Chapter 50

I am soooooooooooo sorry for not updating for more than a year! Please forgive me! I have this semi lemon and tell me what you think about the ending~ good news, I can take requests if you guys have any. I love to write yaoi and if you want it mild then I can manage, so don't hold back in your request people~.

Lots of Love


Katou took out a velvet box and handed to iwaki and iwaki sighed as he looked at it and slowly opened it…but his eyes widened and he broke into a smile and looked at katou lovingly.

"you shouldn't have…"

It had been 25 years to their marriage, iwaki reached and pulled out the sparkling diamond necklace and looked at it shimmer and shine.

"Happy birthday and silver jubilee…though it's a bit early…" katou smiled back and leaned closer "let me put it on you…

The chain was made of platinum and had diamonds interconnected. Katou took it and put it on iwaki's neck and kissed his neck after sliding his hand on his shoulders. Iwaki moaned gently and katou's kiss and katou smiled.

"I want you…" iwaki nodded when katou licked the shell of his ear and kissed it…soon enough both of them were on their bed making love…

He layed iwaki on the bed and kissed him gently as he slowly stipped him of his clothes.

"K-Katou…" iwaki moaned as katou kissed his neck gently moving down lower and lower. Once iwaki was completely bare, katou took his own clothes off and began to stroke him. Iwaki jerked at the sensation of katou's grip on him and moaned a bit louder, the moans made katou twitch getting even more turned on and began to pant lightly as he held back the urge to just plunge into the sweet tasting opening of his lover. He pushed two fingers in and felt how wet is beloved was getting by the thoughts of what was going to happen in a few moments.

"Katou…h…hurry…" iwaki twitched as he couldn't take it anymore and wanted katou.

"not yet…" Katou spoke leaning down and licking the place he had just fingered.

"AAhh!" Iwaki jerked feeling his tongue push in.

Katou keps on licking and dipping his tongue in and out for a while and then raised his head too look at his lover whose pale skin was now sweating with a tang of pink. He grabbed iwaki's legs and pulled him closer putting his legs over his shoulders and adjusting the perfect angle he knew would make iwaki reach the heights of pleasure.

Iwaki looked at katou with humid eyes and licked his lip and his eyes locked with katou's. Katou plunged in immediately making iwaki scream as katou was in till the hilt and rubs against the bundle of nerves inside iwaki. Iwaki could only moan and scream once katou began to move thrusting into iwaki making him moan and grip the bedsheets.

The night was filled with passionate moans and screams, they couple made love till the break of dawn…

"you should have made this last year and making it two bracelets…" said iwaki lying in the heated embrace of his passionate lover looking at his the chain. "…so that we could wear them together…"

Katou smiled "how about you make the next one of 25 diamonds and give it to me then?" iwaki looked at katou as tear threaten to come out because he knew that katou wanted to be with him for 25 more years and he hugged him and kissed him again.