Nothing Short of Everything

Btvs/Supernatural crossover

Summary: When Buffy's parents are murdered by vampires, John Winchester takes her in. How different will her life be, being raised in a family of hunters? What happens when she's called as The Slayer?

Pairing: Buffy/Dean, No Sam pairing for quite a while.

Raiting: We'll go with M. There's gonna be some naughty parts.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. No copyright infringement intended.

AN: This fic is inspired by "I Can't Face The Dark Without You" by Dex-El. It hasn't been updated in a while and I had an idea for my own take on it. It's a great fic, definitely worth checking out.

AN2: Alright, please be aware that Buffy and Dean may be just a little bit OOC. Being raised by John Winchester would have a different effect on her personality than being raised by Joyce, so certain differences are done on purpose. Dean will also be a bit different. He'll still be his same loveable, moody, smartass, "No chick-flick moments" self, but not having the bear the burden of taking care of his brother on his own and always having someone to lean on would definitely have an effect on him. But at their very core she's still 100% Buffy and he's still 100% Dean.



June 12, 1986

John Winchester walked into Bobby Singer's home late that night, looking tired and old beyond his years.

"How'd it go?" Bobby asked, looking up from whatever was on his desk.

John just turned slightly, revealing the bundle he was carrying in his arms, the figures blond hair a stark contrast to the dark coat she was wrapped in.

"Vampires." John said simply.

Hank and Joyce Summers had been good people, and Hank had been a helluva hunter, and a long time friend of John's. The vampires had set their home on fire, forcing them to come outside, then had overpowered them, draining them dry as their little girl watched from her hiding place under a car. John had gotten there far too late but had found Buffy, crying and terrified.

John placed the sleeping girl onto the couch, and sighed.

"What are you gonna do?" Bobby asked.

"Hank was a good friend of mine, I'd hate to see his little girl get tossed around in foster care… but I got two of my own. What the hell am I gonna do with a third?"

Bobby shrugged. "You'll do what you need to do."

John nodded.


John looked over to see 6 year old Dean coming into the living room. "Hey." John ruffled his hair. "What are you doing up?"

Dean shrugged. He looked at the girl on the couch. "Who's that, daddy?"

"Her name is Buffy, but don't wake her up. She's had a hard night." John knelt down to Dean's eye level. "Listen Dean, you remember how I told you something bad took your mommy away? Well something bad took Buffy's mom and dad away too. So she's gonna be staying with us. Okay?"

Dean frowned, but nodded in acceptance.

"Alright. Now go on back to bed." John said and watched as Dean walked back toward the bedroom.


The next morning, John awoke and went into the other room the check on his sons. Dean was gone.

"Dean?" John called, looking around the house. "Dean!"

John finally came into the living room and looked around. John let out a breath when he looked at the couch. There on the couch next to Buffy, was Dean, a blanket tucked around them and his small arms wrapped around her.

John couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Well, well. I'm tellin' you, John. That kid's gonna give you hell when he gets older." Bobby said from behind him.

"No kidding."


10 years later.

"Dad." Dean's stressed voice came over the phone. "Something's going on. There's some weird guy hanging around. He's trying to take Buffy away."

Dean, Sam, and Buffy were holed up in a small house just outside of Silverton, Oregon, where they had been staying for a month while John went on hunts in the area.

"Did you salt all the entrances?" John demanded.


"Good. Now tell me what happened."

"Um, well I'll let her explain." Dean said, passing the phone to Buffy.

"Hello?" Buffy said.

"Tell me what happened with this man, Buffy." John said.

"Well Dean and I were leaving school today, when this old guy in a long gray coat comes up to me. And he's all 'Miss Summers, I must speak to you at once' which set off an alarm for because, ya know, why does creepy old guy know my name? So me and Dean stand there waiting to see what he's gonna say, but whatever it is, he doesn't wanna tell me in front of Dean. Then he tells me I have to come with him and tries to pull me away from Dean. So then I jerked my arm away from him, and me and Dean get the hell outta there." Buffy explained in a long ramble.

"Were you followed?" John asked, worried.

"No sir. We made sure."

"Alright I want all of you to stay inside till I get back. No leaving the house for any reason, and no visitors. Do you understand?" John barked out.

"Yes sir. I'll tell the others." Buffy replied.

She put the phone down as John hung up and looked at Dean and Sam. "Well guys we're on lock down." She said with a sigh.

"What?" Sam exclaimed. "For how long?"

"Till he gets back." Buffy answered.

"Well upside, we get outta school." Dean told Buffy, pulling her down next to him on the sofa, and sliding his arm around her shoulders.

Ever since John had brought Buffy home, that fateful night 10 years ago, Dean and Buffy had been inseparable. Despite Dean being a year older, they'd done everything together. Even their sleeping arrangements from that first night had become a habit, in spite of John's best efforts. It seemed no matter what John did, somehow Dean would always end up in Buffy's room by the end of the night. After many years, John had just given up on keeping them separated at night. He just prayed they wouldn't make him a grandfather.

Dean's eyes flickered to the chain around her neck, a small ring dangling from it and he smiled at the memory.

He'd gotten the ring out of a gumball machine when he was 8, and had gone outside and sat next to her on a bench. He'd held the ring out to her without preamble.

'What's this for?' She'd asked.

'When we get older, I'm gonna marry you. When you're gonna marry somebody, you're supposed to give them a ring. I saw it on TV once.' Dean had explained. He slid the ring onto her finger and gave her a serious look. 'Now you can't marry anyone else.' He'd said sternly.

Buffy had just giggled. 'Why would I wanna do that anyway?'

Dean shrugged. 'I dunno. But you can't, okay?'

'I promise.'

'Are you my girlfriend?' Dean asked.

Buffy nodded. 'And you're my boyfriend right?'

Dean nodded.

When Dean was 12, he'd made the mistake of kissing a girl in his class, Marcy something or other. Buffy had been furious. She'd punched him square in the nose and had refused to say one word to him for an entire week. It had taken a whole lot of pleading on his part but she'd eventually forgiven him, and they'd been officially together ever since.

Now Dean was 16, Buffy 15, and teenaged hormones were in full swing. There was definitely a huge perk to having a girlfriend that lived with you and a dad who was hardly ever home. They had huge amounts of alone time to experiment as they pleased. But despite all that alone time, they were both still virgins.

Dean was broken out of his reverie by more of Sam's whining.

"Great, we've only been here for a month and I've already had to miss school twice!" Sam complained.

"Shut it, Sammy, it's not that bad." Dean said. "Dad will be back in a couple days, and we'll figure out what the deal with this guy is and that'll be that."

"It sucks that he wouldn't take us on the hunt with him." Buffy said, sulking a bit.

Growing up with the Winchesters, training and hunting had been a standard. Once they were big enough to fire a shotgun, John had taken them on hunts with him and made them train rigorously when they didn't have a job or school. Buffy loved it. There was just something about the hunt that felt so right. Like destroying evil was what she was meant to do. Buffy's aim was flawless, never failing to take down what she shot, however, Buffy found that she preferred knives and daggers and swords to guns any day.

For her 13th birthday, John had given her a sword, and it was something she treasured. She wielded it like it was an extension of herself and the elder Winchester couldn't help but be impressed.

"Yeah it does suck. But hey if this weirdo turns out to be a demon, we might get a hunt right here at home." Dean looked over at Sam. "Besides, Sammy, you know we're leaving soon anyway. Dad told us, come end of the month we were gone."

Sam just sulked, picking up a book and flopping into a chair.

2 days later, John Winchester was back, and was currently leveling a shot gun at a man standing at the door. Buffy was standing a few feet behind John, a pissed off look on her face and her arms crossed. Dean stood next to her, his .45 drawn.

"Who the hell are you?" John demanded.

"My name is Jeremy Wentworth. I have business I must discuss with Miss Summers." The man explained, nervously staring at the barrel of the shot gun.

"And what business is it that you have with a 15 year old girl?" John growled.

"It is… unfortunately, confidential. I must speak with her in private." The man said, beginning to sweat under John's anger.

"Confidential, my ass." He snapped. "You have something to say to her, you can say it from right where you are."

The man sighed. "I was sent here to collect Miss Summers so that she may begin her training."

"Training for what?" Buffy asked from behind John.

"Your destiny. Miss Summers, this will come as a shock to you but demons, vampires, monsters, they all exist. You have been chosen to fight against them. Into every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone will have the strength and skill to stop the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. You Miss Summers are she. You are The Slayer. It is imperative that you come with me to begin your training at once." Jeremy explained, sincerely hoping the man in front of him wouldn't think he was crazy and shoot his head off.

To Jeremy's surprise, John lowered his gun. "I thought the slayer was a myth."

Jeremy blinked in surprise. "You've heard of the Slayer lore?"

"We're hunters." John said simply. He stepped back, letting the man into the house. "I'm guessing you're what? A watcher?"

He nodded. He then looked at Buffy. "You see now why you must come with me? Most slayers are located and taken by the Watcher's Council long before they are called. Somehow you slipped under the radar."

Buffy frowned. "Look, I get what you're saying about this whole Slayer thing, but I'm not going anywhere. We're hunters. I've been training to fight evil my whole life. I'll do my job, slay whatever you want me to, or whatever, but I'm not leaving my family." Buffy said firmly.

"There are mystical hotspots throughout the globe that require a Slayer's attention." The watcher protested.

"Then we'll go there." Dean cut in. "I mean that's basically what we do anyway, right dad? We go where there's evil."

John looked conflicted. The duty of the slayer was important. Should he really allow her to remain with them when the world needed her?

His dad's silence made Dean nervous. Buffy must have caught on as well because she stiffened next to him. "I don't wanna go." She said softly, looking at John. "I have power now. I can help more. You've been training me all my life to fight evil and now I can do it even better. I can help you stop the thing that killed Mary; I can avenge my parents' deaths. I can be here and still be a slayer." Buffy swore.

John closed his eyes for a moment. Buffy was like his daughter. Sending her away with this man would be like sending away one of his sons. Could he really do that? To her? To Dean?

He sighed and looked at Jeremy. "She's not leaving with you." He raised his hand to stop the man's protest. "We'll go where she's needed the best we can. But you're not breaking up this family. Understood?"

The watcher sighed in resignation. "There is a very powerful vampire in Los Angeles, California. His name is Lothos. You must find and kill him as soon as possible. Once that task in complete, you are needed in Sunnydale. It is a small town north of LA that sits atop a Hellmouth of all things."

"Sounds like a plan." Buffy said.


That night Buffy and Dean sat awake on her bed across from each other, Buffy's hands held in Dean's.

"Are you freaked?" Buffy inquired softly.

"Nah." Dean replied. "Actually I think it's pretty kick ass."

Buffy smirked. "I can totally take you now." She teased.

"Pfft. Keep dreamin', Princess." Dean scoffed.

Buffy grew serious again. "What if they make me go away, Dean?"

"That won't happen." He said firmly. "I won't let it." He pulled Buffy into his arms, placing a kiss on the top of her head. "I love you." He whispered. "I'm not letting anything happen to you. We're a family, you, me, dad, and Sammy. No one's gonna come and mess that up or I'll seriously have to hurt them."

Buffy turned in his embrace, facing him. "How do you always know what to say to make me feel better?"

"What can I say, it's a gift." Dean said with a smirk.

Buffy smiled, leaning forward, pressing her lips to his. Dean's hand reached up, tangling in her hair, deepening the kiss. His tongue pressed against her lips, requesting entrance, which Buffy eagerly granted. After a moment, Dean shifted their positions, pressing Buffy into the bed beneath him.

Buffy moaned into his mouth as she felt his hand slide under her shirt, his fingers sliding over her braless breasts.

"Mmm, where'd your bra go, baby? Were you waiting for me to touch you like this?" Dean whispered seductively in her ear. His lips found the sensitive spot behind her ear, while his fingers caressed a taunt nipple.

Buffy's skin felt hot and tinglely, his voice sending bolts of electricity down her spine.

Dean pulled her closer, his erection pressing into her thigh. His lips sought hers once more, swallowing the wonderful gasping sounds she was making. He slid a hand into her shorts, his fingers finding the crotch of her panties. Dean groaned as he felt how wet she was.

Buffy ran her hands up and down Dean's back, gripping the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his head.

Dean broke from her lips only long enough to shrug his shirt off the rest of the way. He wanted her so badly, he was sure if he didn't have her soon, he'd literally go insane, but he'd never push.

Buffy pushed Dean back, flipping their positions so she was above him. Dean watched hungrily as she removed her shirt. Then she reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. His eyes went wide.

"Baby?" He said, questioningly.

"Shh." She responded. She slid his zipper down and tugged his jeans down past his hips, taking his boxers with them. Her eyes were wide as she took in his size. She'd seen his cock before, of course, but never so up close. Seeing him like this made her ache between her thighs.

Dean just watched her, not sure what she was planning, but more than willing to go along with whatever she wanted. When he felt her tiny hand wrap around him, his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Princess, you're killin me." Dean groaned, his hips arching slightly off the bed.

Buffy smile, more than pleased that she was having such an effect on him. She was nervous about what she had planned, but she was pretty sure he was gonna like it.

Buffy continued to stroke him a few more time before bending her head, her tongue snaking out to the moisture beading at the tip of the head.

Dean's eyes flew open, and he sat up abruptly, only to fall back to the bed gasping for air as she took the whole head into her mouth.

It took Buffy a few minutes of trying but she managed to get most of his cock into her mouth, sucking in her cheeks and bobbing her head up and down. She felt his thighs beginning to tremble and looked up at him. His eyes were shut tight and he was biting his knuckle. She swirled her tongue around head experimentally, delighting when he released his knuckle and let out a gasp.

"Buffy!" He tried nudging her head away. "I'm- I'm gonna…"

Buffy reached up and clamped a hand over his mouth, silencing his hoarse shout as he came in her mouth. Buffy's eyes were wide as she fought to swallow his sudden release. It had been a bit more than she was expecting, but she swallowed every drop just the same, before licking him clean.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, Dean pulled Buffy up to lie against his chest. "Baby that was… wow."

Buffy giggled.

Dean cracked an eye open and looked at her. "But you didn't get to cum… can't have that." Before she could blink, Dean had her back on her back, sliding a hand into her shorts. Buffy squirmed in his embrace as he rubbed her clit through her panties. He moved her panties slightly to the side, looking at Buffy for permission. She nodded her head slightly and he took that as his go ahead. He slid a finger underneath her panties, caressing her wet lips before sliding the digit inside her slick channel.

Dean kissed her, muffling her moans, as he slid his finger in and out of her pussy. He curled his finger slightly, like he'd seen her do that time he'd watched her masturbate, and she bucked up against his hand, her walls clamping down on his finger. She tensed for a long moment before he felt her go slack. Dean slid his finger out and popped it into his mouth with a leer.

"Feel better, sweetheart?" Dean asked, smiling down at her.

"Much. You?"

"Most definitely."

Dean stood up, pulling his jeans off the rest of the way, and tugging up his boxers. He watched as she changed into a tank top, leaving her shorts. He turned out the lights, sliding into bed next to her, pulling her into his arms. He inhaled the sweet scent of her hair, as they drifted off the sleep, and Dean knew he never wanted to be anywhere else.