so wonderful. She'll never let you down," it told her.

"Well," Utau said, winking at Amu, "I guess you'll be with us for a long time."

"What about your wish?" the pinkette asked in confusion.

"We don't need it," Rima answered, "A friend with fins is good enough for us!"

The girls were all so happy until Amu squeaked when an arm wrapped around her waist. She turned to see shining sapphire eyes.

"Hey," Ikuto pouted, "Don't I get a present, too?"

Amu giggled and tackled him to the sand while giving him a kiss.

The next day, Utau and Rima were walking through the sand since Amu was on a date with Ikuto. She was allowed to stay at Rima's house for as long as she wanted. Utau's mom decided to turn down the job in Australia after seeing her daughter acting happier than ever. The two girls were shocked when they saw Kairi and Yaya holding hands. A nerd and a hyper kid were a good combo after all. Utau was challenged by Kukai to an eating contest while Nagi offered to walk with Rima along the beach. It was a happy ending for everyone. Well, except for Saaya. She was forced to get a job working on a cleaning crew for the beach.

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