Katou did as he said and mad him a new omelet but Iwaki was still angry so Katou got an idea and did something foolish to make Iwaki laugh and he succeeded then they spent that night holding each other and not letting go at all.

The next day, was a warm sunny day. The birds were singing and Iwaki could hear the tree's rustle while he sat in a comfy chair in their balcony. He had a glass of cold water on the table next to him with some crackers in case if he felt like vomiting again. Suddenly he heard the door "click". With just that he knew that the person he loved the most in this whole world had just come in, so he slightly turned and said.

"Welcome back." (Okaeri)

"I'm home!" (Tadaima!)

Iwaki smiled, and as Katou approached he started to stand up but was stopped by Katou when he placed his hand on Iwaki's shoulder. Iwaki then looked up at Katou who was smiling, with a puzzled look, seeing that, Katou started.

"Please keep sitting Iwaki-san I don't want to disturb you."

"I won't get disturbed by such thin…" he was cut off by Katou's sudden movement, what he saw was that Katou had bent on his knees and was rubbing his belly with a tender hand with such a loving look on his face that Iwaki couldn't resist smiling and thought "what a loving father he will be".

Katou looked up and saw Iwaki and was shocked to see that he was actually smiling; usually Iwaki would make a huge fuss about treating him like a woman but today he seemed different.

"What's the matter? You're in a really nice mood that you're not scolding me. Well? What is it?"

Iwaki's smile turned in to a scowl and Katou who had a naughty look on his face turned into a o_o look with sweat running down his face. Suddenly Iwaki got up from his seat and said with a glair.

"I can't believe you actually forgot? AND TO THINK I THOUGHT YOU COULD BECOME A GOOD FATHER!"


Iwaki calmed down a bit because he remembered that the doctor told him not to get hyper as that might affect the baby so he took a deep breath and said.

"Today… we have an appointment with the doctor… regarding the baby"

Katou suddenly realized and said.

"I am so sorry! I can't believe I forgot such a big event, it slipped out of my mind! What time is the appointment?"

"At three o'clock (03:00pm)"

"My God! There is only half hour left till the appointment! Let's go get ready!"

He took Iwaki's hand walked towards the bed room. When they reached the bedroom Katou opened their wardrobe and pulled out a yellow shirt with white jeans for himself and black jeans, shirt and a badge coat which was a tropical coat for Iwaki.

Then they went in the underground parking and Katou unlocked his red Ferrari and then opened the door for Iwaki. Then sat on the driving seat and started the car and were off.

At the hospital

Iwaki and Katou got out of the car locked it and went inside the hospital through the front gate. The people inside were stunned to see the couple come inside and the atmosphere in the hospital became tense and a sharp silence echoed through the ward where the two were and due to this Iwaki became a little tense and uneasy, when Katou saw this he said to break the silence.

"Iwaki-san, wait here and I will go and see the doctor."

Iwaki nodded and told Katou to go. In the waiting room, he sat on one of the benches and as he waited he saw a magazine next to him so he picked it up and skim read through the pages until he saw a page with his and Katou's picture on it and was stunned when he saw it as the picture was taken when he and Katou were kissing in the park from the last time they went on a date "to think, the follow u everywhere" he thought. He quickly closed the magazine and put it on the side. Suddenly a small ball came and hit him on the leg and when he tried to pick it up, he saw in front of him that a child was about to trip and fall when Iwaki caught him. The boy had closed his eyes shut! When he opened his eyes he saw a beautiful person standing in front of him, his fear of falling was turned into a happy smile when he saw the beautiful person smiling. Everyone in the room was watching, and waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Meanwhile Katou talked with the doctor and had just came in the waiting room when he saw this whole seen happen, a grin formed on his face and stood there watching what would happen next just like everyone else was.

Iwaki smiled and rubbed the boy's hair, and said.

"Are you alright? You're not hurt are you?"

The boy politely nodded and said.

"Thank you very much sir."

After saying this he smiled his sunniest smile and bowed in thanks and then ran to his mommy.

Iwaki thought "what a polite child, his mother has taught him well". With that he had an impressed look on his face that is the time Katou approached and said.

"the doctor is expecting you, won't you come?"

"yes, your right… lets go"

While they were going to the room where the doctor was the same child's mother approached by saying.

"Is something wrong? Why are you in the hospital?"

"Oh there is nothing serious, we are just here for a checkup and that's all"

Said Iwaki with a smile and was having a very assuring look on his face that convinced the woman. The woman bowed in politeness then Iwaki did the same and went towards the door thinking "like mother like son" he thought this and went out the waiting room smiling.